Manic Monday

Happy Monday everyone!!!! And yes. That is sarcasm....

There are like crazy storms here and cranky kids, I woke up with Hives.

Of the full-body variety.

It is definitely Monday here.

Coincidentally... this is also how I imagine the seventh circle of hell....


No, it's not so bad.

Besides, I have good news for you!!!

First of all, I have been running a 50-Subscribers Give-Away on my YouTube channel and over the weekend we surpassed 50!!!

What? I know.

The winner of that Give-Away is announced on today's video!!!!

I also announce TWO more Give-Aways for you!!!!!!

You can check that all out here: Rachel's Give-Aways

And more good news for you???

I'm going to be running a Give-Away every Monday from now on!!!!!!!

Yay! So every week you have a chance to win something from me!!!

The catch is, I'm running it all from my YouTube Channel, so you have to be a subscriber to have a chance to win and you have to check out at least my Monday Videos.

But that's a not a bad trade, right??? :)

Ok, I'm a little crazy. I'll give that to you.

 And while all my Give-Aways will be run from YouTube from now on... I am still doing fun stuff from my blog. I promise

Like... So Bet in the Dark has some AMAZING reviews. Like seriously, amazing.

You guys are incredible!! And I am kind of shocked by how much you love Fin and Ellie.

Shocked and Ecstatic!!!

<3 p="">
So, when Bet in the Dark reaches 30 reviews on Amazon, I am going to release the first chapter of Beckett and Britte's book!!!!! Which is still untitled and coverless... but at least you'll get a sneak peek of that!!!  So, think it's only fifteen or so reviews until then... Not too hard! I'm excited to give you the chapter. So... Go quickly. Review. And then get ready to read!!

Ok and finally, I just want to say THANK YOU. You are all seriously the greatest people in the world. And I just feel so blessed by ALL of you.


You are greatness. And I really felt like you needed to hear that this morning. :)

Hope your Monday has no storms. Or hives.


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  1. Hi Rach, first of all, how awesome are you to be doing give aways every Monday!!! You rock girl.
    No here is the not so nice second thing... I also want to enter but I cant do YouTube. It is blocked and I cant access it from my phone. What do I do???? Cant you do a combined give aways from your Blog and YouTube? I love you so much and I want to cry if I think that I am missing chances to win something as great as your give aways... Please help...