May I Have Your Attention Please

Ok, so I've finally come to terms with moving.

Well... Maybe not come to terms with it. But I've AT LEAST accepted the fact that it's inevitable.

As in 20 days inevitable.

The most stressful thing right now is finding the right place and making sure it's the right place for us.

We could go a lot of different directions, and not just physical directions.... but as far as what kind of house and how much we want to spend and all that. So as long as we get all that figured out... We should be good right??



There is still the little issue with moving. The actual moving part.... Which is why I haven't blogged or posted on facebook or even tweeted recently for goodness sakes!!!!

Everything I want to say really comes out more like me bitching complaining in the worst way.

Even Zach last night was like, "Rachel, you HAVE to get over this bad attitude. This is happening. Accept it."

And I fell to my knees, fists raised to the heavens and screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Yep, it's bad.

I'm going to go ahead and blame the pregnancy. I have to right to. But, usually I am such a glass is half full kind of girl....

It's pathetic really.

So in the midst of this pity-party, I thought I would blog about something else.

Anything else.

I have go to get my mind of this moving thing. And on the fact that my house is a complete, utter, and awful disaster in which I expect at any moment, government officials to come swooping in from every direction, breaking glass, shouting at me to get down with my hands behind my head and covering the entire house in a big, giant white tent to ward of the unsuspecting public.

Think Outbreak meets ET.


First, some announcements.

1. I have stepped away from my novella. I was getting it done and I really thought it would come out this month. But then I realized.... It was awful. Horrible. Atrocious. And most of all.... boring. When my editor agreed, I knew that was the final nail in the coffin! :) I am not saying I will never finish it, but for right now I'm going to walk away and wait on it. I need more inspiration I think. I am bummed about it, but more than that I want it to be good and I want it to be what I intended for it to be,if that makes sense. So I think this is the best option for me right now. Especially with the craziness that happens to be my life.

2. Don't forget Reckless Magic is up for purchase in print and today Hopeless Magic will be too!!!! Woot!!!!! I am so excited for this, I can't even tell you!!! Oh and if you are part of the giveaway I have yet to make it to the post office.... sooooo sorry!!! But I will soon!! Like today or tomorrow. Promise.

3. I have turned to complete iffiness for the release of Starbright. I'm not finished writing it, but just like the novella, I really want it to be good. I want it to be what it's supposed to be. So I am slowing it down just a little bit. Even though, I say that and the story is all in my head banging on my brain, trying to get out, but my life keeps getting in the way! So it will be July for sure. When in July? I have no idea. But definitely July.
3.1. I hate that I keep pushing back the release date. I honestly fully expected to be done with it in May. But that was when I also pictured my summer as this writing utopia where all I did was sit at the computer every morning pounding out stories and then spent the afternoons with the kidlets at the pool. That is not exactly how this summer is turning out....

Cough. Heavy Sarcasm. Cough.

4. Ok and finally. If you would like to update your Kindle versions of Reckless and Hopeless to the brand new, edited versions then all you have to do is this: Delete it from your reading device, and redownload it from your archives. It should be the updated version. Kindle is supposed to be giving me a button for easy downloads and I really thought I was going to get an email that was sent out to all that had downloaded it... but apparently they are dragging their feet. So just redownload it from your archives and you SHOULD be set. Should be. If you're not, then let me know so I can send them a very nasty letter.

Or at least politely ask them to please, pretty please, with sugar on top, help me!

Ok, that's it for announcements.

In other, unrelated, life news.

We started dance at our new studio last night....

As in Stella started. Obviously, I'm not prima ballerina.

And can I just say, I so miss my old studio!!!!!

I am not cut out for... how do I say this.... Real life. Yep, that's right. I live in the land of make believe. That's why I'm a writer.

A writer mind you, NOT a grown up.

With this whole moving thing, Zach and I actually had to go look at furniture. FURNITURE. Why? Oh, because we've NEVER bought a piece of furniture before.

Well, that's not entirely true. Once, we bought a $250 couch from a high school friend. And then this spring, we spent the same amount of money on another couch that we bought from Zach's boss.

Ok, we've never bought furniture that we've had to go look at and make decisions on and certainly never bought anything new.

It's kind of crazy, right???

We're 28 years old.

We've been married for 7 years.

I told you, I live in a different reality.

Zach actually looked at me yesterday, sighed and said, "Ok, I guess it's time to grow up."

And I said, "Ugh. I guess you're right....."

Anyway, growing up does not happen over night and it certainly doesn't affect the way I look.

Which is like a giant preggo hippy.

Part of it's the crazy hair. Of which I think it's getting even crazier the hotter this summer gets and the more preggo I become... It's not pretty! Even my daughters told me I looked crazy yesterday!

My own children!

And then there's the bohemian-style-bag-lady-look I got going on... that does nothing to plead my case.

But at my old studio, they knew what to expect. They knew me. I could walk in wearing black head to toe, channeling Johnny Cash and a Fortune Teller, my hair in a giant afro and a million pieces of jewelry and they would just know that's me. It's the whole desensitizing thing... I desensitized them to me.

But now I have to start all over!

At a real dance studio. Not that our old one wasn't. But it was small. I recognized everybody. Crowded halls meant fifteen girls and the occasional parent in between two studios.

This studio has like 8 studios, an actual locker room with a shower, a media/snack room for the dancers and a kids play area.

Oh, and their own store.


I walked in and kind of almost walked right back out.

I so don't fit in.

So I did what all other, cowardly, rational, hippies do, I found the three people I knew, anchored myself on the couch next to them and refused to move.

Even though I was sitting in the 90 degree hot freaking sun and kept having hot flashes!!!!

I'm a mess.

But here's the deal. The moms I was with kept running into other moms they knew. Like their old sorority sisters!!!!!! Yes. I now go to a studio that has sorority sisters.

I was never a part of a sorority. Obviously. In fact, I went to a school that didn't even have a Greek program.

Not to mention the fact that I look more like I was the stoner protesting dolphin fishing and carbon emissions rather than rushing and going to formal dinners.

I didn't do any of that.

I am not a stoner. I don't believe in global warming and... ok... I do have a soft spot for dolphins. But I live in Nebraska, there are no picket signs and protest boats for me here.


I did however boycott ALL formal dinners at college. Like the ones where couples get dressed up and ride the Fremont Dinner Train.

Yep, I was over those.

Anyway, the point is, I'm going to have to start all over with the, Hello, I'm a Hippy ,routine and just pray I don't get a phone call from the owner asking me politely to take my kind elsewhere.

To which I would have to respond, Diane, I don't even let my kids listen to Reggae!! And I LOVE Reggae, but they are not allowed to listen to it. I promise my kids will turn out normal. Ok... normal-ish....

I can't do that to them. I have to give them a fair shot at NOT being a hippy.....

Oh lord.

Good thing we only go to dance twice a week for two hours.... It's not like I'll have to face the best of Omaha's society very often....

Oh wait.

I'm just thankful for my dance moms. We may belong on reality TV, but we have each other! And that's all I can ask for!!!


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  1. I just updated my copy of Reckless.. and all I had to do was go to the "Updates Available" option in the pull down menu - and it had Reckless there. Then I just had to click on update. Super easy. Hopeless wasn't there.. so I don't know what is up with that.

  2. Will there be updated versions for Nook users, as well?