Tuesday Teaser

So it's Tuesday again!!!!!

That means it's Teaser Time!!!

Which is like the step-sister to Hammer Time.

So get excited. Very, very excited.


This is from Sunburst!!! I haven't announced a release date yet, but I will soon. I promise!!! (Do I always say that??? Nevermind...)


Stella…. Stella…. Stella….
                The whisper grew louder until it was a sing-song melody that tickled my ears at the same time causing real fear to unfurl inside my chest. I turned around again, just wanting, no needing this to be over.
                More black lightning hit the ground a few feet in front of me and I jumped back, a startled scream ripping from my throat. I steadied myself again, drew my swords forward and then tilted my chin for borrowed defiance.
                In a low, confident voice I said, “Seven, I’m waiting. We can do this all day or you can stop being such a coward.”
                High pitched, tinkling laughter was my only response, before a huge gust of wind knocked me on my back. My swords clattered off to the side and I lay there out of breath and weaponless.
                I was awesome at this job….
                I flung myself to my feet and tried to lunge for my weapon. A surge of wind pushed me back, away from my katana, but not strong enough to make me fall. I went for my sword again but the same thing happened. 
                I took a step back with my hands in the air.
                “Fine, we can play it your way,” I said to whatever was out there. “He’s mine you know. Seth is my Counterpart. He’s tied to me. You can’t control him. You never could and you never will.”


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