It's Tuesday!!! Hooray!!!

So here's a little teaser for you. From The Rush of course. Which is getting so close to being finished!!!

And what that means is I have just decided that I am never going to publish it and it's terrible and I hate it.


Oh, just kidding!

Kind of.

Also, do you like the new layout???? Zach did that for me today! He's wonderful.

Plus, he showed me all the comments that I've never responded to. So, watch out FAQ page!! You are going to be getting answers soon!!

And then I checked out the Boy Points of View page and thought to myself, these are great... but we need another Kiran point of view!!!!! Asap.

Probably there will be a thing with it. Like a contest. But I haven't decided yet what it will be!

Anyway. Here is more from The Rush!

“It’s just, you scared me,” I whispered. The words felt stupid in my mouth even as they fell into the air between us. I couldn’t explain my fears for our friendship and I sure as hell couldn’t explain my feelings. I just hoped he would let it drop.

“Scared you?” Ryder glanced over at me, his gray eyes darkened to black in this light and his eyebrows pulled together in concern. I wanted to be honest with him. I wanted to tell him the truth.

See? Dangerous.

“I like you,” I admitted out loud and then realized what that sounded like. “Shoot. I mean, I like you as a friend. You’re a…. friend. And I don’t have many of those. I just don’t want to jeopardize what we have here.”

“Oh you mean the constant bickering and fighting? Me either. I love that,” Ryder half laughed, half winced.

“Yes,” I smiled at him. “I don’t get to do this with anybody else. Nobody else…. fights with me.”


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  1. Need.More. I can't wait until it's published so I can lock my self away and read it !!!!!!

  2. I'm really excited about this release. Thanks for a great teaser :)