Hump Day

Have you seen that camel commercial? I think it's for Geico?? It's like the camel walking around the office, asking everybody what day it is...

I love that commercial!!

However, I kind of love all those Geico commercials. Not the ones with the lizard. Those have just gotten annoying. But all the ones with the two guys on stage.

Like the witch in a broom factory one? I'm obsessed with that one!!


I've got a million things to do today. But this is not new for me! I hope I don't sound like I'm constantly complaining about my work load. The truth is I LOVE my mountain of projects and looming deadlines.

It's a good sign I have so much going on!!!

I am incredibly thankful that my brain is full of inspiration and characters. But it does get a little crazy around here.

And I don't have a functioning filter. Believe me.

So yes, my life is crazy. And yes, I have a million things to do.

But so does every mom. Seriously!! Who of us out there just lounges around all day and feels any semblance of boredom??

Especially moms with little kids.

No, that's not even true. Because I know teenagers and middle schoolers can be JUST as much work.

There is just always something to do. And if the kids are finally quiet and we're finally getting to enjoy some peace for a change? Chances are that they're upstairs writing all over our walls or flushing heirloom jewelry down the toilet.

I'm not busier than others. I'm just one of millions of moms that's trying to work and raise children and maintain a household and get dinner on the table sometime before bedtime.

And sometimes, dinner means a frozen pizza and juice boxes.

I won't judge you, since this was literally the dinner I fed my family last night.

Not even a vegetable or fruit in sight.

Oh did I tell you I let the girls eat a Milky Way BEFORE dinner???

Yep, mother of the year, right here.

This week I have a sick baby on top of it all. And Zach moved back to the office, so I'm going at everything alone. Currently this means my girls are starting their second movie of the day and Stryker is trying to see if he can use Solo's head as a step so he can climb on the counter and get cookies.

It's moments like this where I'm convinced I'm a failure. That I'm going to be bailing my children out of jail instead of sending them off to college.

Or at the very least offering to pay for therapy so they can work out all their "mother" issues.

But then things like, the girls turn off the TV all on their own so they can play Barbies together and Solo is NOT crying, he's laughing and this moment has turned into brotherly bonding instead of.... well, what it probably should be- a trip to the emergency room.

We're all- as in mothers everywhere- just trying to make it. The difference is I have a platform to complain about it! And complain I will.

I mean, in the sense of building community and helping you feel like you're not alone in this world...


And I could compare the difference between my life as a Stay at Home Mom and now a Working Mom, but all that would do was point out the difficulties and stress of BOTH lifestyles.

The point is Motherhood is HARD. And BUSY. And STRESSFUL.

And I'm not the only one that feels this way. And I certainly don't assume I'm the only mom that deals with the daily difficulties of trying to do ONE other task on top of just changing poopy diapers!

Or heaven forbid I get to use the bathroom alone.

Just once.

Without incessant pounding from the opposite side of the door. 

But like so many other times in my life, I'm just the loudest. :)

So yes I will make excuses because I will probably ALWAYS be late for deadlines. And yes I will over-share the insanity of my life.

But that's not because my insanity is more insane than your insanity. It just boils down to my daily blog and Twitter account.


We're in this together.

I so, so, so appreciate your support.  Words cannot even describe how thankful I am for all of you.

And just know I fully, completely, absolutely support you as well. Even when I know you've locked yourself in the bathroom just so you can read for five minutes without having a child climb on you, beg for juice or scream at their sibling.

Or am I the only one that does that???


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  1. Honestly, I'm amazed that you have time to write at all! Never mind putting out books left and right! I have two kids and some days I barely find time to eat. You're balancing an over flowing plate and still smiling. I say deadlines be hanged (Though believe me I love your books. I feel they are like Pokémon, and I must collect them all.) The books will be done when they are done, but your babies will only be babies for so long :)

  2. Thanks for this :) I only have one, but it gets hard. I recently discovered that my daughter will watch a movie by herself in our theater I will occasionally put one on, just so I can have some quiet time, or get the house clean. Also, I am a damn good mom ;) (took me 2 1/2 years to say that, so now I say it often. Mostly to remind myself LOL), and you are too!