T is for Teaser!!!

Welcome to Tuesday everybody!!!!

First and foremost. Have you heard I Believe??? If not. Listen now. Right now. It's so perfection I just need everybody to listen to it!! :)

I am in love with having music created for my books, I cannot even tell you. It means so much to me. And now that I Believe is out there, I am DYING for you all to hear the music Andrew James is creating for The Star-Crossed Series. Dying!

Andrew is creating a three song EP that we will release soon. So soon.

Until then, enjoy I Believe.

Especially because The Rush is getting so close to being finished!!!

So for Tuesday Teaser I of course have to share more of Ryder and Ivy with you!!

Enjoy. :)

I decided that I really only needed one chocolate croissant and was just about to tell her that when a deep, recognizable voice from behind me spoke up first, “I’ll get that for her Tarryn, just add it to my total.”

I spun around on my heel, shocked more than I should be to stand face to face with Ryder Sutton. “I can pay for my own breakfast,” I snapped quickly. I trained my eyes on his gunmetal grays, refusing to take in his sleep-mussed hair, morning scruff that outlined his chiseled jaw or the thin black t-shirt and loose jeans that hung on his body deliciously. I simply refused to notice all that.

Besides he was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. There was absolutely nothing special about his boring outfit. In fact, allowing myself one, tiny, insignificant glance, it looked like he had dug them out from underneath his bed, everything was wrinkled! There was so nothing attractive about that….

“I never thought you couldn’t buy your own breakfast,” he sighed, already agitated with me. I couldn’t really blame him, but that didn’t mean I dropped my defenses. “I’m just trying to do something nice for you, Ivy.”

“Is this for here?” Tarryn asked from behind me.

“Yes,” I replied without turning around. My eyes stayed narrowed on Ryder, not really sure what to do or what to say next. “Thank you” seemed drastically out of the question.

“Excuse me,” he strong-armed me out of the way, his sharp elbow connecting playfully with my ribs. A jolt of electricity zinged up my spine and a lone butterfly flapped its nervous wings in my stomach. “You know what, Tarryn, why don’t you hold off on the two regulars and just make my Chai. I’m going to stay and eat breakfast with my friend here.”

I whipped back around to face the counter, mouth hanging half ajar at Ryder’s announcement. I was assuming he meant me since there was no one else in the cafĂ©, unless he meant the elderly couple but then I was pretty sure he would have said “friends.” “We’re not friends,” I defended on instinct, more for his sake than mine.

“Fine,” Ryder agreed never looking at me. “Then I’ll be right over there,” Ryder pointed for Tarryn’s benefit, “with my arch-nemesis.”

My mouth dropped the rest of the way opened and I stifled the hysterical giggle that was bubbling up inside of me.

“Come on, Dr. Evil,” Ryder called to me, and then took a seat at a secluded table with a view of the street. He had my plate of pastries in front of him and was busy tearing at the corner of my chocolate croissant.

I watched him for a moment as he placed the stolen piece of food in his mouth and chewed on it thoughtfully. His jaw worked at the food, his throat moving once as he swallowed. I tore my eyes from his Adam's apple just in time to watch his eyes lift under his thick eyelashes. He just stared at me, waiting for me to do something, waiting for me to make the next move. Obviously he planned on eating everything on my plate. And obviously I couldn’t let him do that. I settled something in my heart, something that felt like warning, and decided that I was obligated to eat breakfast with Ryder after he paid for it…. and before he could eat it all.

I just wished this only felt like breakfast, instead of something more. Something I couldn't even define.


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  1. Hi, this teaser was already posted... However I am feeling the new song. Can't wait for the book to be released!!