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Happy Friday!!!

It's summer break for us, so Friday stopped holding any real value. The days are already running together. But I am hoping to have Bet in the Dark finished by the end of the weekend, so that is something to look forward to.

I'm working so obsessively on it, I've called my children by the characters names instead of their own.

The first fourth of the book is always the hardest for me. Well, Ok. I have this OBSESSION with writing first chapters. Like, I probably have four books right now with just first chapters and nothing else. I just love setting up a story.

But then it takes me a while to get into it. Which is understandable if you get my writing process. Which is to sit down at a computer and just see where things take me.

Not much of a planner. Lol!

Anyway, I used to be a night person. Used to be as in past tense.... Because now that I'm older and have a million kids and don't get to sleep in anymore, writing past 11pm for me is almost impossible!

I have a lot of author friends, ok almost all of them, who can do like all-nighters and stay up super late and write forever.

This used to be me.

Not anymore. I start falling asleep while writing if I'm up late at all, even just a little bit late, like 9pm late.... In fact, if I try to read my own writing it's a guaranteed sedative. I'm out in like three seconds flat. Which makes editing a real pain...

When I was finishing up The Rush, I tried to write my editor an email late at night, and I kept nodding off while composing it and what I sent her was COMPLETE nonsense. Like I wrote my dreams in the email. I even called her a boys name instead of her own... weird.

This happened to a friend of mine in college, where she actually wrote a midterm paper with all this nonsensical dream stuff in it. She wrote about hobags and hookers in a THEOLOGY paper!! And at the time I thought that was the craziest thing I had ever heard! We laughed so hard about it!!! I mean honestly. She was supposed to write about the influence of the church or something and she was writing about hobags!! She still got an A!!! That was the craziest thing of all!!

Now it's happening to ME!!!!! First the email. And now, last night I tried working late and eventually gave up after I wrote this sentence:

“I’ll buy it,” Britte volunteered. She was awake, appeared to be healthy and on a full fledged mission to make me love pastels.   

What??? I don't even know what I was thinking. This makes no sense and has nothing to do with the book. Obviously I was bummed that she was awake and I was not, and also healthy. But why my sudden hatred for pastels??? 

So confusing. 

Consider this an outtake because unfortunately and as great as that sentence is, it will not be making the final cut. 



So did you all see the Bet in the Dark cover??????????? Isn't it fabulous!?!? 

My husband did it!!!!! I couldn't believe his hidden talent! 

Usually I have the amazingly talented Sarah Hansen from Okay Creations do my covers, but she is incredibly booked up and this book was one I just decided on the fly to write. So, Zach helped me out and I am so pleased with the final result.

I just think it's gorgeous. 

And it's just another reason I love him.

Plus now that there's a cover, I just put it up on Goodreads. So you can scootch over there and add it to your To-Read pile!!! I'll even link it for you! :)

Goodreads Bet in the Dark.

Don't forget to go LIKE my Facebook page if you haven't already!!! I'll pick a winner at random once I get to 1500 likes for a signed copy of Reckless Magic AND I'll release a smexy scene from Kiran's POV!!! So worth it, right?? :)

Maybe the cabin scene???

Everyone's a winner!!!!

Finally, I'm going to leave you with another teaser from Bet in the Dark!! Just because I can. But mostly because I love you!!!

These sentences are actually going to make sense... I hope.

“Fin Hunter, I-“
  “Just Fin,” he reached for my hand, clasping my fingers between his two much larger, much stronger ones. He tugged on it just a little bit and I stumbled into him. He was ready, opening his legs so that when I righted myself I came to a stop facing him, trapped between his outstretched legs and the solid wall of his chest. “Just Fin, Ellie. Or every time you say my name it sounds like I’m in trouble.”
He looked up at me from under those dark eye lashes, and I forgot how to talk for a minute. Like all the way forgot, like my mouth had no idea how to make sound come out of it. This wasn’t fair. He was using all of his charm and wiliness on me and I was left to fumble around confused and…. flustered.
“But usually you are in trouble,” I somehow came up with a witty, if not true response, although I had no idea how any kind of rational thought was getting past his body heat or intensely heated eyes.
“Seems to me like you attract trouble,” he rumbled in his deep voice that seemed to drop an octave with anticipation.
 Goosebumps immediately rose all over my skin and I felt myself lean toward him even though I knew he was just messing with me. A chill shivered down my spine and I couldn’t stop myself, I was going to kiss him. Inside my head, I was screaming at myself to stop this madness, to wiggle away from him, but I couldn’t. He had this tractor beam radiating from him, drawing me to him like a moth to the light, or more accurately like a stupid mosquito to a deadly bug zapper.
 I was helpless to fight this pull, to struggle against the invisible line he had tied to me. And now in just seconds I suddenly felt this overwhelming need to taste his lips, an obsession to find out how they would feel against mine. My fingers literally itched with a crazed need to run along his scruffy jawline and my heart was fluttering with anticipation. I had to kiss him or I would die.


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  1. Hey Rach... so I have been looking forward to the smexy POV of Kiran... But I cant find it...
    Did you release it? Anyhoo... Enjoy your day...