Cool. Latta.

Hello Tuesday.

And that's all I've got for today....

I'm so close to being clinically brain dead, it's not even a joke anymore. There is nothing happening north of my neck. And that is not an exaggeration.


I do this every pregnancy; I slip into an abyss of nothingness where all of my brain power and energy is consumed with making a ginormous baby and everything else shuts off.

I can't make conversation.

I can't finish sentences....

I stared at this blank blog page for a good four minutes before I wrote anything beyond "hello Tuesday...."

And before I even sat down to write the blog I kind of stumbled my way around the internet wasting time and doing nothing.

It's kind of pathetic.

Maybe I just need another cup of coffee???

I might test that theory out in a few minutes.

No, do you want to know what I really want.... What I have been really craving??? A Coolatta.


I don't even know what it really is.... still I want one. It sounds amazing, right???

Ok, so I read Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park not that long ago and it is fantastic! Loved it. GO read it if you are looking for something!

But anyway the heroine talks about Coolatta's from Dunkin' Donuts the ENTIRE book.

And I have wanted one EVER since.

But like I said, I don't even know what it is other than an iced, delicious coffee drink.

But that's enough for me.

The only problem is.... in Omaha, heck, probably in the entire state of Nebraska.... we don't have a Dunkin' Donuts!!!!!!!!

Tragedy, right????

So here I am craving these darn frozen drinks. And I mean CRAVING. Like pregnancy craving, which is about ten times the national average when it comes to the strength of craving....

And we don't even have them in state!

So, on Friday I made a special trip, an actual out of my way, off the road I was traveling, took ten extra minutes from my day to test out Dairy Queen.

My mom has been talking about their Moo-latte's for years now, but I've never tried one before.

I've never been interested. But then I got to thinking that they are probably pretty similar to the Coolatta... I mean, at least in design.

So I get to Dairy Queen and order a caramel one. Which, by the way, Caramel is my all-time FAVORITE flavor. I don't need chocolate, or coconut, or strawberry or anything... just give me Caramel!

Or give me death.


And do you know what the man on the other end of the speaker had to say to me.... Ma'am, our arctic ice machine is broken today so we do not have the ability to make a Moo-latte.

Um, what??? I was devastated. Seriously, I let my head fall to the steering wheel in dejected horror.

It was not my finest moment.

Nor have I ever been this obsessed with hunting down a drink. But I live in the country for goodness sakes, it's not like Dairy Queens are a dime a dozen out here!

Plus... I haven't really left my house since Friday night, so there hasn't been a whole lot of stand in opportunity for me to try again.

But not only that, the Dairy Queen offer just went downhill from there. Because once I was in the mood for that crushed-ice-kind-of-drink, there was no stopping me! I was all, well can I have a frozen lemonade??

Uh, no, we can't make those either!

I got more desperate as the order continued trying to order two other kinds of crushed ice drinks (Obviously I was in a deranged denial of some sort because he had to keep reminding me that the machine was broken!!!) until I finally gave up and ordered a large cherry coke and a single scoop vanilla cone.

And then do you know what I did???

Because I didn't even want the vanilla cone, I just ordered it trying to make some kind of peace with my pregnancy hormones....

I took the paper off the bottom of the cone and then I threw it out the window!!!!!!!

Like a three year old temper tantrum!!!!!

Folks, who am I????

I have never, not once, not even an APPLE core, in at least the last 8 or 9 years of my life thrown ANYTHING out the window!!!!

I used to spit gum out the window thinking I was making some little nest-building-bird happy until I married Zach who has a SERIOUS problem with litterers.... Like to the extreme.

And he would give me so much guilt about it that usually littering doesn't even enter my mind as a possibility!

My children actually believe if you litter (And they know the full definition of the word...) the police will come arrest you.

Scarlett actually stops to pick up OTHER people's trash while we're outside.

Keep Omaha Beautiful and whatnot.

But here I am, all 28 years of my mature and glorious self... Throwing ENTIRE ice cream cones out the window in a fit of frustration.

For. Shame.

At least I took the paper off, right????

I am going to try again today. I have to. It's become an obsession. Plus, if I don't have something cool to drink during dance tonight I might melt into a puddle of disgusting-ness...

For some reason Tuesdays are extremely busy at the new studio and I get stuck sitting in the sun and about die every time.

At least we're keeping the temps under 90 degrees today. Whew.

Baby and I can breathe a little bit easier these days.

Anyway enough complaining about being pregnant! I only have a month left and I'm actually looking forward to each day in between now and then... I've got a LOT to do in the in between time.

Ok, that is apparently my confessional for today. Tomorrow I might try to write some author-y things... I realized that I am like the worst kind of author over the weekend... I have no swag... no giveaways (I mean I had a couple, but I'm still working on the freaking covers for my print books so that's a whole DIFFERENT set of issues)... No teasers... no website even!! yes, I'm the worst. I haven't even edited the final two books in the series!!! Oy.

So, these things will be remedied! And if you won a giveaway you WILL get your book!!!! Just... I have to figure out how to do it first.

Or pay someone. Which is looking more and more likely....

My goal now is to be a better author. And not just in the writing department, but mostly in the fan department!

So if there are things you would like to see! Like, I know before people had wanted Team Kiran or Team Jericho shirts.... Or, bookmarks, or more giveaways, or I could start doing a day of the week where I give you a teaser from my current project...

Or most likely there are things out there that I don't even know about that would be awesome!!!

So give me your ideas, and I will gladly make them happen!!

Albeit they will probably happen slowly and more along the lines of "eventually...." but I am going to do better.

My blog will still probably always stay my online diary... because that's just the way I work. BUT that doesn't mean I can't find other ways to make this stuff happen!!!!

More on that tomorrow, but something to think about!!!!

Ok, I'm off to get actual work done.... Oh boy.


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