Elf on a Shelf

So. I am... a bit on the bonkers side of the scale.

I mean... we all know it. I'm Ok with it. My family's mostly Ok with it...

But there is always this fear that I live with. Always. And it's that I am making my kids as crazy as me!

For real.

That's what I live with.

So. On top of being completely bananas, I'm also forgetful. And I lose things.

I'm like the definition of Chaos. You should Wickipedia it. For real, I'm there.

Ok, not for real. But I should be.

Anyway, so last year after Christmas I bought into the whole Elf on a Shelf thing and bought it off Amazon. It was on sale at the time and all in all I felt like I got a good deal.

Plus, I just couldn't wait to hold it over my kids heads! :)

Just kidding.

Kind of.

So then we moved. And Elf in a Shelf got packed up into the abyss of boxes and disappeared.

I completely forgot about poor little Elfie, until all of these pictures started popping up on Facebook.

Like, seriously, parents!! It's bad enough you're threatening your kids with a plastic doll, but why on earth do you have to shove it in my face constantly????

Just kidding!

Mostly it reminded me that I lost poor little Elfie and that my kids were out of control naughty and I had no magical Elf to help bring them back in line.

Zach kept threatening to buy a new one. And I kept threatening his manhood if he even tried.

I mean, remember the deal??? Buying a new one, thereby making our Elf population double in size, would be the opposite of getting a good deal.


We were finding Elf, or we were forgetting the whole thing.

I found Elf!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Actually the kids found Elf and we were all VERY excited!!!! As you can imagine.

We decorated the tree, we had Christmas cookies, we danced to Christmas music, and then we sat down to read Elf on a Shelf.

Which, I need to come clean. I didn't buy Elf on a Shelf. I bought Christopher Pop-in-kins. But Elf on a Shelf is easier to type and it's basically the same thing.

Moving on.

We sat down to read and two things happened during our blissful family moment. First.... Stella dissolved into a hysterical tears when I told her the Elf was magical and sent from Santa.

This TERRIFIED her! Why on earth would Santa send something as creepy as a stuffed elf??? She kept saying, "Mommy! The elf isn't real! The elf isn't real!!!"

It was like her version of a Chuckie Doll.

So not the reaction I was hoping for.

The second thing that happened was that after the story was read, and the children tucked in tight, Scarlett asked us where her coal was coming from????

My three year old has resigned herself to the fact that if an elf is watching her she is for sure getting coal!!!!!

Oh my.

Ok, so a few announcements...

Go check out the Tuesday Teaser on my Facebook page!!! It's the last one before the release!!!!

And my amazing, talented, super hot hubs, Zach, designed a Team Kiran t-shirt that you can now buy on the Kingsley Book and Stamp website!!!!!

I am obsessed with it!!! You are going to love it! It's so cute!!!

And finally if you are from a different country that is not the US and want to purchase something from the store you can!! But you'll have to email me directly and pay for shipping... but we can send it to you, just not through the store! So email me at rachel.higginson@live.com for signed books or t-shirts and we'll figure out payment via paypal!!!!


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