The Daily Grind

We have to buy a new highchair.


A brand new one. For a brand new baby.

It bothers me a little....


Because this is it! This is the last little punkin... And I have to buy he or she an entirely new high chair because the one we have now.... Well. It's been through three kids and will NOT sustain a move.

I can't even take the tray all the way off it before the arms fall off... It's in sad shape.

Poor Stryker.

They should make baby things to last at least FOUR kids. If not more.

I mean, I cannot, in good conscience, even give this thing away. It's kind of dangerous....

I also need to buy a Glider.

I've coveted those babies since before I had Stella and we've never gotten one. Instead I've used hand-me-down recliners and the couch.

Which honestly, those have all been fine. Except that for both recliners, their backs are a little TOO straight. I don't know if that is the sign of the era they were built in or if it's the mark of a not so expensive-hand-me-down-cheap-in-the-first-place recliner, but either way, I can sit in it without hunching awkwardly at the neck whilst having my back pressed straight against the backing.

Needless to say, neither are very comfortable.

I don't know if I'll get a Glider... It seems silly with only one baby left. But I can dream... right???

I should get a new pack and play. But, this one will make it!

I think it can, I think it can, I think it can!!!!!

There are some other things too. Like our changing table certainly isn't what it used to be.... But that also will make it through one more child.

I'm for sure not going to be the mom passing out our hand me downs to in need couples though!!!

Don't worry, you'll thank me when something better comes along.

Our crib has been through SEVEN children. Can you believe that?

And it only needs to last me two more years.... :)

It's hard to buy this baby things. I feel guilty both ways if I do or don't. Guilty if I do buy the baby something because the middle two were fine with passed down goods. And guilty if I don't because why should this baby suffer just because the other two had to! And lets face it when Scar and Stryker got things they were in a whole lot better shape than what this baby is about to get.

Boys are rough. On. Everything.

End of story.

Speaking of... I had a dream last night that this baby was a boy. We went through the whole process, except for birth... I mean, they admitted me into the hospital, dressed me, put the dreaded IV into my hand and then presented little baby boy in a cherry wood box with a gold clasp.

Oh how easy would labor and delivery be if that was the case!!!!

Anyway. They presented the baby to me and it was.... drum roll please.... a Boy!!! Yay!!!

But then I didn't get to hold the little guy because I was suddenly at a water park with Stella and Scarlett trying to convince them to go back to the hospital with me while they kept jumping on water rides.

And then Scarlett, the real Scarlett, came into sleep with us for the second night in a row.

She's been having nightmares, poor little girl.

And usually she's the easiest of all to sleep with, but.... she has this one problem, that I'm kind of worried about!

She's a teeth grinder. Like it's awful. It's SO loud and it makes the worst, ear-piercing sound ever!!!!

I need advice from parents with teeth-grinders!!! Or dentists. Either one!

Is there a way to stop this????

Zach can't even be in the room when she starts. He literally bolts out of bed, pillow in hand and sprints for the couch.

I always make her wake up so that she stops. But then she just starts again as soon as she's asleep!!!

Plus, it's not like she sleeps with us every night. What if she does this all the time???

We are super worried about her teeth! And ok, she's only 3 and these teeth will all fall out. But I don't want it to become a life long habit.

Especially if she inherits the headaches from either side of the family. Teeth-Grinding is like a one way ticket to Migraine-City.

So, does anyone know of a way to stop it???

I plan on googling it today....

I have just never heard something so loud before.


Ok, I need to get to work! I am taking a break this morning and going to get... I shouldn't admit this because I feel really, really guilty about it since I'm supposed to be working.... But, since this is basically my online confessional, I'll tell you the truth.

I'm taking a break this morning to go get a pedicure.

***Hides her face in shame***

But here's my justification. I can't reach my toes anymore!!!!! I mean, seriously, shaving my legs has become somewhat of an ordeal!!!! And I utterly HATE the color of my toes. Oh, they are so stinking ugly.

I would have painted over them weeks ago.... Except. I can't reach them!!!!

So, I'm taking a break to go get them done. And I'm going to try not to feel guilty about it and take my Kindle Fire and just relax.

Honestly, I don't really have time to relax. This house has to be packed at some point. And suddenly Starbright is flying out of my fingers a hundred words per minute.

But something has to be done about these piggies. I cannot even look at them anymore!!!!

Ok, send me my penance and I'll work off the guilt through chapter teasers and more updates on Facebook.



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  1. You might ask a dentist if they make teeth protectors for her little mouth. I cannot think of the actual name at the moment, but when people play sports they put them on their teeth to protect them. That is what my dentist suggested. Also, have you tried craigslist for the glider and other things you need? They sometimes have GREAT prices on that stuff.

  2. Yes, I agree a night guard would be a great investment for her. Get a dentist to have one made for her. I use one every night and it has saved my teeth and it does prevent the headaches most of the time. Good luck!
    ~A new Fan

  3. Hi! Try freecycle! Loads of good stuff