Super Baby

This is the conversation we just had at lunch whilst discussing Stranger Danger. (Oh yes, Stranger Danger. I like to alternate between the crazies of this world that will kidnap you and the crazies of this world that will molest you. My girls NEED to be informed.)

Me: What do you do if a stranger tries to talk to you?

Stella: Find mommy.

Scarlett: Punch them in the eye.

Me: Ok, maybe not punch them in the eye, you should find mommy. What do you do if a stranger comes in the house without mommy's permission.

Stella: Find mommy right away!!!!!

Scarlett: Punch them in the eye.

Me: Scarlett, do NOT punch them in the eye. Do not punch anyone in the eye! Find mommy.

Scarlett: Ok, find mommy.

Me: What should you do if you can't find mommy?

Stella: Find another mommy and ask her to find mommy.

Scarlett: Find another mommy and PUNCH HER IN THE EYE!!!!!!!

Am I in trouble or what????

Oh my word. She's three. Why is she talking about punching people in the eye?????

I blame her father.

Hopefully that's just the mood she is in. Although, if you happen to be another mommy, I might just be worried if you run into my fiery little three year old....

Hopefully the next baby I'll figure out how to raise he/she right....

Fourth time's a charm...?

We'll see.

Here's what I did learn about this baby today!

It's.... GINORMOUS!!!! My doctor is seriously getting worried. I really, honestly thought I would have a normal sized baby this time around. Turns out, not so much.

He scheduled an ultra sound at my next appointment just because I jumped from measuring 28cm to 35cm in four weeks. I'm only 28 weeks along.... Although I didn't need him to measure me to know this baby is big. I mean... I'm the one walking around with the little darling protruding from my mid-section....

It's not a cute pregnancy.... And I'm certainly not that girl who you don't know she's pregnant until she turns around...

Definitely not. I kind of have this unwarranted animosity for those women... :)

Just kidding!!!!

So we'll see what the ultra sound says. Although I've been through this enough I can tell you. The ultrasound technician will marvel at the ginormous baby inside my tummy whilst the due date stays the same. This will lead my doctor to push up my delivery date by fudging some numbers and then schedule me to be induced a week early. A week early from his fudged numbers.

I can't decided if I'm Ok with this or not. I have already delivered a 10lb baby and that wasn't too much trouble. The competitive part of me wants to let this baby go and see if I can break some records. :)

That 15lb Chinese baby has NOTHING on me!!

Just kidding. That sounds terrifying....

But I would like to be as natural as possible. And I can hardly call pitocin natural. Or comfortable.

I was really excited to get to go into labor completely on my own.... And I was really hoping to get Stella and Scarlett off to their first week of school before the baby comes out. Since my due date is literally the first day of school for Stella. And Scarlett.

But the idea of going a week early seems to simplify my life a lot too. We would have an exact date so Zach can plan around that. Plus my in-laws are still out of school so my mother-in-law can watch the other three rugrats whilst I go through delivery.


I guess we'll find out what happens in two weeks. I can't worry about it until then. I've got to get some books out!!!! :)

Which is really hard to do by the way when you accidentally sign up to teach VBS AND might have to move in a month AND are so pregnant there is not a shred of brain-power left inside your head!!!!!!!

Ugh. Yes, accidentally by the way is the truth!! I thought I was signing up to hand out snacks... but oh no, they definitely put me in charge of an entire classroom. I think that's just what happens when you enroll three children. They're like, oh no lady, we're taking care of THREE of your kids you have to have more responsibility than kitchen duty.

But shoot, it's a TON of work. There are meetings and curriculum to learn and decorating... Do they even know who they are asking to decorate????


And then, yes, we might be moving. Might be. Which it's this whole big ordeal and I don't really think we will have to.... I don't. We plan to move eventually. And we even plan to buy a house, but not for another year. So it would be really, really nice to just stay where we are and avoid the hassle.

But things don't always go as planned.

And we're flexible.

So if we have to, we have to.

I will tell you this though, if I have to move whilst I am this pregnant with TWO book deadlines looming over me I am hiring it done. From start to finish. I refuse to pack even one box. They can pack my lingerie drawer, I honestly cannot even worry about it!!!!

I don't even have time to do laundry this week... And let's be honest, the outfit I'm wearing today is not the best representation of my wardrobe, but I'm out of options.

And Zach is out of underwear so I told him he better stop by Target on the way home because there is just nothing I can do about it!

So if we have to move you can guarantee that it will be to a place with a washer and dryer. That might actually be my only requirement. We can all share a room, eat on the floor and live next to crazy neighbors, just as long as I have my own washer and dryer!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Haha, that made my night. "Punch them in the eye." Sorry you're struggling with her, but goodness...that is funny from this end of the conversation!

  2. That made me laugh! Oh man, being a mommy sure has some adventures. I have only had one son and I had a not cute pregnancy. I always wanted to be one of those dainty cute preggos...but it was not to be...sigh.

  3. Ah, the joys of kids (and the hysteria of their quotes!). Just finished the Star-Crossed Series Rachel. And I'm shocked. Shocked that this is your first series. Shocked that I read all four books in two days (and I'm not ashamed to say so). And shocked that you not only got me to hate Kiran, but that you redeemed him for me! I never saw it coming. Thank you. Sorry to comment on your blog, but what I had to say was too long for a tweet :)

    If you need can find me

    and HERE:

    No seriously, if you need anything come find me! I adore you! ...but uh...I'll stop stalking you now. :)