My Blackheart

So I'm finally back to work today.

And by work I mean writing.

And by writing... I did a whole lot of "research" today and nothing else.

Luckily, being a writer means "research" refers to a whole gamut of what would otherwise be huge-waste-of-time activities.

Such as googling songs I think should be added to playlists.... Coming up with a super amazing, awesome, incredible giveaway that I will be sharing tomorrow.... Freaking out a little bit because I have a lot of books I want to write and not as much time as I need to write them.... And hunting down yummy cocktail recipes on Pinterest.

Yes, all of that is essential to my creative genius. Especially the cocktail part.

And, Ok, genius, much like research, is obviously a relative/objective term....

But in some small spaces in between all of that there was some actual writing that happened. Thank goodness.

I think I'm already in love with this book. I know I say that about all of my books... but this one is so different from anything I've written that it's a completely different kind of love.

I'm getting into this whole Contemporary thing.

Don't worry! I have so many paranormal romance irons in the fire that it's not a permanent thing.... but it's a nice break. A break I'm really enjoying. I'm going to eventually start posting teasers of Bet in the Dark soon, but until then, if you're as excited as I am, the first chapter is in the back of Down N' Derby, Lila Felix's newest release!!!!! You can pick it up here: Down N' Derby

I just love her books. In my alternate reality, or um, ahem, one of them, I am a Roller Derby Rock Star. And I'm bad ass. And I take no crap from anyone.

In real life I'm a push over.

That just needed to be said.


Why I'm really posting tonight is because Blackheart is finally live on Spotify and I wanted to play it for you!!!!

I posted the lyrics a few blogs ago and quoted exactly where the inspiration for this song came from.

Guys. I am obsessed with this song!!! Thank you Andrew James for being a real creative genius and for being able to read my nonsensical emails. It is so perfect for The Rush. So. So. So. Perfect.

And I really hope you listen to it and love it as much as I do!!!

Blackheart Spotify Link.


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