Today is Tuesday!

Which means I'm going to post a Teaser for The Reluctant King later today on my Facebook Page!!

But because I'm feeling generous... and because I am working on something that is so exciting right now I am just bursting to tell you about it.

But of course I can't.

And no it's not a movie deal. Or a book deal. It's something, equally as great, that is just as exciting, but to stop the questions before they start, it's not something like that.


I'm dubbing today.... Two-fer Tuesday. And I'm going to post another teaser at the end of this blog.

Hence... the Two-fer.

I am finishing up The Reluctant King this week and then it will go over to my editor....


I meant.


I'm a week behind, but is anyone surprised at this point??? I am awful at deadlines.

So awful.

And even worse with my time in real life. Yikes.

I do want to say though, that The Reluctant King is officially on Goodreads, if you would like to add it. And Sunburst will be on there later today.

I'm trying to be a better author. We will see how it's working out for me in my self-conducted-performance review at the end of this month. :)

But that means all good news for you. Like I said, the exciting, top secret thing. I'm holding more give-aways. AND I SWEAR I will get all the books I should have already had in the mail... in the mail this week. Plus, I'll finally be releasing some books here in the next couple months and I'm thinking about doing another signing!

Book signing that is.

You guys have no idea how hard that first book signing was for me. Mostly because I could possibly be the most awkward person on the planet.... Small talk is just out of control with me! And I am not a touchy-feely person. Like not at all. I have friends, good friends, my favorite friends, that just tell me they want to give me a hug, instead of actually hugging me. Or they warn me so I have time to prepare. Most of the functioning adult world can give hugs, or hell, even high fives... those things give me anxiety. So I was a panicky mess before the signing!!!! Zach had to literally talk me down off the edge.

He is the best kind of husband. I don't know what I would do without him.

He can handle my crazy, talk me out of a panic attack and push me to do something that's way out of my comfort zone all at the same time. See? He's amazing.

Anyway, but once I got into the signing, it was no big deal! I actually had a ton of fun. And I even got over my fear of the literal signing books part.

What? If you don't know that I am afraid of every single thing in life than I'm telling you right now. I'm afraid of everything!!! I can't help it.

But I do try to get over most of my fears. It's this deal I have with myself. Like I am ok with being afraid, but I have to do my best to get over it. And usually things work out.

So. I think I'm ok with signings now.

Of course that doesn't mean I won't be pitting out in a bathroom next time, rocking back and forth on my heals, praying somebody will magically show up with a Xanax. But... at least I know that will only last for like... two hours... and then I'll be fine.

Just kidding! I probably won't be fine....

Ok, here is your bonus Tuesday Teaser!! This book has no title, no release date, and I don't even really know the main characters name yet... Truthfully I don't even want to be writing it right now! I have too much other stuff going on... Still, it's in my head and I have no other choice.

And I'm in love with it.

“Of course,” Ryder smiled down at her. This was his get-lucky-later-play. And Kenna was eating it all up. I of course, rolled my eyes. I had to. The situation demanded an eye roll. “I’ll dedicate one to you too, Red.”

“I’m a recovering sex-aholic, be careful with your promises,” I shot back snidely.

“No worries,” his smile turned genuine and he looked down at his girlfriend. “I’m faithful to the girl I love.”

Holy hell. It was a warning. He was warning me! He thought I was into him! Omg.

I rolled my eyes. Again. And he disappeared to go start his sound check after another agonizingly long public display of affection with Kenna.

She had to fan herself when he finally walked away.

But true to his word, she did get a song dedication by him and his band Sugar Skulls. So did I, it was a song called “Crash and Burn,” and he dedicated it to me and Folgers Dark Roast.


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