So, I'm doing another little fun thing for everyone. Well, I think it's fun... I'm excited about it!!! :)

I'm doing a Review Run. I don't know if that's what everyone else calls it... But it's what I call it.

I even have a theme song.

To the tune of the Beach Boys...

Review Run Run Run, Review Run Run Run.

Oh yes.

I make theme songs up for most things I do... Like when the girls take a bath and it's time to shampoo their hair... I've created a song to the tune of the Backstreet Boys "Rock Your Body."

It goes... "Everybody.... Yeah-ah... Wash your body.... Yeah-ah... Everybody.... Yeah-ah. Wash your body right. Wash your body right!"

At the end the girls and I go up into our high-pitched rock star voices and hold the loofa above our heads like the true rock gods we are.


What? You're losing respect for me with every word I continue to type...?

Don't judge!


So, my Review Run.

I don't know if I've ever told you how amazing you all are!!! Because you are. Amazing. And fabulous. And All-Around-Awesome.

And I am so appreciative of every single one of your reviews on Goodreads, or Amazon, or B&N or wherever!!!

Seriously, they mean so much and it is the coolest gift a fan can give an author.


And in all honesty, I've never been really concerned with the number of reviews I've gotten, because every single time I get a new review, I'm honestly floored. I'm blown away that you A. liked the books and B. took the time out of your day to come back and say something about what you just read!

I'm just so grateful.

That being said, I have so much fun interacting with everyone and giving back to you that I've decided to have a fun little incentive for reviews on Amazon.

Right now Hopeless Magic has about 60 reviews on Amazon..... (Which is an AMAZING number) When Hopeless gets to 100 reviews I am going to release another POV from Kiran for the Extras section of the new website!!!

It's my way of giving back to you, PLUS I had so much fun writing the first POV, I definitely want to write more.

And then if this goes well, we'll do the same thing for the next two books.

Someone even mentioned a Sebastian-Seraphina chapter, which I am TOTALLY on board with! I Love that idea!!!!

So if you haven't written a review already and want to, I would SO appreciate it and then as soon as we get to 100 I will release something from Kiran.

It will be juicy I promise!!!! :)

Ok, that is all for today... I have a kind of crazy story for you, but it will have to be for tomorrow, since Dance runs my life and I have to walk out the door in thirteen minutes! :)

Thank you everyone!!!


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