Time to pick a winner!!!!!

Hooray!!!! This winner was picked entirely at random, but a scrolling tablet and Zach's finger. Super scientific, I know!

Drum roll please.....


Here's a fun fact, she mentioned as one of her fave reads for the year, The Trylle Triology by Amanda Hocking.

And that is actually the very first self-pubbed series I have read. I absolutely loved it. And it's what convinced me to finally self-pub myself!!!

So Mizzale, please email me with your t-shirt size and address!! I cannot wait to get this off to you!

And if you didn't win, no worries, because I will be doing another Give-Away super soon.

There so much fun, I kind of love them. :)

Thanks again for all your comments!!!! I have a fantastic To Read List now!!!!!


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1 comment:

  1. WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited. Thank you!!! Emailing you now!