Winner Announced!!!

So. You guys.

THANK YOU to everyone you participated in this give away. You are all so awesome!!! I'm just so thankful and blessed by all of you!!!!!!!

You need to know that.

Ok, enough gushing...

This morning, rafflecopter chose the winners for me! Completely at random...

I have to qualify this because I would just really like to give every single person something. It's kind of killing me.

How to fix this??? Do more give aways.

Soon!!! :)


The winner... of the Kindle Fire HD... Is..... Amanda Hill!!!!!!!!

The winner... of the signed Star-Crossed Series Set.... Is..... Tania Chesterman Lewis!!!!!!!!!

The winner... of the signed copy of Reckless Magic.... Is..... Tami Norman!!!!!!!

Congratulations winners!!!!! Email me your info so I can send you your prizes!!!!

Thank you again to EVERYONE who entered, seriously you guys blow my mind!! Love to you all!!!!


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