Let's Try This Again...

So, it was brought to my attention yesterday.... that I already did that teaser!!

Why would I do one twice?? Because I'm awesome, obviously.

And the most forgetful person alive.

So, here is a NEW Teaser! A different one.

Actually two, since I it is my oldest daughter's birthday and I was planning on giving you one today anyway!

Here's a little Ryder action...

“Ivy, scoot over. I’m taking my break with you guys,” Ryder commanded and this time I didn’t argue.

Well, I didn’t argue until I scooted over. “You’re so demanding,” I accused.

“What?” Ryder shrugged. “Isn’t that why you’re here tonight? To introduce me to your friends?”

A choked on a sip of hot macchiato and then set it down hard enough so that it splashed over the sides of the gray ceramic cup. “Geez, cocky.”

He returned my snide comment with a proud smile and his eyebrows rose as if challenging me to contradict him. “Well, isn’t that why you’re here?”

“Psht. No,” I denied adamantly. I turned my focus to cleaning up the coffee spill with the thin napkins that sat on the table. “We were just thirsty. Don’t be so full of yourself.”

“I’m not full of myself,” he argued.

“Oh really? Then why assume we came here just for you?” I chanced a look at him, hiding half my face with my lifted shoulder. His stare met me straight on, his gray eyes lit with amusement.

“Because you’re friends said that’s why you were here,” he answered as seriously as he could.

“My friends? What?” I gasped. “I don’t have any friends. At least not anymore….”

“Ives, we so did not say that’s why we were here,” Exie shook her head, blonde curls swinging wildly around her shoulders.

“Sloane?” I raised my eyebrow at her. She was more of a straight shooter and the moment her shoulders sagged I knew they outed me. Wenches.

“I think it was more like, we might have said…. um, how excited we were to finally meet him is all,” Sloane answered in a small voice.

“Finally?” I squeaked.

“What they said was that they had been waiting a very long time to meet me and couldn’t believe how much better looking I was in person,” Ryder corrected in a smug tone.

I shrunk into my seat, praying for an earthquake that would open the ground beneath my feet and swallow me whole. That was possible right? A freak earthquake and quick demise? Ugh.

And here is a little something from Ivy's friends. You know I love my supporting characters!! :)

“Exie….” Phoenix smirked. “Sexy Exie?”

That got her attention....

“Oh my gosh, Sexy Exie? That is so clever. How did you ever come up with something so original. I’ve never heard that in my life. Please say it again. Go on, say it again,” she demanded flatly.

I bit back a smile because Phoenix looked so overwhelmed. It wasn’t his fault guys had been using that nickname for Exie for as long as she could remember.

“Say it again. Come on. Say it,” Exie taunted Phoenix further. The poor guy was cowering. This huge, gangly man-child was honestly cowering.

“Uh…. Sexy-“

“Don’t! It’s a trap!” I shrieked, not even will to put up with her wrath tonight. I shook my head at Phoenix and gave him my scary eyes. “You know better. Do not poke the beast.”

“Girls are confusing,” he said slowly with a shake of his head.


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  1. Thank you!!! I am so excited for this book! And I am in love with all of the character's names! You always pick the most interesting names.