So three things. First, the Starbright Series got a Pinterest Page!!! And of course I love it. LOVE it.

But my husband says I love everything so, I don't know what that says about me!

Starbright is about to get a makeover. I had some serious technical issues with it, and as soon as The Rush is released I'm going to fix all those problems, and then upload it again so that it's shiny and new! And while I was thinking about it, I made it a little Pinterest Page that you can check out if your curious to what the series is going to look like!

Starbright Pinterest Page.

The second thing is that Zach linked my blog to EVERYTHING. Goodreads. All my Facebook pages. AND. Twitter. So, if you are noticing every time I post a blog that is why. I don't really like to be in your face every day with a "hey look at me, I'm over here, come check me out!!!!" But this is actually easier and I wouldn't know how to stop it anyway... So there's that!

Ok, and the final thing.

The last thing of the day.

The third.....

Here is your second to last teaser of The Rush.

“Come have breakfast at my house,” his voice dropped to a rumbling timber.

For a few moments I was stunned into silence, only the sound of the espresso machine whirring in the background, the soft tickling of ceramic dishes being used and melodic hum of conversational voices interrupted the shock that froze every one of my thoughts.

“I can’t,” I mumbled finally. I dropped my gaze to the counter, to my hands, to the cash register, to anywhere but Ryder’s face.

“Yes, you can,” he pleaded gently. Always gently with me. Always careful.

I shook my head quickly. “No, thanks, it’s sweet of you to offer.”

“It’s not sweet of me to offer,” Ryder laughed humorlessly. “It’s against my better judgment to offer. But come anyway.”


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  1. Yay to Zach for linking, now I won't miss a single thing you post!!! Tell that man thank you!! And thank you for the teaser, loved it! I can't wait for another book from you...seriously having withdrawls. :)

  2. Hi Rachel

    I want to send you something I wrote, Inspired by the Star-Crossed Series. Where can I post this?
    It's just a little song I wrote. Nothing much and defenitly not a Grammy winner. hahaha...
    But I just want to share it with you...