Sunburst Cover Reveal!!!!!

I am so very excited to share this cover with you, I just cannot wait!!!!

I cannot wait to get deeper into this series. Seriously. I can. not. wait.

Also, can we all just agree that Sarah Hansen is so incredibly talented that it's kind of not fair.

Ok. Good. I'm glad we are all in agreement!!! :)

Here it is!

The role of Earth’s Protector has been thrust upon Stella Day, years prematurely, according to the Prophecy. Now, she juggles homework and basketball practice with fighting demons and the Darkness. She struggles to keep it all balanced, knowing her future is not her own.

And the person who usually keeps her focused, her Counterpart Seth, begins to vanish for long periods of time. Her worst fears about Seth gnaw at her constantly. She wonders if his absence is connected with his evil sister, or worse—Seth’s connection to the Darkness. Between the juggling, the incessant concern for Seth, plus the inevitable, undeniable attraction she continues to feel for Tristan, her best friend, Stella’s life is quickly spiraling out of control.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Council of Elders has suddenly grown silent and she discovers a new dangerous friend to add into the mix. Not to mention, Aliah, the evil Fallen Angel set on her downfall, decides murdering the Star of Earth should be a game and he wants to play.

Sunburst is the second installment of the Starbright Series.


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  1. Gorgeous cover!!! I just finished Reluctant King and I LOVED it!! Oh my gosh! Avalon's point of view was sooooo much fun to read!! Reading your blog inspired me to start my own, where I frequently talk about your books, because I love them so much! The Star-Crossed series is my favorite series ever! If anyone wants to check it out its

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    1. PS- I love your playlists for your books. What a fun idea!

  3. When is the new book coming out ?

  4. I'm so confused and excited. I just read Starbright and loved it. At the end it said Sunburst would be out in 2012? I need my fix. Lol. I love your writing style!