Weekend of Awkward

So the past two days I have been so internet incognito.


My mother in law took my oldest two kidlets, so it's just been me and Stryker and can I just say.... Why did I ever have more than one child?????

Just kidding!!!!!!

I know why.

Because no matter the amount or method of birth control I was on, I still got pregnant three out of the four times.

Stryker was planned. We planned one of our children.


Oh and also I love this whole gaggle of crazy. And I miss my girlies!

But. Seriously, oh my word, I forgot what it's like to just have one. I forgot what it's like to just have one child that takes two naps a day and plays really, really well on their own as long as I just happen to be in the same room.

If I'm not in the same room, we have some trouble. He's a boy, not an angel and if he CAN destroy it, he will!!!!

So whilst I have this break from the chaos of normal life, I've been writing and writing and writing.

And staring off into space a lot. And trying to remember common place words and where I was taking this chapter after all.

And the truth is, I'm really not completely myself as a writer while I'm pregnant.

I so very much wanted this book to be finished before the baby comes, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. OR. If it's good for the book to push it when my mind is this fuzzy....

We will see.


I also need to pack. Zach reminded me last night that we move in ONE WEEK. One. Week.

Can you believe it???

Well, I'm sure you can. I... really cannot. I'm not completely unprepared to move. But I am also not very prepared to move either...

There is a TON of work that needs to be done.

I am going to try and get to it today. I really have mostly the bedrooms and closets left to pack.

And the rest of the kitchen....

And some odds and ends.

Outside needs to be figured out. Like what is going with us and what we can finally give up to Goodwill.

And, we have a boatload of furniture to purchase before we get in there so THEY can deliver it for us free of charge.

Yes please!!!

You know, little things like a Washer and Dryer so I can FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY do my own clothes when I want and as often as I want.

That in itself deserves a happy dance. :)

I have never been more excited about doing laundry in my life. Seriously.

And we need a kitchen table. Or any kind of table to eat on. Even just a group of TV trays and chairs will work....

We need a toaster.... Ours broke.

But it was seven years old, so I'm going to give it a Great Job sticker and bury it in the backyard. :)

And a new high chair. Because lets face it, as soon as I unstrap this one from the chair it sits upon it will crumble to dirty, disgusting, three kids used PLUS the tons of kids I have nannied/babysat before pieces.

Anyway. That's just the top of my list.... I don't/can't-emotionally get into the rest of it, because I'm not exactly sure when there will be time to do it all.

Especially when I sign myself up for weekends like this one, where I will not be having a baby, packing up a house, shopping for furniture OR writing.

Oh. No.

This weekend, I have agreed to go and even volunteered myself to have a table at a college reunion weekend!!

Oh and not the book-signing kind of table.

That would have been much easier at this point.

When I was in college, I did this study abroad program for six months. It changed my life.


And helped form who I am today.

I lived in France for three months, on the boarder of Switzerland and Germany and then in Romania for three months.

So.... if you've read my books now is the time you go.... Oh.... I get it. :)

Anyway, the program only took so many kids every year and they go to all different places all over the world. The same year I went to Europe, a group of five students went to Taiwan.

The next year they went to Mexico.

And so forth and so on.

Anyway, that program is fifteen years old this year and so they are having this weekend with dinners and awards and tables and luncheons and there are seminars and trainings, but those are mostly if you are actually living and working overseas.

And I am going.

I am really excited about it.

But, here's the thing. There were four other people on my team.

None of them are coming.


I'm representing Europe ALL by myself!!!!

And a lot of these people either came way before me or way after me and I don't even know who they are!!!!

I'm hoping there will be at least a couple people from surrounding teams that I got to know. Please, dear God, let there be!!! But otherwise, it's just me, a bunch of people I don't know and a whole lot of awkward.

Should be fun, right??

I feel like the natural, human reaction is to shy away from events where you won't know anyone and really don't know what to expect.

I don't have that natural reaction.

I have the reaction that says, What? It could be painfully awkward and you're going to feel super uncomfortable for hours at a time??? Let's do it!!!!!!


Plus, I might be the MOST awkward person you've ever met.

Or maybe not awkward... What's the right word....


I might be the most ridiculous person you've ever met.

True story.

Like, when I was in France, with my team, we were asked at a dinner party with a bunch of French Nationals to sing some of our patriotic songs.

What do you think my reaction was?

To say, oh, no thank you.... we would rather not.


I agree, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY that we would love nothing more than to sing the National Anthem and God Bless America.

My team could have KILLED me.

In Sri Lanka, I explained to a national family that our Fourth of July is the day we celebrate killing all the English.

I said it just like that.

Yep. I explained it just like that to a country who won their freedom PEACEFULLY and through conversational negotiations.

That is actually not EVEN why we celebrate the Fourth... It definitely has more to do with Freedom than with the actual act of war....

Anyway, all that to say, I am just a MESS in social situations. So tonight will definitely be.... interesting.

I'm sure I'll have lots of good things to blog about on Sunday.... If I make it to Sunday.

My doctor keeps telling me he would really, really like me to go into labor any time now. And I'm like, Doc,I can only control so much from my end here.... Only do so much. The baby will come when the baby wants to come.

Plus... I'd kind of like to move first. And obviously get through this super exciting weekend! :)

But the baby and I talked and we'll be fine either way.

One thing is for sure though.... Whether I have the baby before or after we move, Zach and I should probably settle on a name for the little nugget.... Right??


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