Falling into Fall

Can I just brag for a second....?

This morning I got three of my kids bathed, fed, dressed and all five of us out the door and into the car on time. I even had enough time to spare so that I could run around for five minutes like a crazy person looking for the garage door opener!

I still can't find it by the way.... I think Zach hid it from me.

Anyway, then we got to school ON TIME and Stella walked into the school ALL by herself!!!!

Glory. Hallelujah!!!!!

I cannot tell you how amazing this is.

First of all that we were on time. Because lets be honest I am NEVER on time. I have a chronic illness of being late. And if there were a doctor out there willing to diagnose me I would so get a note to prove it! :)

Second of all that Stella went in ALL by herself. At our school they don't wait outside, so if your child is prone to being nervous, like mine... you have to get all of your children all the way OUT of the car, carry, juggle and corral them into the school building, down the hall, to the elementary hallway and then try to drop off the only one that goes to school and then turn right back around to wrangle the rest of them all back outside and into the car and get them buckled. Again.


It's pretty much a mess!!!! And I call on my mom and Zach to help as much as I can, but today and yesterday I've been on my own.

But somewhere over the weekend my little Stella girl grew up and can walk herself into school ALL by herself. I just sat in the car and watched as she took off for the building without even looking back at me once.

I didn't cry and I was so proud of myself.

But now I kind of feel like crying.... :)

I don't know when this happened, when she was suddenly five and independent and such a great kid.

She used to be a baby!! And despite all the kids that have come along since then, it really doesn't feel all that long ago....

Ok, enough of this! Putting aside a little nostalgia I am having a fantastic morning, and I am working on a project I am so so so thrilled about it is like an extra shot of adrenaline!

So to share my good mood I'm doing a Five Things I'm Obsessed With Segment.

I wanted to do one all summer and kept forgetting. So now that I have my brain back, I thought I would share!!!

1. Matisyahu. Oh my word, he is SO number one!!!!! I have liked him for a long time, ever since King without a Crown came out. Back then he had the full Orthodox beard and the yarmulke and wore traditional clothing. I mean who couldn't fall in love with that??? But then his newest CD, Light Seeker, came out which is so good it will make your head explode. Seriously. Be careful when you listen to it, I don't want to be responsible for exploding heads.... Zach and I decided he fits in NO genre. He is a bit reggae and rap and on his new cd there are some techno influences, not to mention like a jazz sax, or old Jewish rabbi songs and children's choirs. I mean, seriously, it is amazing. And so very, very eclectic I feel like it's maybe my soul mate. And icing on the top of all of this is that he came to town like two weeks ago and in a split second decision Zach and I decided to go see him. It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to in my life. And there were no theatrics or smoke machines or anything other than him and his band and the microphone. He is just amazingly talented. So talented. He doesn't have the traditional garb anymore... Actually Zach and I thought he kind of looked like an accountant with his long sleeve button up shirt and nerdy jeans. But then he was also wearing big sunglasses and this huge baseball hat pulled low over his eyes. Oh and he's blonde now.... It's a bit confusing. But AMAZING all at the same time. His new cd is only like $5.99 on amazon and seriously I am Obsessed. So obsessed.

2. Staying with the theme of music... I am completely and utterly obsessed with my Beats by Dre headphones!!! They were my seven year anniversary present from Zach and at first I was like, really, headphones babe??? But they have pretty much changed my life!! Zach was tired of me complaining about earbuds.. because let's get real, they hurt. Well at least they hurt MY ears and I've heard they can be damaging. These Beats are so comfortable. So incredibly comfortable, I can't even tell you. And the sound is amazing!!!! I think I need to get them for my mom. Like they are life-changing if you wear headphones a lot. Plus mine are pink, which makes me want to walk around an urban area and show them off.

I really wish I was joking.... :)

They are also on the lower end of cost for Beats. Like you can spend a LOT of money on those headphones. Dr. Dre, seriously, he knows what he's doing. Lol! But mine are not the super fancy ones, they are just pretty simple and they still are amazing!!!!

3. Jeff Lewis. Ok, but who ISN'T obsessed with Jeff Lewis, right?? :) I pretty much gave up TV altogether last winter. And not for some weird reason like I think it's poisoning my mind or wasting my time... Generally I love TV. I do. And I really, really love reality TV. But I ran out of time.... and so I gave it up almost completely. Save for the Vampire Diaries, but come on you can't expect me to walk away from Daemon. Sorry. Won't do it. Anyway, I am scheduling my time a bit better these days and Flipping Out came back on for the fall and I am so in love I could just watch the same episodes over and over and over. He is fabulous and his taste is impeccable, although I'm not a super modern kind of girl, so it's not always my taste, but it always looks fantastic. And I love Zoila and Jenny and Gage. ESPECIALLY Gage because he's from Nebraska. What what! My cousins live out in California and my cousin Jen loves the show too so we talk about all the time. And next time I got to visit her I'm going to make her take me on like a tour of all the fast food restaurants they go to. We just don't get those out here! I mean, seriously, they are just building our first Chick-fil-a. Ever. And it might as well be Disneyland with how excited people are for it!!!

4. Fall! I am so obsessed with fall. We had one of the most miserable and horrible summers ever. Like 100 degree heat every day of my life... And I was so uncomfortable and pregnant I think I became like the worst version of myself... Not pretty. I was like the pregnant Godzilla. Not even kidding.... So this cooler weather, the windows open, the pumpkin pie lattes, the decorations and the excitement for Halloween and Thanksgiving has just been basically life changing. I love it. I can't get enough of it! And I am positive I've never been more into football season in my life!

5. And finally. Over the last several months I have gotten to know a group of authors that are seriously the most wonderful women on the planet. I am convinced!! They are truly incredible. And they are doing incredible things. Plus they are some of the most talented writers out there. And that is the truth!! I won't say I'm obsessed with them, because lets be honest... that would be creepy. But if you aren't reading their work, then you are definitely and I'm being so serious, missing out!!!!!! I would recommend anything they have out and there is a wide variety from mostly YA to some New Adult and Contemporary Romance stuff. Two of them have just recently made the NY Times Bestsellers list!!! And one of them, ahem Samantha Young, just made it all the way to number one on Amazon, beating out 50 Shades of Gray!!!! So check these ladies out!!! Shelly Crane, Michelle Leighton, Angeline Kace, Georgia Cates, Amy Bartol, Samantha Young, Quinn Loftis, Jenn Sterling and Nancy Straight. If you ask me what I'm personally reading right now it will be something from one of these ladies guaranteed. They are fabulous and as a reader they are some of my favorite authors!!!

Ok, that's the list for now!!! Don't forget about Starbright!!!!! It's available on the Nook, Amazon, Smashwords and very soon it will be available in print and for iBooks!!!


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  1. Thanks for the tip about Matisyahu, definitely going to check out the new album.

    I think that On Dublin Street is waaaay better than 50 shades. I saw your name in the acknowledgements and was reminded to look for your next book, which luckily just came out :)

    BTW- I think Endless was perfect (the way you switched Eden (and me) back to Kiran was masterly done!) , and look forward to read Starbright (GREAT cover!).