News and Notes

Good morning!

So I've sat down to write this blog several times!

And got no where.

Clearly I needed to announce The Reluctant King going live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble since it's been live since Thursday.

But I could not collect my thoughts into working order. So other than status updates, this newest book has been sadly neglected.

That happens to me a LOT after finishing a book. I can't tell you the type of aimless confusion I go into after hitting publish.

It's like my brain is completely exhausted and totally lost at the same time. Honestly, I don't even know what to think about since for the last however many months my thoughts have centered around one story line.

So for a few days I just kind of float.

And I stay away from words all together.

Plus this time around I had the pleasure of having an allergic reaction in my left eyeball.... I woke up yesterday morning with my eye completely matted shut. Gross, right??? And when I was finally able to open it, the darn thing was blood red.

I look like a demon.

No joke.

I think it was an allergic reaction to new makeup.... I think. At first I feared pink eye, but it doesn't itch and it's getting better without eye drops or antibiotics. Plus, my entire eye-lid is swollen.

It's so ugly....

Sometimes I forget about it, look in the mirror and then scare myself.

Although it's a little bit better today.

Anyway, even thought I HATE going to the doctor, and therefore will probably not go to the doctor for this thing, the hypochondriac part of me is terrified that I'm going blind.

Too many hours staring at a computer screen.

So I stayed away from the screen for that reason too.

Well, for 24 hours. Just long enough to see improvement.


All that to say THE RELUCTANT KING IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can find it on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Smashwords!!!!

I am so in love with this book. I seriously can't wait for everyone to read it.

When I finished Endless, I really thought, I really BELIEVED that was the end of the story for those characters.

I just felt confident that it was completely finished. I had said everything I was going to say.

But then I got an itch to write more.

And then over the summer I tried to write something from Kiran's perspective and it came out so awful and boring that I really, really believed they were done.

But Avalon's story just happened. I was trying to write something else, but I kept writing Avalon instead. So clearly the story was not finished.

The whole writing process was a lot like coming home. The characters were all familiar, like old friends and truthfully the love story had always been there. I always had this idea for Avalon, even if the logistics weren't worked out yet. When I finished Endless, I knew who he was going to end up with. It was just part of his character development in my mind.

So, I hope you go out and buy The Reluctant King and love it as much as I do!

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has already bought it and spread the word!!! Thank you so so so much. The fact that people actually want to read something that I've written still blows my mind. You guys are incredible.

I did want to explain what I'm doing with these continuing stories though, because there have been a lot of questions.

The Reluctant King is part of a trilogy that is a continuation of The Star-Crossed Series. I'm continuing the books in a consecutive number, so that they are technically books 5, 6 and 7. However, these three books take place a few years after Endless and are almost a different story line altogether. Although they include all of the same characters.

And some new ones.

So The Reluctant King is the first of these books and from Avalon's perspective. The second book in this trilogy is called The Relentless Warrior and that will be from Jericho's perspective. And the final book, The Redeemable Prince is from Sebastian's perspective.

Even though the three stories follow different men, they will follow the same story arc and conflict until the end.

Does that make sense?

It's a little bit different than normal, I know that. But I can't help it, I'm not normal, why try to make my books normal?? :)

I plan on releasing The Relentless Warrior, Jericho's story in the beginning of the new year.

I finally, finally, finally feel like myself again. Over my last pregnancy I completely lost my mind.

Not that I was crazier than normal... just don't ask my husband. But that I just wasn't myself while I was writing. It's hard to explain, but basically the creative process just wasn't there.

Probably nothing was there. Nothing was in my mind. Pregnancy makes me brain dead. And Starbright was the first book I ever attempted to write while pregnant. And it was really hard for me.

I'm not pregnant anymore. Obviously. And suddenly I am not struggling for book ideas anymore. So I just wanted to give you a timeline of what I'm working on and when I expect to release everything.

I'm not going to announce exact release dates yet, because if you know anything about me, you will know that I can't keep a release date to save my life!!!!! I am horrible about being on time and that apparently transfers to deadlines as well.

I expect all of these books to be out sometime before the summer of 2013. And there are a lot of them. But this is probably the order in which I will release.

Sunburst: The second book in the Starbright Series. I'm thinking February.... February-ish.

The Relentless Warrior: Jericho's love story. Probably March.

The Rush: A new series I am working on. It's definitely got paranormal elements to it, but I think of it as more contemporary than anything.

It's a little bit different... But it's probably also going to be my most favorite release ever!!! I have something so exciting planned for this one. And I'm bursting to tell you about it.. but of course I can't. If you caught my Tuesday Teaser from two weeks ago on here, this was the work that was featured. And this will most likely be out in January. Unless it swaps release dates with The Relentless Warrior, then it will be out in March.

I'm excited for this winter! There is a lot to do, but a TON of fun things ahead. Look for more pinterest pages! I'm making pages for Starbright and The Reluctant King and I LOVE all of your ideas. Songs. Pictures. Thoughts! All of it. I'm also going to be doing more give-aways. And Fearless, Endless and The Reluctant King will very soon be offered in paperback!!!!!!!!

Don't forget you can order your Team Kiran t-shirt at!!! And because they ship from here, if you want it signed, I can make that happen!!

Also... I think there are still signed books available. At least Reckless print books.

And I think that's everything. Hope it's not as cold where you are as it is where I am, because it is definitely winter here.


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  1. I hope that your eye gets better!!

    I have The Reluctant King waiting and calling for me on my Kindle!! Can't wait to read it!

    The Relentless Warrior will be my 2013 MUST HAVE! I miss Jericho terribly!! :D

  2. The Reluctant King is just awesome and the cliffhanger(Terletov, Lily, Silas, Jericho's overseeing the healing process of the human)makes me long for the next book! I loved all the episodes featuring Eden and Kiran, and Avalon was perfect as usual! Madly curious about Sebastian's book! That's one of the best series ever and that's great, that you decided to continue it! May inspiration and muses, energy and support be with you!

  3. Your Star Crossed Lovers series was my absolute favorite series EVER. I'm so excited about the three new books. I've bought TRK, but haven't read it yet. I want to so badly...but the sooner I start it, the sooner I finish it. I don't want the story to end again :( Haha...I'm sad, I know!

  4. Hi,
    I have just spent the last week reading the 4 books in your Star crossed series ( would you believe my mum who is in her 60's recommended them) and have to admit I couldn't put them down. I have just finished the reluctant King on my Kindle and i cannot wait for the relentless Warrior. Keep them coming they are amazing books.

  5. I cant wait for the relentless warrior to come out! Ive just finished the reluctant king n i was left in suspension!!!! Brill books x

  6. ok so release for relentless warrior was on June 6th today is june 26??? where is our book?

  7. Seriously when will Jericho's story be available I am dying here.

  8. I'm devouring this series and knowing there's two more books coming warms my heart. But where is Relentless..... We're dying here.