So yesterday my MOPS group started back up after the long winter break and I could not be more excited!!! I belong to a seriously amazing group of women, and I just love them to pieces. We also, most of us anyway, belong to the same Bible Study and it is something that I NEED on Thursday mornings. Like for real.

Plus, they have childcare.


Yesterday though we talked about Organization. Like it was the topic at hand. And they made us go around the room and give a tip or idea of what we use to organize our house.


I wish I could make a dot dot dot including a ton of exclamation points so you could feel how pointed my ... really is!!!!!!!!!!!

Me organized??? Ha!

Double Ha!!

I am the definition of chaos. The anti-organizer. The well-put-together-woman's worst nightmare!!!!

For real. I told them that if there was one reason for my husband to divorce me it would be to just get away from the chaos!!! Luckily for him though, I would most likely lose the divorce papers and forget to sign them.

Whew. My Marriage is still safe.

Anyway, I am obsessed with my Thursday mornings and getting away from work and the kids and having a grown up conversation for two hours. It is lovely. And I NEED it.

So, in the spirit of all things obsessed, I thought I would do another run of everything I'm obsessed with at the moment!!

This comes on the receiving side of Christmas, so that has helped spur my obsession with all of these things that I absolutely love.

1. Colored Chapstick. Love it. Absolutely obsessed with it!! I cannot wear lipstick for some reason. I mean, seriously, it's really shocking on my face. Even Zach does the whole like jump when he sees me and exclaims, "WHOA!" It just does not look good. But everybody needs a little color on their lips, right??? So colored chapstick is my absolutely favorite thing. Revlon makes some that look like lipstick tubes, but are definitely soothing like chapstick and the color is very subtle. My other fave is Burt's Bees and Zach got me a three pack for my stocking this year. And I'm in LOVE with them. It's just the right amount of color, plus my lips are pampered AND I can kiss Zach without worrying about staining his face.

His face? Where am I kissing him??? Lol, like his cheeks and lips.

2. On the same line as chapstick, I am absolutely obsessed with this new blush I was talked into buying. I went into Sephora for foundation. That was ALL I needed. But of course, the minute I walk in the door I was accosted by at least three sales women, somehow was talked into a mini-makeover and walked out with foundation, facial cream, bronzer and blush. Yikes right??? At least the cream was a free gift, because we all know I don't use those kinds of products. I'm a complete hippy. I don't believe in all the chemicals on my skin. My beauty regiment consists of me splashing my face with cold water at the end of the night. Truth. I use Bare Minerals because the directions actually encourage you not to wash the make up off! Well, maybe not encourage you.... but they definitely say you don't have to. Hey, it works for me.

Plus, I'm usually allergic to anything and everything anyway.

Where was I? Oh, the blush. It's the very first designer thing I've ever bought. EVER. I'm not really in to name brands. Almost so much that I reject it completely if it has a name brand on it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion. And I would never turn down a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps should they be offered to me. But... For some reason I just cannot get myself to spend the money on it. My sister in law had to buy me my first Coach clutch for Christmas this year. And I have been thinking about one for over a year... I just couldn't commit. ANYWAY. The blush is by Dior. And it's a little bit expensive.. like $40. But it lasts kind of forever. And it is so gorgeous. I can't remember the name, but it is seriously hot, hot, hot almost neon pink. I thought it would look completely unnatural, it LOOKS really bright and crazy in the pack, but for some reason it really, really looks blended and perfect. It's a gorgeous color and I am so in love with it.

3. Skinny Jeans. I was resistant at first. Very. Very. Very resistant. I'm kind of the opposite of skinny so I was positive they wouldn't flatter me. And then a sales clerk talked me into them... and I haven't looked back!!! They are flattering. And comfortable! Love them!!!

4. Sharpie Pens. Who doesn't love Sharpie markers??? Seriously??? I love something that is so bold and decisive. I mean, you can trust a Sharpie Marker, you know without a doubt that it will perform for you and with it you will be making a statement. But recently I just found out they made PENS too!!! And they are glorious writing instruments. They don't bleed through the paper OR come out heavy or spotty. They just work, really nicely and they make my cursive look pretty. They are fantastic.

5. Polomas. Ok, this is my absolutely FAVORITE drink right now. I'm completely obsessed. And you know I just love tequila. Love it. Zach found this drink recipe for me which further cements my undying love for him. One part Tequila. One part Orange Cointreau.And then top it off with Squirt. It's kind of like a margarita but SOOO much more refreshing and delicious. Here's the thing though... If you happen to run out of orange liqueur you can always substitute it with something else. This happened to me last night, so I pulled out the bottle of Blue Curacuo that I hardly ever use and made them that way. Not as good, but not bad either! Plus I felt like I was going to a rave with my bright blue drink.

6. Bob's Burgers. The greatest show on television right now????? Probably. Ok, well maybe not probably... but maybe. And it's definitely the best adult cartoon out there right now. It's so fantastic. I'm obsessed with John Benjamen's voice, even though I think he sounds like he will be super hot in real life and then he's.... not exactly. But he is hilarious as Bob. And then the kids are equally as funny. It has Mel from Flight of the Concords, one of my all time fave shows ever. Oh, it's so hilarious. And it's on Sunday nights!

7. $5 meals. Ok, so we used to be... super poor. I mean, Zach and I got married at 21 and then started popping out kids immediately! Well, while I was the frugal housewife that actually kept an organized house and made the majority of our food from scratch, I used to make weekly/monthly meal plans. And my goal was to keep every meal to an average of $5 per meal for our entire family. And I actually did an amazing job. It's one of my favorite life accomplishments. I even blogged about it many moons ago. But then we weren't so poor and I got lazy. Bleh. Plus, I got busy so we started eating out way more or doing take out. Double Bleh. Not that I hate either of those things. I LOVE Those things, but everything in moderation, right??? Plus, I'm really working hard to FINALLY lose all this baby weight. So I'm going back to my cheap-o, everything made from scratch meal plans. Why buy alfredo sauce when I can make it?? Or pizza dough? Or macaroni and cheese?? Ok... none of those things are healthy meals, but you get the idea. Plus, the food is so much better for you when it's not out of a box, can or package. I don't think $5 is even possible anymore though. I mean, I was feeding four before, now I'm feeding five, plus one is Stryker who eats as much as a teenage boy, plus Solo will be eating at the table in no time. Also the price of groceries has SKYROCKETED into insanity and I hate it! So I'm shooting for $8 a meal. That's my goal. Simple meals, that are delicious but healthy and most of all budget friendly. This week actually my grocery bill is $40 because I am cleaning out my freezer. That's right, 7 full, HEALTHY dinners for a family feeding 5 for $40. Pretty good right???? But all of the meat is already bought. So... this will never happen again!

8. Ok and going right along with Meal Planning, yesterday at MOPS we made the COOLEST thing ever. I'm not crafty AT ALL.. Like at all. I used to be... I don't know what happened. Now cutting something with scissors seems like it always ends in failure. Even my dance moms know better than to ask me to be a part of any of the bedazzling or beading of costumes. I lack those talents. But at MOPS our craft was so simple and so easy and actually turned out amazing. All that we did was take those super cheap, clear plastic picture frames, you know those ones for like a 4 by 7 pic that has it's own stand? And then we took a rectangle of super cute scrapbook paper and I wrote MENU at the top of it and then Monday-Sunday evenly down the side. Then we stuck the scrapbook paper inside the picture frame, took an expo marker and added a circular sticky think of Velcro and attached that to the outside of the frame. Voila. I have a menu board that I can write and re-write our meals on weekly. It just sits on my counter, it's very convenient and SO easy! Plus, it looks super cute. I'm very proud of it! :)

9. Pandemic. It's a board game. And it's awesome. Zach and I have a serious disagreement when it comes to board games. I mean, we are adamantly in complete and utter opposition to what makes the best games. I want to play something fun, and light that raises the volume and gets exciting. Something like Catchphrase. And Zach wants strategy and thinking. Lots and lots and lots of BORING thinking! He wants to play Risk. Bleh. I mean, I get bored out of my mind with Monopoly. I want to play Slapjack or Dutch Blitz. He wants to sit around and strategize with Axis and Allies... ugh... I can't even get through saying the title of that without yawning. Lol. But then he found Pandemic. And we have come to a beautiful compromise. There is some thinking involved, but your also trying not to die and infect the entire world with plague. It's really, really, really fun. PLUS everybody is on the same team and you have to work together. Which makes me love it even more. We've actually never won a game, it's kind of hard, but not in the hard I have to really think about this way, just in the luck of the cards kind of way, and so not winning has made it really competitive. And we love it.

Ok. And 10. Music. You know I am always obsessed with music. Always. But there is so much good stuff out there right now I'm in music heaven. Plus, gritty rock is really making a comeback and flooding the radio and I'm dying. The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, Alex Claire (Even though he wrote a complete "it's not you, it's me" song... I love it.) The Racontours. AWOLNATION. So much good stuff right now. But the albums I'm really, really obsessed with right now are Ellie Goulding. I mean, her newest album is genius. LOVE HER. And Mumford and Sons, Babel. I know everyone is obsessed with them right now, but their geniuses. Enough said. And I've listened to that album so much I am positively convinced I should be sick and tired of it. But I can't get enough. I just can't!!! And finally The Ting Tings. I can honestly thank Yo Gabba Gabba for that one... It's probably the only thing I can thank them for too. :)

There you have it folks. When I'm not writing, this is what my world revolves around. Well... at least part of my world! :)


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  1. This post made me smile :). My mops restarted on Wednesday and I totally get the "need". I do not know how I managed before I discovered MOPS.

  2. You're funny! :) I loved this post-you made me laugh the whole way through. And I relate to the non-organized bit. I'm sitting here, blogging, writing, etc. and my house is in complete disarray, complete chaos. In fact I have no idea how to organize it...I try...but never succeed. It might stay nice for a day or so and then the whirlwind of chaos runs through again.

  3. Loving this list! Okay, so I didn't know what a few of the things were :) but I got most of them. I'm big into music now, too. Half the groups you listed are on my playlist for the series I'm writing right now. The skinny jeans, though...I just don't have the right shape. Give me a few more weeks with my pilates video and I'll let you know.

  4. Ellie Gouldings new album is amazing. Normally i only find two or three songs on one album that i really like but he's? All of them that Ive heard I've loved! 90% Of the bands you listed or have on your playlist for your books are songs Ive been listening to without even knowing that you had chosen them to fit with the story. I loved Mumford & sons since before they became popular, just had to say that ;).
    Sharpies are absolutely vital for life. love love love love them.

    Can't wait forthe new series to out btdubs! I have a feeling that somehow I'll love it more than Star-Crossed Series.

    sorry for any typos or grammar misusage, I'm on my phome and though try i as I might, I can't get everything perfect like I can on my computer. :/