Love and Decay

Happy Sunday!!!

I hope you're enjoying a relaxing morning over a hot cup of coffee and the paper!!!

Doesn't that sound wonderful? I have my coffee- although it's cold now- and I adore reading the paper.

But, we don't subscribe.

Mostly because I get probably one morning a month when I can actually read the thing and that's just a lot of wasted paper if it comes on a daily basis.

I mean, really, does anyone read every paper, every day??? It's impossible.

If you do, congratulations!!

I'm more of a skim the headlines, glance at Facebook articles girl myself.


Love and Decay, Episode Three released last night!!!!!!!! Yay!!

I was an entire day late. But at least it's out there!!

I'm actually surprised that it's only one day late. I had the most insane week. I had two sick kids, one first birthday and week-long dance try-outs.

Do you know how intense those things are??? It's a reality show waiting to happen. I'm not even kidding.

I felt like I was on a reunion show with Andy Cohen for the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

And every day I would go into the studio and say to myself, "You are calm. You are collected. Whatever will be will be. There are other things in life besides dance."

And then I would go home after and freak out to my husband every night over how intense it is.... Yikes.

And he would patiently talk me down from the ledge.

I'm fine now. Stella made team. I can move on with my life.

Thank God!

And for the most part, I really did remain calm about the whole thing. Because seriously, if Stella is not having fun doing this, then we are not doing it. Period. Of course, there are times when she will hate it and be forced to push herself and work hard. But the overall attitude has to be one that stems from a love of the art or I'm so gone.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

The important thing is that Episode Three has released!!!!!!

And if you haven't started with the series yet. What are you waiting for???? Seriously!

And don't tell me Zombies aren't your thing. Because Zombies are only a small part of the story. You just need to give it a chance.

Mostly because of Hendrix and Vaughan. That's mostly why. That's why I'm giving it a chance.


Each episode is a super short, super fun read and it will definitely take you on an adventure. But beyond all the Zombies and world destruction there is this really sweet, kind of hot, love story brewing. (Somebody reviewed that it's hotter than any of my other stuff!!! Which surprised me because nobody's even kissed yet... But I kind of get where they're coming from. :)

I promise you'll like it!!

Alright. Here are some links!!!

Love and Decay, Episode Three for Amazon

Love and Decay, Episode Three for B&N


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