Tuesday Teaser!!!!

Teaser Tuesday?? Yes please!!

This is your very first sneak peek from Sunburst!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Due out really, really, really soon!!!


My hands rested awkwardly on his back, but that didn’t deter Seth from pulling me tighter against him. He lifted his head just a little, and pressed a sweet, lingering kiss against the side of my neck. My wet hair was matted against the column of my throat but that didn’t diminish the sensation at all.

“Seth,” I gasped in a shaky whisper.

I meant to step away, but he took that as encouragement and let his nose skim up my neck, across my jawline and to the place behind my ear.

“I didn’t feel that you were in trouble,” he growled against the skin back there. I felt every vibration with every word.

I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t even pretend to be thinking this through. My hands now clutched at his wet t-shirt, desperate for some foundation to hold on to.

“That won’t happen again,” he promised. And then he placed a kiss where he already held his lips. I shivered and leaned into him, unable to help myself.

He kissed me again. And then he kissed the curve of my jaw. My temple. My cheek. The corner of my mouth.

Oh, god.


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