Announcement Monday

Happy Monday!

This Monday, although rainy and dreary and my eyes are still sleepy.... actually feels so much better than most. Just because I'm headed into the week with a completely clean house, finished laundry, and meals planned for the week!

Even though that means I didn't get a word of writing done since last Wednesday... still, I can fully concentrate this week right?


That's a big break! Not that I ever get a ton of words down per day anyway... but usually I try to at least make it to a thousand.

Which might sound like a lot....

But it is SO not.

Especially if you think that a chapter is about 5,000 words or so. It's kind of amazing I get books done at all!

One day it will be easier. One day....

This is my daily mantra!! But it's true . This is just merely the season of my life I'm in. With babies and toddlers and needy children.

Let's be real, folding tiny, itty, bitty clothes alone takes up way too much of my time! (Ignore the fact that laundry is my arch nemesis...)

Still, I wouldn't change a single thing. I love my kids too much and they are growing WAY too fast!!!

We lost our first tooth last night. Stella, my oldest, has had a wiggly tooth for a few weeks now and somehow in the very middle of the night it fell out! Thank God she didn't swallow it!!!

She's the best kid though. She woke up, picked up her tooth and brought it to me. I congratulated her, because she was absolutely beaming with pride, explained the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be coming until tomorrow night because she was already out and about and hadn't brought money for Stella.... and then sent her back to bed.

Where she went easily and willingly!

Love that little girl.

Well, I guess she's not so little anymore.... :(

Anyway!! About the Give Away....


Yes I'm yelling at you! Because if you haven't, what in the world are you waiting for???

Thank you to everyone that HAS entered!! Holy Cow you guys are absolutely awesome! The best people in the world.

That's a fact.

The widget will be constantly to the right of here until the end, so get your name in!

If you're having issues with commenting there are some tricks. You can try your phone instead of your computer. You can switch browsers, as in from Firefox to Explorer and what not, or the latest trick thanks to Marie Wathen, you can try tabbing through!!!

Other important pieces of information... Don't forget to check out I Believe and Blackheart by Andrew James!!! They are such great songs and fantastic companion pieces to The Rush!!!!

Here are the links to Amazon:


I Believe

Also, there have been a lot of questions about release dates and just so you all know there is actually a page up above to answer all your questions!

It's called Upcoming Releases and I just linked it for you!! :)

Everything I want to accomplish sounds kind of.... insane. But so far we're on schedule! So far...

It will be a miracle, like a real-live-honest-to-goodness-miracle, if I can actually follow through with it!

But it's there all the same.

And in case you missed it, I did post the first chapter of The Relentless Warrior over the weekend!! Which is Jericho's story.

Jericho needs to fall in love. Right???

I think so! That poor boy. Here is the link!

First Chapter of The Relentless Warrior

Ok, I think that's it. I'm going to start calling Mondays... Announcement Monday, because that's all I can seem to come up with. Plus, I'm never pretty enough on Monday mornings for a Vlog. And that is the truth.

It's so scary on this side of the screen... yikes!

Alright I hope everyone has a tolerable Monday (Why shoot for anything higher when we know it's impossible??) and I'm off to hunt down my second cup of coffee!!!


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  2. Truly talented Author and generous too.Thank you for the opportunity to try and win the wonderful prizes. First indi book i downloaded omg sooo long ago i can not remember

  3. So excited to keep reading! It has been a great read and I am so excited to get the opportunity to enter into this drawing. Thank you!