Deals and Steals!

First and foremost. This is for you.
That is just because I love you!!!

And because Bet in the Dark is on sale for .99!!!!!!!

I'm changing the price back tomorrow morning, so get it while it's hot!! Like, literally.

Whew. that picture, right??

Although, I might be more obsessed with the girl's hair than the boys muscles. I don't know what that says about me.

Just kidding!! I know what it says.... I'm addicted to hair. It's weird. I'm seeking help. Don't judge.


Here are some links for you!!!

Amazon Sale!!!

Barnes and Noble Sale!!!!

Aren't these pictures great??? I've always wanted to do them! Because when other people make them, I am so jealous and in awe. But you guys... I don't have these talents or ideas!! So, finally Zach was like, Uh... I can make them.

Don't worry. I picked out the pictures.

That would just get awkward around here..... Haha!

But good thing I have him around!!! I'd still be trying to traditional publish right now if I didn't.... 

Ok, so pick up Bet in the Dark!!! Then tell me you bought it, so I can tell you how much I love you and heap my eternal gratitude upon you!!! :) Just kidding, you don't have to do that.... It might make you feel a little uncomfortable.

But just know, there is love and gratitude here if you want it!!!

Oh and if you read it and like it, if you would leave a review that would be AMAZING!! Not just for me, but for you too!! Because as soon as I get to 50 reviews on Amazon, I am going to release the first chapter of Beckett's book!!!!


Ok, one more picture, for your viewing pleasure!!!


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