Let's Get Together!!

So... My newest way to connect with you all is a YouTube channel!!!!!

The whole idea started after I began the Vlogs.... I realized how much faster they were to get information out and available.

Plus. They're really fun.

In another life I think I would have had dreams of being on a reality show.

Ok, sometimes I look around at all my crazy kids and definitely think I belong on a reality show right now...

But that's a different blog.

Anyway. The YouTube channel is super fun, and I even do a video about what my hair would look like without product.

I actually show you.


But the channel is really laid back and entertaining and.... me. I hope you guys check it out and subscribe!!!!

I will also be doing my Give-Aways from there from now on. And I have a bunch of fun ones coming up!!! So subscribe, enjoy and it's Ok if you make fun of me to your friends and neighbors.

I'm kind of out of control.

Also... I don't even want to talk about the thumbnail-freeze-frames. It's like YouTube is TRYING to catch me at my worst.

I'm Ok with it.

Kind of. :)

Here's the link!!!

Rache'l YouTube Channel


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