May I Have Your Attention Please

So this poor blog is desperately neglected. And I mostly hate it. But things have been crazy around here so me hating it does nothing good.

So I'm sneaking in twenty minutes this morning while my children scream and run wild around me.

I'm pretty sure things would be the same if I was not blogging. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

This is actually me multitasking. I'm letting Zach and the baby sleep in upstairs, I'm directing the girls on the best Fort-Making Technique and I'm meeting the extreme and in my personal opinion, rather unreasonable demands of the toddler all while drinking my copy and writing this out.

This could very well be the reason I never get any work done.

Good thing I love it. All of it!

The only thing that would make this scenario 100% complete is if I could somehow manage to do the dishes on top of it all!

Oh good lord, my kitchen is a disaster.

Here's the thing... Sometimes I honestly cannot believe how quickly things get messy around here! It's like I literally turn my head for one second, turn it back and the room has vomited while I wasn't paying attention.

The same is true for the kitchen! Yesterday things started to go downhill in the dirty dishes department and I was like, Zach I just did the dishes Last NIGHT!!! And he was like, Uh, Rachel, there are a million people in this house... this is what happens when you eat breakfast and give the kids a snack.

I then whimpered pathetically. And refused to do the dishes for the rest of the day.

Well that was more because I somehow threw my back out by just sleeping and so I couldn't actually do the dishes....

You can only imagine what a full 24 hours has done to the sink's self-esteem.

So commences my ploy in letting Zach sleep in. I'm buttering him up for the task ahead of him. :)

Just don't tell him!


Ok, I have some announcements today.

First, the book signing in Baton Rouge was fantastic!!!!! I had so much fun. So. Much. Fun. And I got over my phobia of signing books, which was a major plus. And although I'm not jumping into another book signing here in the near future, I do think it's something I will do again.

I mean, not that it was ever in question. But I promised myself if I made a total fool of myself that I would just walk away from any kind of public appearance completely. :)

Second, over on the Reckless Magic Facebook Page I am doing Weekend Fun Facts if you are interested. They are just short little like behind the scene paragraphs. It's just fun facts, mostly about me writing the series. But if you're interested it's there!!

Third, The Reluctant King is getting finished. I mean, I am hoping to finish it really really soon, but I just don't have a release date yet, so I apologize. But here's the thing. While I was in the South I got so much work done I was positive I would finish the book before Thanksgiving. But then I got home to three sick kids, a filthy house and I threw my back out. Basically I got home to life. And while I believe my laundry situation is multiplying at a scientific anomaly rate.... I really can't be surprised that I have barely written two pages since we got back. That's our life and I have stopped stressing about it by this point. Although, it doesn't help the voices in my head, it does help my sanity.

Which makes no sense at all. Believe me, I am fully aware! Lol.

And finally. I just need to say this. The K-Mart commercials... The ones with all of the super happy people and the song that goes "the likes, the likes, the likes, the likes, the likes..." Yes, those ones.

Those are the BEST commercials of all time. They are seriously so great! They make me so happy and I have a hard time believing they don't make every single person who sees them super happy. They win the holiday commercial award from me.

And they make me want to shop at K-Mart.

In fact, Zach was looking for a Wii U yesterday because you can't find them anywhere and we are thinking about it for our big family Christmas Present this year and I suggested going to K-mart.

Congratulations Advertising and Marketing Department. You guys should start putting your "thank you" speech together now.

Ok, next blog I promise to have stories from the South and more exciting news than just boring announcements.

Until then I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and don't forget ALL of my books are 99 cents through tomorrow!!!!!!!!


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  1. Sweetheart, if doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity then housework is insanity.

  2. I have one word for you- DISHWASHER!