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Throwback Thursday!!



So, today is Throwback Thursday on Facebook. And I think the whole point is to post a picture of yourself from back in the day. It's amazing. I LOVE seeing terrible pictures of my friends, with bad hair, worse style and ex-boyfriends.

Like not in a sarcastic way. Seriously, I love it.

Last week I posted a picture of Zach and me from our senior year of high school. Because we were adorable. And somebody commented on Zach's hair cut and how much they loved the early 90's era style.

Uh... we graduated in 2002.

So not exactly early 90's.

I died laughing. Mostly because Zach really did graduate with a full on bowl-cut. The commenter was TOTALLY qualified to call him out. :)

Anyway, I'm taking my own spin on Throwback Thursday and posting a Teaser from a book that's been published for a while.

I'm also going to clear up some confusion!!! I think somehow my plans for The Star-Crossed Series got lost in translation.

It's my fault.

There is a lot going on up in my head. I mean a lot. It's rarely coherent, put-together thoughts. And so when I say "Lost in Translation" I'm not talking Bill Murry and ScarJo. I mean, when I'm trying to translate the jumble in my head into the English language sometimes it doesn't necessarily come out like I mean it to.


So, let me start by saying The Reluctant King, The Relentless Warrior, and The Redeemable Prince are all Spin-Offs of The Star-Crossed Series.

But it's also a Continuation of the series.

It is a continuation of the series, in that it takes place a few years after the end of Endless Magic. Eden and Kiran are good and well married and living their lives almost completely separately from the storyline. Now while you get plenty of Eden and Avalon's telepathic connection in The Reluctant King, the rest of the series is not going to focus on them.

I felt, and I've always felt, that Eden and Kiran's story was finished at the end of Endless. That is exactly how I wanted to end the series and how I envisioned their happily ever after.

I won't revisit them as main characters again. ALTHOUGH they have a very, very exciting role in this newest part of the series.

If you haven't read it. Go BUY it now. Seriously. You will LOVE what happens to them. :)

Ok, so The Reluctant King came about because I fell in love with so many of these characters.... I mean honestly, they're like my imaginary friends for goodness sakes. Sometimes I still talk to them... or call my children by their names.... or daydream more about them.

Which is why I continued the story.

The Reluctant King is Avalon's journey to find love. It's his epic love story. Told in an NA voice.

The way I'm writing these spin-offs though is different than I think anything else out there. Or almost anything else... because I'm only giving Avalon one book, although there are three total in this new part of the series.

So while these three latest books will follow the same story arc, as in the same bad guy and conflict is in each book, the point of view will all be told from a different perspective.

In The Reluctant King, Avalon got a great story and found the love of his life.

In The Relentless Warrior- due out in August- Jericho will get his chance for love.

And then in The Redeemable Prince, Sebastian will have his shot at happiness!!!

Meanwhile each book will deal follow the same story arc and all of your favorite characters will be back, causing all kinds of trouble and dealing with their own issues.

Like did you know that Eden and Kiran might be having a baby???

Or, Lilly and Talbott are going to get married...??? That is if we can find Lilly. And if Talbott can save her in time.

Poor Lilly. Doesn't she just get the short stick every time??? :)

Also, Titus, Xander, Xavier, Gabriel, Silas, Roxy, Aunt Syl, and everyone else are back.

Plus some new bad guys, some new good guys and don't forget the lovely ladies that are tasked with taming these crazy boys.

I hope that clears up a lot of confusion!!!!

I should have had some foresight and announced all this before I wrapped up Endless... but honestly I never expected to write this part of the series. I have always thought about writing a prequel for Delia, Justice and Lucan. I mean, I've been thinking about that since before I ever even published Reckless, but Avalon's story was a complete surprise!

Mostly I have you all to thank!!!!!

All your emails, tweets, messages, and comments kept me thinking about the story until The Reluctant King just bubbled up inside me and basically forced my brain to write this story at gun-point.

Or soul-point.



And now I cannot wait to finish the story and marry these boys off.

Or make them die, horrible, painful, excruciating deaths.

Just kidding!!!!!

I would NEVER tell you if I was going to do that.


So pick up your copy of The Reluctant King Here!!!

And now for the teaser of The Reluctant King!!!!

If you haven't read it yet, but have desperately been missing Eden and Kiran..... Here is your outlet!!!

“What do you want, Amelia?” I looked down at her, silently demanding that her eyes meet mine. I was rewarded with an intense gaze that saw all the way through me. She had come to her own conclusions about me and for the first time since she walked back into my life I began to hope that whatever this was that I felt was not so one-sided.
      “Avalon, you should not call me Amelia,” she practically begged. My eyes drifted to the sexy lines of her throat as she visibly swallowed. 
      I took a step closer to her, our bodies nearly touching. “What do you want, Amelia?” my voice dropped to a lower timber that rumbled in the air between us and not completely on purpose, but I was readying myself for a whole new kind of battle and I wanted to be as prepared as I could.
      Instead of answering, she turned her head away from me and said, “Is it weird that coming back here is like coming home? I thought it would feel weird after…. everything, but I can’t help it. It’s like this place knows me better than I know myself.”
      Her voice was light and meant to be distracting. And after she finished talking she moved like she was going to continue with our walk. But it was those words that made me reach out to her, those words that I had berated myself over countless times in the last three years. It was those words, spoken by her at this perfect moment that made me take her by the arm and pull her back to me.
      I placed both of my hands on her arms like I was holding her in place, but my grip was loose so that if she wanted to walk away she could. I stared down at her and watched as her expression turned from surprise to confusion to dark with the same desire I felt heating my blood and spinning my mind.
      Her lips parted as if she was going to talk me out of this, but my body was three steps ahead of my mind and I covered her mouth with mine before I could talk myself out of it.
      She let out a squeak of surprise as I pressed my lips against the softness of hers. But then she practically melted into me, her body going limp in my arms, her head tilted up so she could reach me better. I dropped my hands from her arms to her waist and pulled her flush against me. She responded by slipping her arms around my neck and pulling me down to her. Her body fit mine like it was designed for me, like we were two pieces of a puzzle and only when we were together did we make sense…. only then were we complete.
      I slid my tongue along her plump bottom lip and she opened her mouth for a deeper kiss. I held back a moan of approval not wanting to scare her, but this was the best kiss of my life. I pulled her closer to me, not satisfied with even a breath of space separating us. She wiggled against me and my head became completely fuzzy with the need for her.
      Before this kiss I had felt an undeniable attraction to her, a need to get to know her better and maybe even a hope in what could be between us; but with her pressed against me and my mouth claiming hers, an overwhelming sense of protectiveness and possession unfurled inside of me. It was slow at first, as if just awakening and then it flooded my veins in a rampant attempt to control me. I wanted Amelia to be mine. And even if I didn’t completely understand what that meant yet, I knew I didn’t want her kissing anyone else like this. These lips were meant for me only, her perfect little body only meant to press so seductively against mine.
      Our kiss grew more frenzied with each revelation that passed through my mind. I chased her tongue with mine, hungry to claim her. One of her hands tangled in my hair, the other tight against the back of my neck. She was as desperate as I was, her breathing labored as her chest heaved against my own.
      I could easily have let this kiss get carried away.
      But this was Amelia.
      My Amelia.
      And so I slowed the kiss down. Instead of fiercely ravenous, I kissed her gently and carefully. Treating her perfect lips with the reverence they deserved.
      She was the first to break away. And somehow I always knew that she would be, because I could have stood their kissing her forever.
      “Avalon,” she gasped and I smiled at the way my name sounded caressed by her.
      “Amelia,” I whispered, smiling down at her. I relinquished my hold on her so I could cup her delicate face in my hands. I had so much to confess to her, I just hoped I didn’t scare her with my-
      “We can’t do that ever again,” she announced in a rush of words.


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