My Faves for 2012

Ok, so your comments for the Give-Away are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

You guys have fantastic taste.

If your picks aren't ones that are already high on my reading list of faves, then I simply cannot wait to test out your suggestions!!! I love this book-share going on. Yay!

So here are my top picks for the year. Each of the authors names are linked to Amazon, and I'm almost positive they are all available on B&N. And the best thing about all of these books is that not one of them is over $4. I mean, amazing, right??

Like I said, this list was nearly impossible for me to narrow down, so I decided to just pick one book from each category that I read from. There are lots and lots and lots of runner ups, but I'll save those for another day.

Topping the YA Paranormal Romance has got to be Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy.

Oh Lord. Allie and Levi are my favorite kind of couple! As you will see I like a lot of conflict and chase in my couples. I can fall in love with easy romances, but my absolute faves are ones that exude tension and challenge. And that's what we have going on in Flight. Plus there's some hot shifters. AND. Royalty. You all should know how I feel about royalty by now!!! :) Finally it's set in New Orleans!! I am obsessed with books in New Orleans. Obsessed. Plus I got to go there this Fall with some of the most fabulous people I know and it's only fueled my obsession.

I cannot wait for Focus, the second book in the series. And it comes out at the end of this month! So excited!!

Next Category..... Contemporary YA.

Contemporary was HUGE this year. I mean. Huge. And I fell right in love with everybody else. But my favorite book. I mean the one that I am STILL thinking about. The one that made my heart hurt, my eyes leak and then my soul swell was.... The Unmaking of Hunter Kennedy by Anne Elliot. Oh goodness, I adore this book!!!

Hunter broke my heart!!! He is so vulnerable and fragile. Oh my word. And Vere is my favorite kind of heroine. She's quirky and a bit bizarre, but completely loveable and fun. I promise you will love this book! Serious. I promise.

Ok, up next. NA.

A completely new and fantastic genre of reading. I mean, who didn't completely obsess over NA this year???? And there are SO many fantastic choices. So. Many. This book had a lot of competition. I mean a lot.

But this book is the one that seriously stuck with me. The kind that I STILL think about and memorized quotes and will probably, most definitely, even in all likelihood today.... read again! I DEVOURED this book. Like my family didn't even see me for a good 36 hours and I definitely avoided the judging eyes of my laptop that felt completely neglected and slighted.

I found this book because we share a cover artist and the cover is what drew me to it in the first place. But then the story completely stole my heart and left me tweaking for the sequel. Every Which Way by Calia Read.

The language is absolutely gorgeous, Calia writes with flawless talent. And Thayer. Thayer, Thayer, Thayer. Complete Perfection. I swear, when he whispers, "I saw you first. Remember that, I saw you first." my heart SHATTERED. Holy Moses. Plus I have a thing for different names... Severine, Thayer, Macsen... It doesn't get any better than that!!

Definitely this is New Adult though and it's definitely sexy. So keep that in mind if you decide to read it!

In the Adult category I had to, had to, had to pick The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders. This was another book that broke my heart into a million tiny, miniscule little remnants of heartache and then slowly pieced them together again. A broken marriage tends to rip my heart to shreds anyway. I think I feel too much. Lol! But this book is so beautifully written and emotional that you can't help but fall in love and root for the couple, despite all of their issues. Definitely recommend this one! But another reminder.. it's Adult so there are sexual situations!!

Ok. The FINAL category is my Fave NEW Authors this year! And it's plural because there is no way I could pick just one! Absolutely no way.

I'm linking their names to their Amazon pages so you can check them out too!!!

First. Lila Felix. She published an incredible amount of books this year. In my opinion anyways.... she's already published four books since September!!! I'm lucky if I can do three books a year... She is a rock star. And she writes these incredible, really personal, authentic stories that makes immediate love between the reader and the story.

Plus. She wrote a story about Roller Derby. ROLLER DERBY!!!!! You guys have no idea how much in love with the sport I am. In my head, I'm actually a bad ass Roller Derby star. I wear ripped fishnets and dye my hair black and have thirteen tattoos and my skate name is Momma Mayhem. Or something like that.... :) I always think about trying out. Like every single year, because we have a league here in Omaha. But then I remember I'm either pregnant or nursing and have been for the last six years, and there is no end in sight... so that always ruins my great plans for making the pretend me reality. Also. Just kidding. There IS an end in sight. Solo is already five months. Only seven more to go folks. Not that I'm counting down or anything.... Ha! Anyway, Love and Skate is my perfection of a book. You need to check Lila out. Like now.

And then of course, the super talented, fantastic Emily Evans. I don't even know how I stumbled upon her books, but they are exact perfection for me and I'm SO glad I did. Like if I want to escape and get away, hers are the kind of books I hunt desperately for. And she writes in a way that is so INTERESTING and quirky. Her heroines are completely adorable and lovable and her men. Oh. Her. Men. They are precious stories. I promise you will love them too!! And I probably would have picked one of her books as a favorite of mine for the year, if I could have chosen one!!! But as it is, she has too many that I am absolutely obsessed with. Plus, she has a brand new one coming out very, very, very soon!!!!

So that's it!!! Those are my picks for the year. I hope you find something you love just as much as I do on here!!! I'll announce the winner of the Give-Away around 5pm CST. And you can still get your comments in up until then!!!!


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  1. Great picks! Haven't read all of them- will have to pick them up.