Bet in the Dark is ON SALE!!!

So, this weekend I'm celebrating something!!!

Something I will announce later.

Truthfully... I'm kind of being a biotch about it. Lol. First the confidential Facebook cover, then the confusing YouTube video. Now this!! You're like what in the world??? Right???

But I AM going to let you in on the big secret later.


Most likely.

Well.... probably.


Until then you can put your Super Sleuth's hat on and try to find what I'm talking about!!! It's not really all that hard. But I will say that it's not going to show up in a Google Search Engine.

So, you can't be super lazy. Haha!!

Which, I don't consider that lazy at all. My brain is practically connected to Google. It's a way of life to me.

What does that look like? Google it.

What does that word mean? Forget the dictionary. Google it.

How do I get Sharpie off walls?? Google it. And if that fails... Pinterest it.

Can I take two Tylenol when I'm three sheets to the wind??? Try to Google it, but good luck with typing the right words and making out the answer.


I've already Googled that when I was sober, just for some pre-gaming strategic planning, so I know the answer is YOU SHOULD NOT.

I'm still kidding.

Anyway, I've left you some clues to find out this mystery-whatever thing I'm talking about and you can find it, OR you can just wait until I announce it.

Which I will, in an unnamed, inordinate amount of time.

PS- I just Googled "Indordinate" to make sure I was using that correctly. I'm not really... but you get the point.

In the meantime, BUY BET IN THE DARK!!!!!!

It's only .99 this weekend!!!!!!!!! Hip Hip Hoory!!!! Just pennies and you get to fall IN LOVE with Fin!!

By the way, Fin is second in line to me after Kiran. That's right. I LOVE HIM so much. I'm serious. It goes Kiran, Fin, Jericho, Sebastian and then all the rest of the poor guys that just need more books in their series so they can move up the list.

But Fin. Le sigh Fin.

Also, after I typed that about the boys my heart started hurting. It was telling my kids only one of them could go to college because they are my favorite. Ugh.

Here is the Amazon Link: Bet in the Dark for Amazon

And Here is the Barnes and Noble Link: Bet in the Dark for B&N


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  1. Celeste RodriguezJuly 12, 2013 at 4:43 PM

    Oh my gosh!!! Just figured out your secret. I'm so excited. Definitely something to look forward to this weekend. Awesome surprise!!!!