Bet in the Dark Cast

So, I'm getting closer to the end of Bet in the Dark.

Don't worry, I leave everything to the last minute... It's an affliction I've lived with my whole life!! :)

Anyway, lately, whenever I write a book, I've been creating Pinterest pages for them. I always decide what my cast of characters look like before I ever even put "Chapter One" on the page. But in the past I've found myself spending lots of time going back through my manuscripts trying to figure out what everybody looks like later on.

It's tedious and annoying. And I always think to myself... YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS!!!

It's especially embarrassing when it's the hero or heroine. But things like length of hair, eye color, jaw shape... those get lost in the muddle that is my brain.

So now I just create a character, spend time researching actors or models and then once the Pinterest page is created all I have to do is pull it up when I'm writing.

There's no going back page by page or running constant searches. All the characters are just right there for me to see.

And it's also there for you the reader. You get to see who I would cast to play every part if any of my books were to be made into movies, or the scenes and places I describe in the book. The Star-Crossed Series has a great page if you're ever interested. Mostly all the characters are cast and there are pictures of all the important places they go.

Check it out if you haven't. Star-Crossed Pinterest

To get ready for Bet in the Dark which releases very, very soon. Although NOT tomorrow. And probably NOT Saturday either... I'm going to tweak my release date a wee bit. Most likely MONDAY.

I thought I would post pictures of how I envision Ellie and Fin.

Here is where the story takes place. La Crosse, Wisconsin at UW-LA.

Another picture of La Crosse.

A picture of the Track. This will be important. You'll like this place. :)

And now for our heroine, Ellie.

And the moment we've been waiting for.... Superman himself... (lol) Finley Hunter.

So those are the faces you have to look forward to!!!! I'm so excited.

And just for fun, and just because I cannot wait to share this book with you!!!

Here's another teaser.

“I’d like to see you try,” I challenged.
 “Ellie, I’ve been trying.” He admitted that and it knocked the breath out of me. “Good thing I don’t give up easily.”
 “Maybe you should,” I whispered.
 Fin leaned forward, his smug grin growing just a little bit more with confidence, “What kind of gambling man would I be if I didn’t know when to bet blind?”
 “Bet blind?” I asked, my curiosity winning out over my anxiety.
 “Bet blind, dark bet, bet in the dark, basically it means I’ve gambled big before it’s my turn,” he explained but it still didn’t make sense.
 “Who’s turn is it?”
 “Yours and I can't predict what you're going to do, but that hasn’t stopped me from throwing my chips in,” he leaned forward like he was telling me a secret. “I might not know how you’re going to play but I’m confident I can win.”


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  1. UGH!!! Monday can't get here fast enough! You are freaking killing us Rachel. Midnight Monday I will owe this baby!!!! ;)