The Reluctant King Release Date

Ah! I just realized how excited I am for December.

Right this very second.

And not just because of the Holidays.... Even though I am super excited for those. But really, I have so much planned for December.

Starting with those interviews I mentioned yesterday.

Moving into some super secret project I am working on that I am just DYING to give to you.

And ending with.... THE RELUCTANT KING!!!

Which should be out...... next week.

What was that??


Omg. In the privacy of my own home, while Zach is out taking the kiddos to school and the baby is asleep, I may or may not do the whole cupped hands over mouth, crowd screaming thing.

But that's just you know... between you and me.


I am so so so excited to get this book to you. I probably say that with every book, but this one even more than all the others!!

Reckless just happened for me. Like it was supposed to be this completely different story and it evolved into Eden and her journey. There was a ton of plotting with that story. Like a ton. It's obnoxiously layered.

I realized that when I had to write a four paragraph summary of the thing and ended up putting sentences in like this jewel: "Oh and there's this whole other thing where they can live forever, but it's kind of complicated so I'm not going to explain it."

Yep. Real sentence.

Side note: If you're wondering what the hardest part for me to write is.... it would be the book summary or book jacket, if you will.


Moving on.

Avalon's book happened this way for me. It just came out. Basically wrote itself. And the pieces just fell together.

So I really, more than any book I've written so far, hope you love this one.

Mind you, it's not my usual love story.

Why is that??

Because it's completely chalked full of super kinky sex.


Just kidding!!

My mom would have a heart attack. And my husband would disown me. Or make me read it out loud in public.... Lol.

No, it's different than my usual love story. And I'm not going to say why until after it's released. But it was a growing experience for me.

Anyway. I cannot WAIT to get you the book.

Like one week from today?? Can you wait that long???

December 6th.

That's my release date.

More hand over mouth crowd screaming.


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  2. Yay! I'm so excited!!

  3. an early happy christams for me! :D

  4. Jumping up and down!!! :) Yeah for all of us! Thank you Rachel!!

  5. Best morning in my life EVER!! SO excited to hear this news!!!

  6. Now it will be a happy christmas! Cannot wait to read it.

  7. julia november 29th 23.18November 29, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    wonderful can't wait must tell my grandaughter she will be so excited

  8. Nope. Cant wait. At all. :) Release it now!!! Please. I love, love, love this series. I fell in love with the other books. So, next week, scheduling: Fall in love with The Reluctant King. Yep. I cant avoid it! Im ALREADY in love it! <3 #Rachel is the best writer ever! :) I love you, Rachel! I though I was going to wait for, like, a few months. If that truly happened, I would scream and sue you. Nahh. But, honestly, I am sick and tired of waiting for a book to come out, so, this is a truly awesome gift for me! And others, Im sure.