Tuesday Teaser!

So, it is Tuesday. And it IS time for a Teaser.

Especially since I haven't done one in a while. Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of new content to work with.

But what I do have is this super yummy scene from Starbright!!!!

This is one of Stella's first impressions of Seth.

“What is that smell?” a groggy baritone voice asked from the doorway to downstairs.
Seth leaned against the doorframe, shirtless and disheveled. His black sweatpants sat low on his hips, revealing a thin line of plaid boxers and perfectly chiseled hip bones. His dark hair was a mess of waves that laid across his head in wild tangles, curling into charming semi-circles just at their tips. He crossed his arms and lifted his nose into the air, breathing in the aroma of baked chocolate chips left in the kitchen.

His eyes found mine because I was staring at him with a mixture of embarrassment and wide-eyed wonder from the sink. I had seen plenty of boys shirtless before, plenty of good looking, athletic boys. I had grown up with Tristan and his brothers who had all been practically shirtless from the time we met, and all of the Shield brothers were hot without exception…. But nothing I had ever seen compared to the Angel standing in front of me.
 The Actual angel.

I reminded myself that Warriors were born that way. They lived hard, grueling lives and any lesser physique wouldn’t stand a chance against the Darkness. Still, I had to clamp my mouth closed when he lifted one palm to rub at the overnight stubble that darkened his jawline with the palm of his hand. His smile deepened and his honey colored eyes twinkled, turning his expression mischievous.
I turned back to the dishes, convinced he could read my thoughts. My impure, totally uncalled for wicked thoughts. And as I scrubbed the griddle clean, I wondered how treacherous it was to have lustful thoughts about my Counterpart before we were even…. uh…. more than whatever we were? I was probably the first Star in the history of the entire universe. Lust being one of the seven deadly sin and all…. So, I ignored him, or pretended to, as he brushed past me into my square country kitchen.

I was so not going to be responsible for the fall of mankind because I couldn't keep my adolescent hormones under control, aka keep from ogling the man candy that invaded my house and my life.


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