Kingsley Book & Stamp

Good morning!!!

Today is one of those fantastic mornings where I didn't sleep at all last night.... Seriously, I was up until 2AM working and then my children were up for the rest of the night.

Ugh. Kids.

The baby's sick. And he thinks everyone wants to know about it.

So selfish.

Just kidding!!

But it's one of those mornings I am literally running on fumes and caffeine enhanced substances, but there are so many exciting things happening that I am some how still full of energy.

Although, I think it's all smoke and mirrors since I just spelled "how" "hoe" and then I looked at for two minutes trying to figure out why that was wrong....



I wrote THE END last night on the Reluctant King!!!!!!

I may or may not be jumping up and down right now, screaming like I'm on a roller coaster.

Ok, I'm not doing that. As a general rule I don't jump. I've had four kids, I have to be as kind to the ta-tas as humanly possible.

And I don't really scream either...

Only on the occasions of monster size bugs.

But that's what I FEEL like doing. So that counts for something right???


I will send it off to the editor later today. And then I will actually start working to publish it.

Crazy, I know.

Most of the time when I finish a book, I'm always surprised. Like what? I didn't think it was possible. But would you look at that!

Actually, I was so excited last night I had to wake up Zach at 2AM and whisper my excitement his direction.

It was met with a lot of "Huh?" "What?" "Sh, you're going to wake up the baby."

Which in the end didn't matter anyway, since he woke up on his own.

Poor baby.

Anyway. A few announcements. A few exciting announcements!!!

First, some of my books are still 99 cents on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Here is what I don't understand: The Internet.

So pricing is just catching up all around and B&N went on sale forcing Amazon to go back on sale to.

Which is fine with me and great for you! If you haven't bought The Star-Crossed series yet, or know people who haven't gift it for them! The whole series will cost you like $3 right now!

It's a steal!

And because my prices are already fixed I have NO idea how long this sale will last.... I have on control at this point.

No control!


Ok, and the other announcement is really exciting....

I have my own store now!!!!!!!!!

It's kind of the coolest thing ever! Zach, because he loves me and because he's a genius set it up for me.

Well... more for you.

The name of the store is Kingsley Book & Stamp.

Right now there isn't much for sale. We are still working on all those details.... But we will gradually add products in the very near future.

What we do have for sale right now though are signed copies of Reckless Magic!!! They are even on sale!!!!

So check it out at: Kingsley Book & Stamp

Ok, I'm off to make a second cup of coffee. I'm thinking about injecting this one straight into my veins.

Don't judge me!


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  1. Awesome!! Um, but when we have to wait for the reluctant king, can you please send one expert of it out??? A long one, please???! Thank you for reading this!!:) I love your books!!

  2. Wow, is your shop online? Because I really want a physical copy of the book, but I don't know if there are books being sold in the UK?