Latest Obessession

From time to time I do this segment about things I'm obsessed with.

So, in general, I just tend to LOVE everything. Like, seriously. I just have a lot of love to give.

Or I hate it. Like mushrooms... I don't just dislike them. I HATE them. Same thing with Jazz. I just can't not like it. I LOATHE it to my very bones.

That kind of thing.

But when I like something, I fall in love with it. All the way. Irrevocably. Deep-Soul-Bending Love. The eternal, star-crossed torturous love I write about.

It's kind of out of control.


Still, I'm like everything and everyone and I go through phases. These I like to call my mini-obsessions. And I have five brand NEW ones just for you!!!!

5 Things I'm Currently Obsessed With:

1. Summer Dates.

I am a firm believer that you have to continue your dating life through your marriage life. This is Bible-kind-of-truth to me. Why did you fall in love with your husband?? Because he dated you. Courted you. Wooed you. And just because he put a ring on it, does not mean all the good stuff has to stop!!

Dating is fundamental to marriage.

And I would go so far as to say once a week, you two need to get together, connect on a relaxed, fun, intentional level and remember why you love each other. This is truth that you need to believe.

However, once a week to find and pay a sitter, plus find a fun activity that you can both enjoy?? It's pretty difficult. And financially it might not be possible for you. Believe me. Zach and spent almost a year once not leaving our house for dates. I GET that it the money finds more critical homes.

Still... it's the summer!!!!

One of our staple weekly dates has always been a late dinner date at our very own house. We really try to have family dinner most of the time. We believe it's so important to sit down with the kids and talk about the day and goof off, and teach them table manners and whatever. But... let's be real, those dinners are anything but relaxing. At least while our kids are little. From when I start dinner to cleaning it up after everyone has been forced to finish their peas, it's utter chaos at our house.

So once a week, and depending on the week, sometimes twice, we sit down with the kids while they eat their dinner and then after they go to bed, we cook a meal together, a meal we especially like (Sometimes that means $5 steaks and a clearance salad, but you get the picture.) and enjoy each others company.

I'm not going to lie, sometimes we just catch up on a show we like to watch together. Sometimes we talk business. Sometimes we don't talk at all because what we both really need is silence. But those times are so perfect and needed and necessary.  Not just for our sanity, but for our love life. I Love that Zach is still actively pursuing me. I love that we work together to stay happy and focused on each other. No marriage is perfect. And no love is ever easy. But why not make it easier and give each other a comfortable platform to work together on it without the distraction of kids or dogs or whatever else is trying to break you two apart.

Oh, one rule during at home date night. No. Social. Media. TV is Ok as long as you're doing it together. But give up the Facebook. For twenty minutes. That's all. It's worth it I promise!!!

Anyway, during the summer date night gets even better because we can take that meal outside. And if you don't have a table outside, picnic it folks!!! Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine and enjoy the gorgeous night. I promise it's worth it!!

Also, for those dates you DO get to leave the house... the summer has so many fantastic things to do!!! And you can always find something for every budget. Concerts in the park, festivals, carnivals, outdoor eating!! It's the perfect season to date!!! So go do it. Date your husband.

2. Popsicles. Is there a greater cure to the child poking their head through the screen door and complaining, "I'm bored!!!!!!!!" Here. Have a popsicle. Get sticky. Go play in the dirt. You'll be fine. Just don't drop it, because you only get one every hour.

Just kidding. They can only have one a day. But it's like this little shot of energy after the sun has zapped them dry. A few licks of their bompop and they will be totally revitalized and so ready to stay out until they get hungry again. In fifteen minutes.

3. I don't have one of these. But... I WANT one. Technically it's the wrong season to be drooling over a scarf. But these just aren't any scarves. As the US works hard to stay qualified for the World Cup, I get to wear my patriotic badge on my sleeve and pretend like I don't tear up every time I listen to the National Anthem. Last fall, Zach and I actually got to go to a World Cup Qualifier in Kansas City. And it was a phenomenal game. We had so much fun. Especially because we won!!!

Zach is the biggest soccer fan, maybe ever. And besides Manchester United, the US is obviously our favorite team.

It looked bleak for a while. Like we weren't even going to qualify for next year's World Cup.

On a side note, can you believe it's actually here already???? This is a HUGE event in our lives. One we countdown for four entire years.

And it's NEXT summer.

I'm so excited.

Words cannot describe.

Anyway, back to the point. We're at the top of our group now and there are several scarves that are circulating games that I want.  Here is a picture of one.

 Don't you love that one??? There are some that say: We are the Yanks. Or.... Come on you Yanks.

And I love those too. But my absolute favorite, and I can't even find a picture to show you... says: Proof through the Night.

Ah. I just LOVE that. So I'm totally obsessed. And hopefully they start selling them online soon so I can buy one for Zach.

4. Duck Dynasty. Omg. I know I'm late to this party. But why did nobody tell me it was this fantastic????? Um. Hello. Greatest show on television??? Quite possibly. So good.

I gave up TV when this whole writing thing became real. That's a true story. With so much to do during the day, I decided that TV was just wasting my time. Not that I don't love it. Because I do. And I still have the entire last season of Justified and Vampire Diaries on my DVR so that I can one day catch up with the rest of the world.

Zach, on the other hand, is a man of sports. That's all he watches. I mean, there are a few shows we both like that we watch through the year together, like Parks and Rec and we watched the Office until it ended. We watch It's Always Sunny, and it seems like there's another one. But when I gave up TV, he did too mostly. Except for sports. But then I was talking to the lovely Lila Felix and she mentioned American Pickers.

Well, out of morbid curiosity Zach checked it out. One show led to another. And now he's hooked on all those A&E and History channel shows. Pawn Stars. Storage Wars. We tried Swamp People, but I don't think that one's for us.

But the one we fell in love with. The one at the very top of our list. Is.... Duck Dynasty.

It's the perfection of all things reality TV. And I just love, love, love it.

5. The last thing I'm obsessed with is.... My YouTube Channel!!!

Does that sound vain???

I so don't mean it that way!!! It's just that I'm having so much fun with these videos. And I know I sound like a crazy person on them.... But they will actually become an easy way for me to convey information. I won't ever move away from my blog. But I actually prefer to blog about every day stuff. And not about my writing all the time. So I'm going to start using the videos as a way to convey all the information concerning my books. And my give-aways are going to be ran from there. I will have a couple different series starting shortly. Today I have a sixth obsession that doesn't make this list. And I'm going to do a What I'm Reading weekly one. I'm also going to start making announcements from there!! So if you haven't subscribed, go do that now! I'll link it down below. It's a lot of fun!!! Promise!!! :)

Subscribing will also let you know when I've posted a new video. And then Like the videos you do actually like or leave comments about what you want to see more about!!! I would LOVE to hear from you!!! And unlike my blog, I can actually reply to your YouTube comments!!!! 

Plus there's a terrifying video of my hair without product.

It's like monster-scary.

So go check it out!!!

Rachel's Youtube Channel

Ok, that's it!! All Five things I'm currently obsessed with!!!!


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