So here is the scene and lyrics from where I Believe was taken from.

The set up is Ivy is with Ryder and Phoenix at Ryder's house ready to practice this new love song that Ryder wrote.


A loud buzzing interrupted our laughter and Phoenix looked up sharply at me and then swiveled his head to Ryder. “I’ll get it,” he announced. “It’s probably just Hayden and Cole.”

Before Ryder could remind him this was his house, Phoenix disappeared out the door and into the stairwell.

“Don’t you have a button up here to let them in?” I asked with my eyes on the door.

“They probably need help with their equipment,” Ryder explained. His hand on mine again drew my attention back to him. When I faced him he wasn’t laughing anymore, his expression completely serious. “I like it when you laugh, Ivy,” he admitted in a low voice.

I stood there breathless and frozen. His gaze delved into mine, capturing it, holding it hostage and the heat from his hand scorched my skin wherever it touched me. The keyboard still separated us, but that was the only thing separating us. Other than physical contact, I felt completely drawn into him, Ryder, like he encapsulated all of me, every hidden, secret part of me. And I was helpless against him.


I chose to be helpless. I wanted this.

Wanted him.

Which was crazy. These feelings were crazy. If Ryder had feelings for me there was only one explanation for them. The curse. Always the curse. And even if I could make arguments day and night to why he had never been affected by it before, the truth was that I would always doubt myself. Always. If I acted on my own feelings and there happened to be something between us, I would never be able to trust it.

I would never be able to trust him.

There would never be a way to know that his attachment to me was not because of the curse.

And so I needed to stamp these thoughts and feelings down immediately. If not sooner. If not yesterday….

His tongue ran across his bottom lip, and his gaze dropped to my mouth. I just talked myself out of this, so I should move.

Now, I should move now.

My breath returned to my chest in fast, heavy pants. My chin tilted up without my permission, like a sunflower to the sun.

Ryder’s gaze heated to desire, his lids hooded, his mouth opened. He leaned forward, we were just inches apart. Just three inches…. “Ivy, I-“

The door to the apartment exploded open with the sounds of banging equipment and three loud boys laughing about something completely grotesque. Ryder and I broke apart immediately, his hand removed from mine, his attention back to his guitar. We avoided each other’s gazes and my blush was definitely back.

I might like this band thing.

I might like this circle of friends.

But that could never happen again.


Except when I caught Ryder looking at me not four seconds later, I quickly remembered that you were never supposed to say never….

And now the lyrics:

You could hate me, but just don't leave
Or you could love me, but keep it to yourself
You could hold me with your hands around my throat
Or you could kill me with the love that you withhold

Cause I believe, that our time is coming
And I believe, that our love will find a way
And I believe, I'd die before I'd lose you
Die before I let you, let you get away

You could try me if you would just be strong
Or you could run away and leave us all alone
You could hold my hand, put your fingers between mine
I could stand beside you and be the strength you find

Cause I believe, that our time is coming
And I believe, that our love will find a way
And I believe, I'd die before I'd lose you
Die before I let you, let you get away

You don't need to give up, or give in
Let me be the one, let me the man
Who will take your troubles, and take your fears
I will carry your love and carry your tears
I will be safe, your safe place
Cause I believe

So perfect. So. Perfect.

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