Write-In Wednesday

What day is it??

Seriously, I had to ask myself that about three times this morning when I heard the garbage man pull up.

When I figured it out, I then panicked because I assumed Zach also didn't know what day it was. Don't worry. He did. The garbage got out.

Here's a fact: I am a modern woman that absolutely believes in women's rights. Except for the garbage. The garbage is a man's job. And I won't go near it.

I also don't change light bulbs.

Because it's also a man's job.

Call me sexist. I'll wear that like a badge if I have to. Still not going to take out the garbage or change light bulbs.

Don't worry, I balance the scales by not expecting my husband to dust or put away laundry. See? Even Steven.

I was lost in an alternate universe of social media yesterday and finally feel like I'm able to poke my head up this morning!!

But it was almost like I lost an entire day. Plus I had all these plans to reach word counts and accomplish chapter goals..... And none of that happened.

I also thought I would get a shower in.


That also did not happen.

Don't worry, it's top priority today.

Ignore the fact that it's already 10:15.

Needless to say, I have a lot to do today!!! But good stuff. Seth stuff. Stella stuff. Definitely some Tristan stuff.

And a Vlog to sneak in too!!!

This is a super fun Vlog though!!! I'm calling it Write-In Wednesday!!! Which means you write in your questions about anything. My stories, my future stories, my characters, my life, my writing process, my research process, my latest recipe for upgraded Tater Tot Casserole (Seriously, I just made the BEST casserole. You should totally ask me about it!!! :)

Anything!! Just comment your questions below and I'll answer them on my Vlog and post the video later today!!!

And if they don't get in today, I'll answer them next week!!!

Here's a link to my YouTube in case you want to watch all the fun later today!!!

Rachel's YouTube Channel

Also, Bet in the Dark is STILL on sale!!!!!!! Get it before you have to pay full price!!!!

This is my motto for everything in life by the way!!!! :)

Bet in the Dark

And I think that's everything today!!! Hope you're enjoying the summer weather and were lucky enough to get your shower in early!!!


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  1. Oh... do tell about that recipe! I was actually going to ask (since you've mentioned meal planning in the past). What are your go-to family meals? I mean, you have 4 kids and can seem to feed them... I have 2 and I have an issue daily. Meal planning just has never been my thing...
    Also, (this may seem creepy, but don't judge!)... you wear cute clothes! Where do you shop at?

  2. Oh, I have one! What's up with Tristan in the Starbright series? I am not convinced he is entirely human, or that he is a "special" human...he seems to be able to see what normal humans can't. Is it because he knows about them? Or IS he special? Honestly...I am rooting for Tristan ;)