Top Forty

Finally Friday!


This has been an INSANE week. Seriously... We have been so busy, my kids are so just plain over it.

I mean, they LOVE all of the activities that we've conquered this week, but it's in the in between places, like riding to and from said activities in the car...., that the exhaustion takes over and they collapse into whiny, cranky, spiteful versions of themselves.

Even the little one. Strykey-Mikey. He has joined right in the over-exhaustion fun.

Oh my.

Tomorrow we will do nothing. I deem it NOTHING day. Except maybe get the suits on and the slip and slide out and just relax.

That is if we make it through today.... Stella had VBS all week, and she actually went by herself with our landlord and has had the best time. But today she was like... Do I HAVE to go????

She's just tired! It's a LOT for a five year old!!

And normally I would have let her stay home, except that I'm supposed to meet another mom today.


Stella made a little friend. Which, ok, really... Thank God!!! Do any other moms just sit at home worrying that their kids won't make friends????

Or is that just me???

But my poor children have a weirdo-hippy-mom and a dad who actually prefers not to have friends... So, I have legitimate concerns.

Like, please Stella, do not go to school preaching to your friends about the dangers of drinking milk and how microwaves cause cancer!!!!!

Save that for when your mommy meets their mommy. :)

And then in the same breath tell them how your mommy puts a pound of makeup on your face, dresses you in a costume that shows your bare mid-drift and sends you out on stage to win a giant trophy....

See? I have legitimate concerns for her future popularity....

Meanwhile, I'll show up with my miles of friz, bare-foot and pregnant self and discuss why the idea of buying a house gives me hives.

At what point can I just claim to be one of those creative-eccentric types????

Like, we forgive ALL kinds of writers/painters/sculpters/actors and so forth in history for their out-of-this-world-habbits. All in the name of the Creative Brain.

Is there like some Author-Immunity I can claim and carry around so that people just let out a collective sigh and go "Oooooh, ok, it all makes sense now. She's one of those.... creative types...."

Preferably if there's a name badge I could wear? Something where I don't have to explain it....?

It will definitely need to be made out of organic cotton and hemp though and maybe I'll decorate it with glitter glue and rhinestones just for good measure.

Or something....

Anyway, where was I???

Ok, so Stella HAD to go to VBS today so I can meet this mom who wants to meet me.

PS Stella's little friend? Her name is Ella.

Yep, Stella and Ella. I asked her if she only befriended children with names that rhyme with her.

She said, yes, it's easier that way.

I'm like really??? She has three Bella best friends. THREE OF THEM. And it's not easier because we call them all by their first and last name. But we love them all the same!!!

Anyway, now we're adding an Ella into the mix. And I am supposed to meet the mom. THIS is when the name badge would come in handy....

This is also the time I really believe I would make fantastic reality TV. I usually feel sorry for people who have to meet me.... I can be.... Overwhelming I think.

Or terrifying....

One or the other.

But most adults don't know how to reconcile all of the children running around my skirt with my woman-child behavior and valley-girl-lingo.

I might as well be twirling my hair with a finger, popping giant bubbles of pink bubblicious, spouting the dangers of Marxism and bemoaning the prices in the grocery store, all while word-vomiting my fear of all things grown up like buying a new car, investing in a house, killing bugs and the gray hairs on the top of my head.

It's a lot to take in right away.

Throw three rowdy kids in the mix, a giant pregnant tummy and a job that makes no sense to anybody and you've got yourself the tornado that is me.

Don't you feel sorry for this poor, unsuspecting mom too, now????

Ok, anyway. Enough about how crazy I am.

I've been working on some playlists for the el bookos and in the meantime Zach and I have been exploring some new music and we have come up with some AMAZING bands.

So I thought I would share.

We live our lives around music here. My children are already music snobs. Although they prefer Adele, don't get me wrong, they will dance-out to Ke$ha any day. We are.... eclectic here.

But honestly are you surprised?

So here's a list of my top ten fave CD's right now that honestly I am OBSESSED with.

And some of them are super cheap on Amazon right now... cough cough... you should check them out... cough cough.... :)

1. This is a bit of an oldy.. but Adele's Live CD. HOLY SMOKES. The first time I listened to it, I actually cried. I CRIED. She is so utterly talented I just cannot even get over it. And her live cd from The Royal Albert Hall showcases every bit of talent that girl has.

Oh my.

Plus, I simply cannot get enough of my little girlies raising their hands like the divas they are and belting out Someone Like You.

2. fun. Yep, that's the name of the band. And that's exactly what the CD is!!! It's so fun!!! There are a few curse words in this album, but as long as they don't bother you, I promise you will LOVE it. It's maybe one of the most bizarre music experiences ever because at some point you are not going to be able to figure out their actual style of music... But it's like Queen meets Abba meets Something else all together.


3. Mumford and Sons. Oh my do I have a burning desire to learn the banjo. Holy smokes. I am obsessed with Folk. Always have been. Plus throw some Bluegrass tones in there and I can keep that CD on repeat and be inspired for days and days.

4. Soja. It's my Reggae pick right now. They have multiple albums out, but I've been listening to their newest. And it's so smooth and chill. Although, trust me, I NEVER let my kids listen to it. I just can't do that to them.... They have to choose their own way. I won't force feed them Hippy.

5. Regina Spector. This is one we got for cheapsies on Amazon. I ADORE her. I have the biggest girl-crush on her ever, so of course her new album makes it on here. I saw her in concert a few years ago and it was one of the greatest music experiences of my life. She's just so darn talented and speaks like three languages, is classically trained in the piano and is kitschy. The best of everything I love!!! The album is called What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. And it is everything I hoped it would be!!!

6. Ellie Goulding: Lights. Oh my. That voice. That beat. Her hair. Perfection. I fell in love with her radio single like everyone else, but the CD is so much more and so amazing. It's the whole inspiration for Starbright.

Or, ok. One of them.

7. The Avett Brothers. Ok, so I have loved them for a while but never owned a CD. And then I read Slammed and I was like I LOVE THEM, why don't I own anything by them???? So I dug around through their collection and found some stuff that just makes me sigh and smile. The best kind of music does that, right??? It's so good. Right now I'm listening to The Gleam and The Second Gleam.

8. Imagine Dragons. This is some of the new music we recently discovered. SO good. I know that I have been saying that a lot... but it's so true. I had no idea what to expect really, but it's a little bit techno, I mean a really little bit, and sometimes the tone of his voice reminds me of Matt Kearney(which is actually not a selling point...) but there are great lyrics and a couple of really fun songs too.

9. Of Monsters and Men. We first heard them coming home from a date night and our pop radio station has a more modern selection on Sunday nights. Anyway, I heard like three seconds of their radio single and I was like, OH MY GOSH, ZACH THIS IS THE PERFECT KIND OF MUSIC FOR ME. And then I got out of the car and completely forgot about them.


But, having married one of the best men ever created, he didn't forget, and downloaded them for me so I could fall even deeper in love with both him and the band. It's like.... Snow Patrol meets Straightlight Run meets something even more mellow and darker. There are both boy and girl vocals and they are glorious together.

10. And Ten. Ok, I don't really have a CD for ten... That's all my music up there, BUT we have been listening to a LOT of kids books on CD, thanks to our audible account that I had forgotten about so I had several credits just waiting for me. The kidlets love books on tape. Even Stryker. And it keeps them just a little bit quieter in the car, so I cannot complain about that!!! Plus, it's not just like one story, we downloaded like four hours of Fancy Nancy off one credit and seven hours of Pooh. It will last us a while. It was well worth it!


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  1. I totally get your fear of your daughter not making friends! I am a SAHM, and have one daughter and I have to MAKE myself go out with her to meet other kids. She LOVES it though, so I keep telling myself to leave her in God's hands and Trust Him to take care of her. Same thing with the house. We are buying a house as well and I about freaked yesterday when I really realized how much higher our mortgage payment with this house is going to be. Again, we feel God's peace about it, and my husband has run the numbers a hundred times so we know we are good...but still...very anxiety inducing!

  2. My hubby is always concerned my 2yo son doesn't socialise enough- and yet he is an absolute introvert himself -and I'm not much better! It's an effort for me to go to mothers group every week or catch up with anyone besides my few closest friends more than say once a fortnight... So yes we worry he won't make friends. But I spent half my life up a tree reading as a kid and somehow I managed to always have friends so I figure he'll be fine. If you can come out of this life with a few great friends instead of a million half-interested acquaintances I think you're in front.
    But I totally know where you're coming from with the meeting of other mums and how intimidating it is- I'm dreading when he starts school!