Striking Saturdays

Happy Saturday!!!

Lila Felix and I have started a new Teaser day called Striking Saturdays!!! Where we are going to tease, Striking, the book we are writing together.

Release Date, September 1st.

We're going to make this extra fun too!! I'm going to post the first half of the teaser and then you have to follow the link to Lila's blog to finish it!!! It's like a scavenger hunt. :)

So here it is, Cami's first impression of Stockton!

                “But you’re college age?” The preacher pressed, not really concerned at all with my current plight in life, but definitely way too concerned with my age. Was this guy a secret creeper? That could be entertaining. Well, as long as he didn’t really focus those deviant ways on me.
                “Uh, yes, I’m twenty-one,” I answered awkwardly. My aunt shot me a glare from her peripheral and so I quickly added, “Sir.”
                “Perfect,” I thought I heard him mumble before he reached out and snagged the shirt sleeve of someone walking by. “Stockton, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”
                And then the stars aligned, the moon eclipsed and the planets did whatever the hell planets were supposed to do and the most gorgeous body I’d ever seen in my lifetime stopped in front of me. I started at his worn Chuck Taylors that were somehow both adorable at the same time they were sexy, worked my way up his fitted, black dress pants that hugged his hips exactly how a man’s hips should be displayed, I paused, stared and drooled at his obviously muscular, hard chest through his gray oxford and then lost my mind completely. I could have sworn one of his arms was bigger than the other, like decidedly so, but his body was too perfect for something as weird as elephantitis of one arm, so I moved my attention to what I knew was going to be a perfect face.
                And I was right. Oh, so right.
                Full lips, dark, shaved jet black hair that seemed to feature every aspect of his handsome face. Sharp, angular bone structure gave him an easy career as a model if he ever moved to LA. In fact, the only thing interrupting his sheer perfection was his piercing mint green eyes that were glaring daggers into me.
                Painful, pure hateful daggers that basically said, “Step back, bitch.”
                He seemed vaguely familiar to me for some reason, but I couldn’t figure out why since I didn’t know anybody in this town except Mallory and Henry.
                The preacher was talking again and I forced myself to dig deep for confidence and listen.
                “Stockton, this is Mallory’s niece Cami, she’s here from California for a visit,” the preacher said knowledgably as if he were actually proud to introduce us.
                “She’s staying with me for a while, Stockton,” Mallory interjected quickly. “And I think ya’ll are about the same age.” 

Yum!!! Right??? I cannot wait for you to get more of Stockton!!!! He is swoon-worthy in every single way!!!

Now get Stockton's reaction to Cami on Lila's blog!! 


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