Happy Monday

Three things about my hair.

1. I should have brushed it last night.... I really, really should have. But I stepped out of the shower, looked down at the brush and made the wrong decision. Let's be honest, I made the lazy decision. Ugh. It's just SO much work to get through this rat's nest. So, I talked myself into just going straight to the product. And I can feel the dreadlocks building.... It's not pretty. Plus, it's probably been a solid two weeks since I brushed through it. I mean, that is not a good statistic.


2. I've hit that post-baby period of time when all your hair falls out. It is disturbing. In the shower.... it's like a scary movie of it's own! I mean, I literally worry about the long term stamina of this mop of hair. Because if I keep losing it like I am, I'm going to be in trouble. I blame babies. And I especially blame Solo since he jumped the gun on life and I don't think I was fully recovered from losing all the hair I was supposed to with Stryker. So now I'm losing enough hair for two babies.

It makes me shudder....

Probably I should brush my hair more, yeah?

That might solve some of the issues.


3. I think my hair hates Mondays as much as I do. It's not pretty today folks....

Ok, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Whew! If you are sitting there wondering why you just wasted precious seconds of your life reading about my hair, be thankful! I used to dedicate entire posts to these locks!!! We have a very volatile relationship and so there are times when I need to VENT. And that's what my blog is for, right??


Besides, my hair is a menace.

Something needs to be said about my struggles.

Anyway. On to more important matters! Like....



I'm getting really, really, really excited about this release.

First of course I get super, ridiculously, clinically-insane kind of nervous.

I puke. I sweat. I hyperventilate.

It's not a pretty picture.

And Zach usually is forced to walk around in a constant state of rolling his eyes.

I'm worried about the long-term health of his eyeballs.

But I got through the Writer-Sweats (That's what I call them. Sometimes I call them the Book-Shakes.) and now I am free to be super excited for the release.

Until the day of. Then again I start all over with the panicking.

Anyway, in honor of The Reluctant King I am posting pictures of my vision of Avalon and Amelia!!! This is how I see them anyway!

Amelia... Lily Collins

And my Avalon.

Only you know my Avalon has a little messy bun of unruly hair.

Brant Daugherty


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