Beverly Hills Chihuahuah

Ok, Pet Peeve.

It seriously drives me crazy when cartoons change their voices/personalities/actors.

Absolutely drives me bananas. Like it's right up there with people who don't change lanes on the interstate when I'm trying to merge and people who chew with their mouth open.

I'm like, I can tell... As in the Fresh Beats Band, although I realize this is not a cartoon. Still, I don't know who they think they're fooling. We know that's not the original Marina.

And Jake and the Neverland Pirates...!! The parrot? That is definitely not the original voice.

Maybe I should look at it like they're moving on to something bigger and better. Whoever "they" are. But instead I feel semi-betrayed! How could they ruin something so vital to my early morning existence and then not even bother to address it! Like they don't expect us to notice...


Too much kid TV?


I might be going kid-overload-crazy.


Oh, I feel like I should announce that Reckless Magic is free again!!! I have always had it free because I feel like I'm completely unknown, so if you're taking a chance on me then you deserve to get my first book for free and decide if you want to pay for more or not after reading it.

But then I had it edited, so it's in much, much, much better shape.

Now with Starbright out, and Sunburst will be out in two short months, I thought I would try to get it back to free to help promote that series.

Except that what has usually taken Amazon at least two months to do before, only took them two days to do this time!

Seriously, I thought I would make it for free now so by November it would really be free.

Little did I know Amazon had it together and immediately started offering it free.

Which is a good thing! So it will be free now to promote Starbright, instead of Sunburst and I thought you would want to know!!!

Also, I'm going to become one of those real authors that have it all together.

Shhh... Stop laughing!!!


Ok, I'm going to try to become one of those authors that reply to emails and messages and offer give-aways and write every day.

You know, one of those successful types...

But that means I'm going to start with Tuesday Teasers!!!!

And since I'm working on something so super exciting, you are definitely going to want to check it out!!!!

I'm using my Facebook pages for this one instead of the El Bloggo. So look for it later this morning!!

Um, also if you are interested in Kindlegraph after my whole rant yesterday... :) You just go to their website:, sign in with your twitter account and then you can send requests to all of your fave eBook authors for them to "Sign" a digital copy!!!!

It's kind of fun. And I have my own list of authors to get autographs from!!

Finally, today. in the mail. coming to my house.... Is the PRINT copy of Starbright!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!! I'm SO so so so excited to get it!!!!!! This is the real deal. Like, after I approve this copy it will actually be FOR SALE!!

And on top of all that joyfulness.... Reckless and Hopeless will finally be finished this week and I can start offering those FOR REAL too!!!

Which means.... If you won a copy of Reckless from me before, if you wouldn't mind just sending me another message either on here, or at my email address. I will actually, honestly, for real this time send you your copy as soon as I get them in the mail!!!!

And if you totally stopped reading my blog because it has only taken me several months to finally be able to send you a copy... for that I apologize.

But I'm sending you something extra because you had to wait so long....!!! :)

I'm also going to do a giveaway at the end of this week, so look out for that as well!!!!

SO many exclamation points. Yikes! It's becoming a real problem... I'm starting to have to use periods so I can get the point across that I'm serious.

I'm a mess.

An overexcited, enthusiastic, exclamation-point-addicted mess!!!!

I'm like the Chihuahua of the internet.


And on that note I need to go figure out dinner for tonight, because when I asked Scarlett what kind of vegetable she wanted, she replied, "Uh, mommy, my favorite kind of vegetable!!"

And I said, and what kind is that??

And she said, "Fruit!!!!"

So precious. But so not accurate...


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  1. your About Me section says you are the wife of three adorable kidlets.