Well, welcome to the new blog!!! Slash... Website!!!

Isn't this exciting??

Ok, maybe you're not as excited as I am. BUT not only do I have a more professional looking set up here, I did this all by myself!!!

Judge it however you like, but the point is, I semi-figured out the Internet and I'm kind of patting myself on the back right now!!!

Seriously, look around... If not just to be impressed with what I have created!!! (That was meant to be shouted in a voice as if I were the first person to ever create fire. :)

Seriously, though. This is the grownup version of me being a writer.

In fact, this entire spring and summer has been this theme of me taking hold of this career and turning it from a hobby into something authentic and mature.

Even if I'm not.

But look at all the steps I've taken.

I hired an editor.

I'm actually working-working with my cover designer. That means meetings at coffee shops and actual design ideas, getting several covers lined up in a row AND paying him.

If you didn't know from my story before, The Star-Crossed Covers were all bought and paid for through the barter system. His covers for my husbands landscape skills.

Oh yes.

I have a Star-Crossed Pinterest page. Although... that's more for fun.

And now my blog has undergone some serious reconstruction! There are pages for my different series. Plus, fun extra stuff like Kiran's POV of their first kiss is now officially on here. And if you go to The Star-Crossed Series there are playlists to go along with each books!!!

I've had the playlists forever. Like, since I wrote the books... but I just now organized them and added them for your listening pleasure.

Be warned though. They are eclectic to say the least! I get a lot of flack because I love Britney Spears and Ke$ha... But. I can't help it!! I like to dance. And by dance, I mean car dance, by myself, with my music turned up super loud.

I can't actually dance while on my feet.

I went to Christian School and all.

Dancing obviously leads to sex.

Says the girl on her fourth baby....


Other things lead to sex too apparently.


So, the only thing left to do on here is update the FAQ page which will just take some more work on my part... and frankly I am so tired of looking at my own name I could vomit. But that's a whole different blog.

One change to the whole system that was kind of traumatizing.... devastating even.... was I left the original Blog Title behind and updated to

That's right... I said goodbye to Oneday, Someday, Everyday....

Moment of silence please.

All sarcasm aside, it is actually, kind of this big deal to me. I've had this blog almost as long as I've had a book trying to get published.

In fact, I started the blog after reading article after article on how to get published. (Back in the days when I thought the traditional publishing route was still the way to go....)

But I had never in a million years thought to blog. One day, I broke down and began the journey.

And what a journey it has been!

Blogging to me became so much more than an avenue to get my name out there, or to gain a following.... It became like this online journal that effectively and emotionally gave me a reason to write daily.

I can't say that every blog I've written has been gold, or even all that serious. They definitely haven't always been in the realm of clear-thinking-sanity.

But blogging.... writing.... sharing my honest, crazy, wild thoughts keeps me healthy, sane, let's me know that I'm not alone in this fight to raise children, manage a household and a career and cook dinner on a daily basis.

And that title: Oneday, Someday, Everyday summed up everything I wanted and dreamed about at the time.

One Day I wanted to be a writer.

Some Day I believed I would become one.

And Every Day was a struggle for me to reach that goal, become that dream and balance all the life in between.

So here I am, with not only the desire for a more website-y tool for readers, but the actual NEED.

One Day I'll actually feel like an Author.

Some Day I'll look back with all the pride and gratitude I'm capable of and stand in awe of the journey I've taken.

And Every Day I'll still continue to thank God for where He has taken me, juggle all the different hats I try to wear and keep plugging away at whatever work in progress is consuming every single one of my thoughts and giving me split personalities.

In the meantime, I'll leave those musings behind and transition into and do my best to pretend I'm some kind of professional and not a twenty-something mom of a million kids with a Peter Pan complex, obsessed with Cherry Coke, the Vampire Diaries and still trying to get that whole 50's-wife-in-an-apron thing down.....

Enjoy the new set up!!!


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  1. Love the new blog! The new name may help people find you better. So excited for the new series!

  2. Thank you so much! That's what I'm hoping for!!!

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  4. I LOVE the new blog too! What if instead of the "blog" button, you made it the "OneDaySomedayEverday" button? That way you don't have to leave the name behind entirely. I just have to tell you I just love your sense of humor about life. You make me laugh with every post! Cannot wait to see what is coming up next! God Bless!

  5. I like the new look! And LOVE the first chapter of your new book. Can't wait for it to be finished!!

  6. I just saw the blog and love it!!
    When does the new series come out???