Last Bet in the Dark Teaser!!

Last teaser of Bet in the Dark before it releases....!!!!!!

“Ready to try somewhere else?” He pulled away from me, taking in my face with his dark eyes.
“Sure,” I whispered, still not able to form much of a coherent thought. I closed my eyes, working hard to get my bearings.
“Damn, I love the way you look after I kiss you,” he rumbled. “If I had my way you would look like this all the time.” My eyes popped open to meet his in a penetrating stare. “You’re beautiful all the time and you know that. But I need you to look like mine, like I’ve branded you. And the way your lips are swollen right now….” he rubbed his thumb over my lower lip, leaving me wanting with more desire than I knew what to do with. “Ellie, those lips are mine.”


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  1. I can't wait for this book! When does it come out?