So the second song in The Rush is now available on iTunes!!!!!!! I am so so so excited for you to hear this one.

This is probably my favorite song that Andrew James has EVER done. And trust me, he has this song called Too Damn Bright. It's an old one of his. But it has been my favorite for years.

And Blackheart surpasses even that one.

The iTunes link is here: Blackheart.

You definitely need to check it out. Listen to it. Add it to your collection.Then listen to it some more. Over and over and over. And if you can listen to it WHILE reading The Rush magical things will happen.

And by magical I mean awesome.

Awesome things will happen for your ears.

It is. So. Good.

So, to put it in some context for those of you who haven't read the book, or maybe you've read it and you're like, um, make it make sense for me....

Here is an excerpt from The Rush. And then below that is the lyrics to Blackheart. (I'm going to do the same thing for I Believe too, but a different night.)


Ryder was perfection as a musician. Everything the audience could hope for. And when the set decrescendo-ed into an acoustic number with only him and his guitar we all sat with bated breath and transfixed eyes.

“This is a song I wrote recently,” he started, his voice echoing in the mic while he looked down to adjust his guitar. “The band hasn’t had a chance to play it together yet, so it will be just me. But it’s uh, about chocolate croissants and coffee.” He laughed at himself, the sound gruff and warm in the microphone and the audience laughed right along with him. I swallowed back a strong wave of panic and forced myself to look casual.

“Is that something special between you two?” I asked Kenna, hoping I was wrong.

“I guess,” she shrugged. “I get one every time I visit him at his work.”

“Oh, that’s cute.” A wave of relief washed over me, I almost stumbled back from the force of it.

But then Ryder started singing about a black-hearted girl that never let anyone get close.

Damn him.

Sugar Skulls finished up their set on just the right note. The small crowd went wild with whistling and clapping and Kenna beamed with happy pride next to me. Her boyfriend and his band played an incredible set. She was practically glowing with the raw sentiment Ryder sang with, and still blissing from the solo song she assumed was about her. I thought the song was actually kind of insulting and if I were her and thought the song was about me I would have been pissed.

Actually, I knew the song was about me. And I was pissed. I couldn’t move on from Ryder’s solo number, the words were like razors on my skin with how exposing they felt and the emotion he sang with haunted me. The way his voice sounded husky and pained against the lyrics to his song, how his eyes shut tighter every time he sang the word inscribed on my wrist and then when his song was over how they refused to meet mine, how they looked everywhere but at me.

I had to be wrong about him. There was no way he could write a song about me and not be affected by the curse. And the song was obviously about me. Granted it wasn’t like he sang a love song… it was almost the anti-love song. His rough lyrics about a girl that hated boys and herself more, her black heart infecting everyone she touched, how even though he wanted nothing more than to get away from her, he still found himself pulled to the place her black heart bled.

And now the lyrics. PS this is also the scene from Ryder's POV that I posted a little while ago.

Verse 1
You have the most beautiful heart I've never seen
I've only felt it near as it drains the life out of me

Oh Oh Oh

Verse 2
You have a way of making me hold on to hope
That someday you will love yourself then I could love you more

Oh Oh Oh you put on a good show
Oh Oh Oh I just want you to know

For your love I'd beg borrow and steal
And even if I get you to love me, your black heart never will

Verse 3
I've never meet someone who sees the world the way you do
Tell me what tragic thing happen to you

Oh Oh Oh you put on a good show
Oh Oh Oh I just need you to know

That's it! So perfect, right??? And the song is so much better. So seriously, dive into Ivy and Ryder's world a little bit deeper and check out Blackheart!


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  1. WOW!!! that is incredible....I got chills and it brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing how differently Ivy understood that song as compared to the way Ryder wrote it...would love more from Ryder :) Amazing job Rachel and Andrew James :)

  2. I love that you put those side-by-side so I could see how wonderfully the song fits with the book. I can't wait to read the book again 'cause the next time I do, I am totally going to listen to Blackheart while reading it!