Some of My Favorite Things!

It's glorious outside. Perfect weather. Sunny. Bright. Warm. Breezy.  The sprinkler's on. The kid's are running through it.



I love it all!!

And it's put me in this euphoric mood.

I can't help it. Zach always says I either LOVE everything. Or I hate it.  (Ignore the bi-polar insinuations here... lol)

Well, today I Love it all! :)

And not only that... But these last few weeks have seen some AMAZING books released. Like amazing.

There is so much talent to buy these days. I feel so blessed to not only be able to read these fantastic works, but know a lot of the authors too!

Yes, I am name-dropping. Don't roll your eyes!!! I can't help it! :)

So, here is a list of my favorite authors and their recent releases!!!!

Get ready. These are amazing books!!!

M. Leighton. So I adore her YA Paranormals. Madly and Wolfhardt is one of my all time YA books ever. But then she came out with the Wild Ones. And I fell deeper in love. And THEN she came out with Down to You and I was lost. Irrevocably, forever, eternally lost. Her latest book just released this week and it's already tearing up the charts.

Until I break. Go, get it. Right now. Like right now.  

Angeline Kace. Oh lord, there are not enough words for how much I enjoyed Descended by Blood! For real. Gah. Mirko. That's all I can say!!!! That's all I NEED to say! Trust me. And you most definitely need to find out why!! So her second book in the Vampire Born Series just released at the end of April. You need to buy it. I promise.

Here is the link to Enemy Within, but if you haven't picked up Descended by Blood you better get that one too!!! 

Quinn Loftis. So people are obsessed with her Grey Wolves Series. And rightly so!!!!! She is this serious pillar of YA Paranormal Romance. And I love her dearly. She is writing a Contemporary now and I'm not sure what the release date is, but I know it's soon! I've watched the book trailer, seen the cover and all I can say is that this book is going to do GREAT things!! It looks fantastic.

For now, pick up the first in her newest series Elfin.

Shelly Crane. Ok, this girl is my soul sister. She lives a million miles away but I swear sometimes we can read each others minds!!! She is such a lovely person. And if you haven't read Significance... probably you need to go right this minute and download it. There making a movie out of! A freaking movie!!!! Good grief, I'm so excited for her. Like most of us these days, she took a walk-about outside of YA for a minute and wrote an incredible book called Wide Awake. This story is so touching, so beautiful, it might just change you forever.

Get it here!!! Wide Awake

Amy Bartol. She might seriously be one of the funniest people ever to live!!! I heart her so much. And I heart her work even more!!! Intuition from her Premonition Series was one of the very first Indie YA Paranormals I ever read. At the time, in my newbie state of mind, I didn't even know she was Indie. Her story was so well put together, so intensely descriptive that I just fell in love and didn't bother designating a difference! Her latest came out in December.


Lila Felix. I love some Lila. She is one of the two people I talk on the phone to. Fun fact. Well, other than my mom and Zach, the only other two people in my life that get phone calls from me are Lila and Lindsay. And Lila knows why more than anybody, since the last time I tried to talk to her I had to hang up on her TWICE to deal with naughty children!! Anyway, she published her first book in September and I swear to you she is a force of nature with how many books she's published since then!!! She blows my mind!!! Her latest in the Love and Skate Series just came out last month!! Plus it's about Roller Derby. I have an OBSESSION with Roller Derby!

Get Down N' Derby right this second. And if you haven't read the series yet, you need so start with Love and Skate probably even sooner than that.

Georgia Cates. I cannot say enough sweet things about Georgia!!! She is just fantastic. And an incredibly talented author!!!!! Her YA work, Going Under, Shallow and The Vampire Agape Series, was so, so, so good and then she took the world by storm with her Contemporary work Beauty from Pain!!! The second book in that series is set to release very, very soon and I am dying for it!!!! Plus Beauty from Pain is only .99 right now!!!!! You seriously don't have an excuse not to go read it!!!

Beauty from Pain.

And last but so not least... Samantha Young. I am in love with her books. For real. Blood Will Tell is another absolute favorite YA Paranormal of mine!!! That is such a fantastic series. And then On Dublin Street. Um. What more can I say?? If you haven't read it yet, I'm going to think you're crazy. (No, just kidding, it is mature.. lol) She just released the second in the On Dublin Street Series this month, Down London Road. The best part of Samantha's books?? She's Scottish. So she gets to say things like "my wee brother" and "cantankerously." Love it.

Down London Road.

Ok, those are my faves for now!!! Hope you find something you like!! Also, I just posted a brand new Teaser of Bet in the Dark on my Facebook Page!!!!! While you're there make sure you LIKE the page because as soon as I get to 1500 likes I'm going to post another Scene from Kiran's POV!!!

And I'm leaning towards the Cabin-Make-Out scene!!!


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