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There were a TON of questions sent in and I tried to answer ALL of them. Some of them were asked multiple times, so if you don't see your specific question on here it is probably because I felt like I couldn't answer it a different way than what was already said.

Can I just say that I LOVED hearing from you guys. Seriously, all of the questions were amazing. And some were definitely more challenging than what I expected. So, hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!!!!

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If the Star-Crossed Series was turned into a movie, who would you cast as Eden, Jericho, Kiran and Avalon?

This is one of my most favorite questions to answer, because as an obsessive day-dreamer, I can’t stop myself from thinking about who would play who!! So. Let’s see… Eden.. She is so difficult!!! But I’m thinking…. Selena Gomez. She has that spunk and sass that Eden needs. Plus she’s smokin’ hot!

For Kiran, I was actually watching a movie and literally jumped up from my seat because there was Kiran, on the TV screen, just acting away. (The movie was Red Riding Hood) Max Irons is Kiran incarnate for me. He’s even British!!

The entire character of Jericho holds a very special place in my heart, and so the actor has to be someone particularly right for the part. Nick D’Agusto is not only perfect for the role, but he’s also from Omaha, which I love!!!

And finally, our dearest Avalon…. I did an interview not that long ago where this question was asked, so I had gone through all the key roles and marked up a notebook trying to cast my movie perfectly. Avalon was my HARDEST to cast!! Well, Avalon and Talbott… but for entirely different reasons. So, after spending way too many hours on IMBD.com, I finally found Brant Daugherty to play Avalon!! He’s gorgeous, can be super sarcastic, and I think he could pull of the whole twin thing with Eden!!

Do you plan your plot out before you write, or do you just write what comes to you while you’re in the middle of it?

I would love to tell you that I plan everything out to the smallest detail, and that I’m super organized…. and that outlines are my best friends. But… the truth is most of what I write is thought out as I’m writing it. Some of the major plot points are planned, such as the way Hopeless ended. I knew Kiran would betray Eden as soon as I was finished writing Reckless. When I write a book, the entire story consumes my thoughts. I daydream the next plot points, or dialogue or cliff hanger, but quite a bit of the story still sneaks up on me! Sebastian was a total surprise, both when he entered the story and when I started to actually like him! Eden’s trip to India happened as I was writing it. I decided on the basic points of that part of the plot, but the details and India itself came out of my imagination exactly as they were being written. Maybe it’s a little bit of both, to answer the question, but usually I’m more surprised at the end of the book than I think readers ever will be!

How long did it take to write each book?

Reckless took me six months to write, but at that time I was just writing as a little hobby during free evenings. I gave Hopeless six months to write too, thinking that was a good time frame, but ended up writing the book in about six weeks. Fearless took me about the same amount of time and then Endless was more of a struggle. But as a disclaimer… I wrote Endless during my first trimester of my fourth pregnancy. It would have gone a lot faster, but I kept falling asleep on the keyboard!

Have you ever thought about writing another book to the series?

Not from Eden’s perspective. When I wrote the epilogue to Endless, I knew Eden’s story was finished. It was like it was all there, on paper and there was nothing left of me to give to her. I know there are interesting parts of her future that readers would love to read, but in my mind they are not enough to make an entire book. There are lots and lots of spin-offs I would love to do and more characters I would love to give voices to. There will be more books surrounding the series, but for me, Eden and Kiran have their happily ever after.

Why is the editing so bad in the Kindle Version of the first book?

This question and me, we’re like old friends! The editing is so bad in the Kindle version of Reckless because I published the book without ever sending it to an editor. And honestly, at the time I published it, I didn’t think it was all that bad…. With the following three books, I worked with my wonderful, amazing, talented aunt and she helped me clean them up, but still, she’s not a professional editor. After I published Endless, I finally felt like I was at a point in my writing, that it was time to take it, ahem… seriously. So I have since then hired the most fantabulous editor and she is working with me on all four books so that I can re-release them as edited versions of themselves and then offer them in print as well. And in truth, I don’t mistakes and I don’t notice problems… So I was kind of shocked when there were all these editing mistakes in Reckless. That being said, I’ve learned my lesson…. I will even have this Q&A edited!!

When is your ideal time to write?

This is a good question because right now… I’m not exactly sure! If you would have asked me this six months ago, I would have told you at night. I am a night-writer. As soon as I get my kidlets down for bed, I move to the computer and knock out as many chapters as I have inspiration for. But that was six months ago. Right now I’m in the middle of my second trimester with my fourth baby and now 7:30PM might as well be 3:30AM…. Plus, I’m kind of baby-brain-dead. So, in regular circumstances any time after dark is my best writing ambiance. But currently, I’m taking any waking moment I can get. And I literally mean waking-moment. That means if I’m taking a nap on top of my laptop I’m probably right in between scenes.

How did you come up with your main characters’ names?

Names are a very big deal to me. Every single character, even the smallest of them, are taken into serious consideration and I have to look up every single meaning of every single name to make sure it passes inspection before I can move on in the story. Eden is actually a tribute to a family I stayed with while in Germany for a couple weeks. They had four beautiful children and I fell in love with all of them and their names. Eden was their second born, and the first book I wrote (the one that will stay buried until I am buried…) I used their third child’s name, Noa, for the heroine.

Once I chose Eden, Avalon came as this natural kind of irony. Avalon means “Apple Tree.” I knew from the beginning that the birth of twins would be this forbidden concept and so together they are Eden, as in the “Garden of…” and “Apple Tree.” Kiran was a name I have always loved, and I liked the alliteration with his name Kiran Kendrick, but also his name means “Ray of Light.” Kiran, from the very beginning of the story, was always intended to have this giant struggle ahead of him, but in the end I wanted him to be literally a ray of light surrounded by darkness. Lilly, Jericho and Talbott were names that all just kind of fell into place with their characters. And other names, like Amory and Lucan, I researched.

Are you planning on writing the entire series from Kiran’s point of view?

I am not planning on writing the entire series over again from his point of view. This thought had never once crossed my mind until readers started asking for it and I have since then seriously considered doing it. But in the end, I decided it would not be beneficial to the story to re-write it from his side. Besides my fear that it would be boring, I think that the series is somewhat enhanced by the mystery of what you don’t see throughout the series. I will continue to do scenes from his perspective and post those for free on my blog though! And I am writing a novella from his perspective that will tell the story of how he and Avalon became such good friends! That will be out in June.

Were you influenced by Star Wars in writing this series?

Well, if you don’t know already, my husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan! In fact, the first movie Stella(my oldest) ever watched was A New Hope and she called Chewy by this cute little nickname: Baca; and when my girls play “Princesses” they always fight over which one can be Princess Leia. Oh yes, we are fans. But honestly, when I was writing Reckless, and the rest of the series I wasn’t thinking consciously about Star Wars or pulling inspiration from the movies. However, having so much day to day interaction with the Star Wars franchise, I can hardly say that they didn’t inspire me a little.

What is Kiran’s favorite football team and favorite player?

This question comes courtesy of my husband. So for Zach and in the best interest of our marriage, obviously his favorite team is Manchester United and his favorite player is the one and only Wayne Rooney.

I read that you have based Eden on yourself, personality-wise; did you base the other characters off the personalities of other people in your life?

Absolutely, although with big liberties. I am a huge believer in writing from personal experience as much as possible; I think that helps give the book authenticity and relatability. So Avalon is drawn from my own brothers, Lilly is the sweet side of my sister-in-law and Amory is an homage to my dad who passed away a few years ago.

What is your favorite book out of the series?

Ah!! I don’t know…. This is a seriously tough question!! They are all my favorites for different reasons, and I have favorite parts in all of them! But if I were to just go with my gut answer I would say Hopeless. The India section was one of my absolute favorite parts to write from the exotic atmosphere, to the clothes, to the servants, to the struggle with the Wind, and Kiran in the village, I just love it all. And I know the ending is heartbreaking, but truly, as the writer, I loved how the book ended because I knew where the story would continue to go.

Who, besides Kiran and Eden, is your favorite character in the series?

This is a really hard question too!! I honestly love every single one of my characters, they each became this living entity to me and I fell for all of them… hard. So, like Avalon and Jericho have very, very special places in my heart and that’s probably why they are going to get their own series. I just can’t say goodbye to them. But, I had the most fun writing Sebastian and Gabriel. I adore them both!

How did Amory pick who to place Eden and Avalon with?

At the time Angelica brought Eden and Avalon to Amory he had been assigned the Kingsley job as a kind of punishment. So the back story is that after Delia and Justice left, Amory was held prisoner in the Romanian castle (much like Avalon) until Lucan was certain Amory didn’t know where his daughter was and couldn’t help Lucan find her and was incapable of killing Amory. At that point, Lucan had to do something noble with Amory because he was such a pillar of the Immortal community, having been the original Oracle. So Lucan assigned him to the middle of America to be principal of a high school as this kind of slap in the face and that is where the prologue to Reckless picks up. Also at that time, Amory is a shell of a man, his wife has been murdered, his daughter has run away and he is basically a slave to the Monarchy that he hates. He has all but given up on his people and is working his way through a series of human distractions…. AKA women like Sylvia who make good company for a while, but eventually he moves on. Oh yes, I totally have this scandalous history for Amory. Anyway, Sylvia is his current…. paramour, but he sees her value and intellect and knows he can trust her with Eden. Plus, she is single, without family and putting herself through med school (Her reason for dating an older, wealthy gentlemen…..) and so he knows that a child would be good for her.

Amory was sure that Sylvia would take care of Eden, but was he ever somehow involved in Eden’s life?

He only watched Eden from afar, and would occasionally be in contact with Sylvia about her. The minute Eden and Avalon showed up everything changed for Amory, there was hope again for his people and something to live for. He couldn’t take the chance of someone finding out about Eden and so he stayed carefully away.

Who was Amory’s wife?

Amory’s wife was a Medium named Diana, and he married her in direct opposition to the Crown because she was the first and only woman who truly captured his heart. They had Delia, and then she was murdered by Lucan’s father Cedric. There is more to this story, but it will be revealed in the prequel about Eden’s parents!!

Who is Eden’s middle name named after?

Eden is named after Delia’s mother, Diana.

Will you ever go into the relationship between Amory and Sylvia?

Besides my explanation earlier…? My whole back-story on them is that they were lovers. Amory helped her through med school. He broke things amicably off with her, but she always held a candle for him. He was her first more-serious relationship and even though she was resigned to not having a future with him, she couldn’t help but always love him.

In the first book when Avalon shows up, you tell us he and Eden share a twin connection of the minds. Why doesn’t Eden notice this before?

Up until the first fight scene in the forest in Reckless, Eden has decided she is completely crazy. She ignores or suppresses as much magic as she can before things eventually blow up around her. This translates into an on-going struggle with her throughout the series; she is always fighting feeling human and being Immortal. She doesn’t notice Avalon because she is doing everything in her power NOT to notice Avalon. It’s the same reason she has never explored what her magic can do until it is explained to her, she is afraid of it and afraid of not being normal and living in serious denial (Something we could say Eden struggles with throughout the series… Denial).

Could Eden and Avalon shift into animals or was that a part of their magic they never used?

Yes! They control all four parts of their magic. Eden never tried to shift into anything because something like that would truly terrify her. But Avalon will get a chance to explore this side of this magic in his books!!

What does administering the Rebellion tattoo do for the Resistance?

The tattoo is mainly a tool used to recognize others in the Resistance. The idea of the Resistance has been with Amory since the beginning of the Monarchy and so the tattoo has been necessary throughout time to know who your enemies and friends are. Unfortunately Amory’s different Rebellions have always failed, until Eden and Avalon. But the tattoo is also a symbol of choosing goodness over complacency and even more so, evil. And the reason that those with the tattoo have magic that feels lighter to Eden is my literal interpretation of someone choosing light over darkness.

Why is the tattoo process so painful?

The process is painful because the magic that is put into their body physically alters their current magic to make it visible on the outside of their body. The tattoo that shows up on their skin in the symbol of a snake is not a natural process for Immortals. Since their magic is such an integral part of their genetic makeup, the tattoo process is equivalent to a surgery without painkillers. It hurts. And their magic is what’s being altered, so they can’t use it to heal their bodies or take away the pain.

How does the tattoo affect their magic?

The only thing that it really affects is the image of the snake on their neck so that they can prove their allegiance to other Resistance members. But, as I said earlier, I wrote it to feel lighter as a symbol of goodness.

Why is Eden’s Rebellion tattoo the only one always visible?

Eden’s tattoo is visible simply because she did it wrong! The idea of the tattooing process is a long complicated ceremony where Immortals are supported and taken care of by other Immortals. Plus, when Angelica does it for them, she knows when to stop. Eden, in her normal fashion, does it herself on the spur of the moment and she basically does it wrong and leaves it on her neck for too long. I just liked the idea of her having one more quirk about her!

Why isn’t Avalon’s tattoo visible?

Avalon had his done right. Angelica administered his tattoo and they went through all the right rituals and healing processes.

How does Eden change the color of the necklace? Is it because she has all four types of magic or because she is the Oracle, or some other reason?

The necklace is created to change to the color of whoever is wearing the magic. So if Lilly would have put it on, the necklace would have turned violet. Eden turns the necklace royal blue at first, which is a color not yet seen in the Immortal world. After India, and her union with the Magical Wind there, she can control the color of her magic and therefore the color of the necklace. But after Peru, she drains the necklace of the magic and it remains black from then on.

Did Bianca, Amelia and Seraphina join the Resistance?

Bianca did not join the Resistance, but she did emotionally change sides. Amelia and Seraphina both joined. And I will go over their story in Kiran’s novella!

Why does Bianca try to hide Amelia from Lucan?

Bianca was never a “good” character until the last book. She was Lucan’s sister, born and raised to privilege and a complete believer in the Monarchy and all that they stood for. Up until Eden takes Sebastian’s magic at the end of Hopeless, there is complete trust between Bianca and Lucan. Sebastian and Amelia spend as much time with Lucan and Analisa as they can and it’s kind of this idealistic picture of a big, happy family.

But then Eden takes Sebastian’s magic and he is left mortal. There is a behind the scenes relationship shift here, in which Lucan stops having anything to do with Sebastian. In Lucan’s eyes, without magic, Sebastian might as well be dead and if Sebastian wasn’t his nephew, Lucan would have killed him already. Sebastian is allowed to live and maintain his place in the Kingdom only because he’s Bianca’s son, although it’s truly an embarrassment to Lucan. Once Eden kidnaps Sebastian, Lucan believes it’s the solution to his problems.

Bianca sees this, watches how her own brother, whom she loves, betrays her family and the wool is pulled from her eyes. She can now see Lucan for the monster he truly is and when Eden returns Sebastian not only still living, but with his magic intact, she also sees who the good guys are for the first time.

So with Amelia, Bianca has no more misconceptions about exactly how far Lucan’s loyalty to her family goes, and she wants to protect her children at all costs. To Bianca, keeping Amelia away from Lucan is the only way to protect her, but she cannot blatantly go up against him without facing death herself. And if she died, then he would control her children completely.

What is Amelia’s magic?

Amelia is Lucan’s niece, so she is part Medium, part Witch. Her father is Medium, and her mother is half and half, so she is stronger on the Medium side.

Is Amelia special in a way that Bianca wants to hide her from Lucan?

She isn’t special in a way that would be dangerous to Lucan. Bianca wants to hide her because she wants to protect her.

What is Gabriel’s magic?

Gabriel is a Witch, and we get to see more of his story in the prequel about Delia and Justice!

How was Kiran able to be at the end of the cave to meet Eden when she finished her walk without keying his dad into their relationship?

He was with his family observing the Walk, and that is why he was able to leave his father to meet Eden at the end of it. Plus, he was truly worried about her, and wasn’t going to let anything stop him from checking on her. It is in India that Kiran lets his father begin to see how much he cares for Eden in hopes that Lucan will change his mind about his betrothal.

Why did Amory feel it was the right time to give up his life in the end of book 2?

Amory’s story is actually very, very sad. He views his Immortality as a curse more than anything. He had to watch his Kingdom hand themselves over to the Monarchy and subsequently watch their downfall as death and sickness were introduced to them. He has lost everyone he has ever cared about, including the murders of his fellow oracles, the murder of his wife and then his daughter when she chose to run away with her husband. Until Eden and Avalon he has all but given up hope for a better life for his people, they seem comfortable to live with the King’s Curse and prejudice and injustice that surround them and it seems he is the only one that remembers a better way of life.

However, at the end of book two, he has glimpsed the future. He is able to see, really for the first time, a better life for the Kingdom. Through Avalon he can see the prejudice and injustice demolished, along with the tyrannical Monarchy. And through Eden and Kiran he can see the magic united and restored. He is at a crossroads when fighting Lucan and knows that his battle could continue as it always had, where it seems to be him against the Monarchy, or he can sacrifice himself for his cause and give his magic to Eden in hopes that she can do more than what he was able to do with it. Obviously, he chooses the second choice and even though there are still lots of uncertainties about his choice, he couldn’t see beforehand that Eden would blame Kiran for his death or that Eden wouldn’t immediately use his magic to free her brother and the rest of the Resistance. In the end, his instincts were right though.

If Kiran was going to sacrifice himself to get Avalon free, did Seraphina know she would not become Kiran’s wife?

Yes, Seraphina was always a part of the plan, but at that point in Seraphina’s life she had really become disillusioned with the whole Monarchy and was tired of being their puppet. Her involvement with the plan was her own act of rebellion before she joined the Resistance.

How much did Seraphina and Sebastian know about Kiran and Avalon’s plan at the end of book 3?

They knew, but I will really get into this in Kiran’s novella!!

How did Analisa and Lucan end up together?

I will also get into this in the prequel about Delia and Justice, but in short, Analisa was part of the group of students that studied with Delia and Lucan shortly after Lucan became King. Analisa and Delia were very good friends….

Did Analisa ever love Lucan or was she forced into marriage with him?

No, Analisa never loved Lucan, but she was enticed by his crown at first.

How does Analisa tolerate Lucan’s love/hate feelings for Delia? Or being his second choice?

Analisa’s entire personality kind of revolves around her being Lucan’s second choice. That Lucan never wanted her as his wife, and never treated her as though he really loved her truly affects her self-esteem and confidence. She has to live with not only Lucan’s residual love for Delia, but his obsession with finding her as well. Lucan has a team of Titans constantly looking for Delia; he almost becomes obsessed with Eden in an attempt to give his son the opposite outcome of his own life. So really, Analisa is broken by the end of Endless. She is after all a woman, and despite her less than loving feelings for Lucan she has had to live two centuries feeling inadequate and second string. In a way, her story is very similar to Amory’s before he has Eden and Avalon. Her life is reduced to service for the Crown, she is a prisoner. So when the choice for freedom is given to her in the form of Lucan’s death, she takes it.

Did Delia ever have romantic feelings for Lucan?

In Endless I reveal that Delia loved Lucan at one point. But more on that in the prequel…

When Eden and Kiran finally consummate their marriage, how does the magic change between them?

When they finally consummate their marriage the whole Two Become One thing literally comes true between them. Throughout the books and the make-out scenes we see how their magic wraps up together when they are intimate. Even when Eden leaves Kiran and he starts to die, the idea is because their magic has become dependent on each other and can’t survive without the other. Eden has the benefit of being truly Immortal, but Kiran’s magic is weaker. So when they become husband and wife in the literal sense on their wedding night, their magic is finally completely united. Forever forward, the magic is shared between them. (And if you are wondering what would happen if one of them died, and would the other one then die, like Kiran almost did? The answer is no. The magic is the same between them and self-sufficient after they are united.)

Once the marriage is consummated, does Kiran really have Immortality?

Yes! The magic is completely shared and united between them.

Why did you never show the wedding night between Kiran and Eden?

Oh boy…. Honestly, when I was writing the end to Endless, I didn’t think it would be missed. I am a Young Adult writer…. for a reason…. I am blushing just thinking about this question!!! In my opinion the story was complete without a wedding night, but also I want to always write to my strengths. Meaning, I didn’t want my readers walking away feeling confused and maybe a little traumatized, which is what I feel like would be what happened if I even attempted to get too intimate with my characters!

What happens to Jericho after the series is over?

Jericho’s story will definitely continue, along with Avalon. I am shooting for Fall of 2012 for their first book.

Did you ever think of putting Sebastian and Eden together?

No, I didn’t. I felt like the girl had enough problems between Jericho and Kiran. But I did have to yell at Sebastian every once in a while for flirting with the poor girl!!

There’s so much potential for spin-offs from other characters. I know you’re thinking of doing Avalon’s, but if you were to choose between the other couples from the series which would you prefer to write and why?

Oh my word, there are so many couples! I think Talbott and Lilly have a beautiful story and part of me would love to explore more of their journey. They are together at the end of Endless, but they have a long way to go before the Kingdom accepts them as a couple. Also, I would love to give Sylvia a man!! I think in Avalon’s story we will see a lot more of Sebastian and Seraphina, Jericho of course and even Kate and Jon Summer.

How is it that Eden can fall for Jericho so fast?

Well, she doesn’t really fall for him. I mean, she does in the sense that they get together, but her heart always belongs to Kiran. She loves Jericho, but not in the same way that she does Kiran. She realizes this when it doesn’t take her much of anything to get over Jericho. She was always waiting on Kiran. But remember she’s only 17. I think it’s hard for any girl, let alone a confused teenager to know for sure that they have found the man they are going to marry. Eden moves on to Jericho because she is attracted to him, and she cares deeply for him, they are also going through the exact same thing, but the love she feels for him is not nearly the love she holds for Kiran. And that is part of her struggle. She has to mature enough to walk away from something easy and safe and choose the difficult but most rewarding path.

What was going through Kiran’s mind the very first time he saw Eden in the lobby at school?

The boy was smitten. Yes, Eden is gorgeous and all that. But she is also different than anything Kiran has met. She didn’t recognize him, she didn’t fawn at his feet for being the Prince, she isn’t using her magic and there is a vulnerability to Eden because of her confusion with who she is that begs for a knight in shining armor. Kiran couldn’t help himself but become obsessed with the curiosity she sparks in him.

I love this series with all my heart and I was fatefully in love with Kiran the whole time. I want to know, do you love him too? Is he as much a part of your life as he is to us?

Oh yes, yes, yes!!! I adore Kiran!!! He was the most heartbreaking character to write, but also the most rewarding. I knew from the very beginning that I didn’t want some perfect hero that would always be right and the reader would always know how they felt about him. I wanted a hero that would actually earn the readers love, that would make them unsure about him, or hate him, and then fall completely in love with him and that is what I hoped I accomplished with Kiran. I never wanted him to be obvious or perfect. He had his own journey, and Eden had her own journey and what I hoped to get across throughout the series is that we are flawed and love is flawed but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t growth or hope. So in the end, their paths came back together and they were better people at the end. They could have a greater love in the end because of what they had gone through and the people they both became.

Did you have trouble deciding between Jericho and Kiran?

Well, I want to say “no,” because I named the series the Star-Crossed Series and the whole plot is a play off of Romeo and Juliet. So I want to tell you absolutely not, that it was always Kiran. But I can’t lie!! There were times that even I wondered if Kiran was redeemable or if Eden could really get over her bitterness. Plus, I loved Jericho and I wanted him happy!!! I remember one conversation with my sister in law in particular when she said, “Rachel, you named the series the Star-Crossed Series!! You have to go with Kiran!” I think I replied in my most childish, whiny voice ever… “But I don’t want to!!!!” Still, it really was always Kiran and I had to take the journey right with everyone else and come back to him.

It’s obvious from your blog, that Eden has a whole lot of you in her. Is her Kiran/Jericho/Eden triangle also from life experience? Or did it just make for a better story?

Lol, no. It’s not. I don’t even know what I would have done with two perfect boys fighting over me. Probably remind them that they had mistaken me for someone else…. Ha! But I did start dating my husband when we were 17 and I did pull the confusion and indecision of what it’s like to be in love that young. The love-triangle just kind of happened; I didn’t necessarily plan for Jericho to step up to the plate. But I always knew that Eden would struggle with finding her epic love that young. That age has some of the greatest, strongest, most passionate feelings when it comes to love and some of the most hauntingly confusing ones as well, and that was definitely drawn from personal experience.

You thought about killing Kiran off, would Jericho have been her future?

I can’t answer this because truthfully I don’t know. When it was a real possibility for Kiran to die, Eden’s choices at that point were to Dream Walk with Kiran or have the story go in an entirely different way and for her and Jericho to rule together. But because Kiran’s death was such a short-lived idea I never really thought my way through the ending. I will tell you though that even with the current ending; Jericho did at one point, even for a small second have a real chance with Eden.

Do you find that who we root for (Kiran vs. Jericho), as readers, reflect more on our personalities or your writing?

Absolutely the readers!!! Not in every case, but sometimes I can read a review, especially before Endless was released and see exactly the type of guy the reviewer was into! Sometimes I can persuade a reader to love or hate Kiran depending on how I am writing, and a lot of readers were convinced at the end of the series to love Kiran, but I think this is still a reflection on what kind of man they prefer. Kiran changed thus winning their approval, thus meeting their standards.

Will you write a novella for the wedding night?

At this point, no, I will not. And not just because I have not wrapped my mind around how to write it, what to put in it, what to leave out, does it turn into erotica if I just write about the wedding night or will I turn it into erotica…., is this necessary to the story….? And all that jazz… But at this point in my writing schedule, raising three kids, getting ready for another one and taking care of my hubby and the house I just don’t have the time. But I am currently coming out with Kiran’s novella and Starbright, both of which are scheduled for June releases. And in the fall I hope to have the second installment of the Starbright series, plus the first book in either Avalon’s story or the Parents’ prequel. So maybe you won’t get to experience the wedding night, but I do have lots of exciting things coming up!!!!

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    Love you!
    PS. Your dad, like Amory, KNEW it was time to leave this world! Though some part of us died with him, he was so ready to be with Jesus!

  4. Wow, I LOVED these answers! And I was completely behind Kiran the whole time! I hated reading the comments about him where people were slamming him, I knew he would redeem himself! And honestly? People who couldn't look past your editing issues in the first book, didn't deserve to read the amazing story and missed out. Boo to them! I too love that your characters showed integrity and dignity throughout the entire story and that I can share these books with young adults, thank you for that! Don't change you or your style, you have enough followers that you're doing everything right! You're amazing! Almost 4 kids and still able to write these novels? I'll never complain about having no time again, lol. Thanks for being my inspiration and for creating a beautiful world for me to escape into. :)

  5. There is one question I have
    It's about them being shape shifters
    If they shift what animal with be?
    At first for Eden I thought she could be a Black Panther but that's Silas's thing

  6. These books are awesome I am addicted! I don't like the idea of Selena Gomez being Eden...I think the movie could do much better than that. Just my opinion.

  7. These books are awesome I am addicted! I don't like the idea of Selena Gomez being Eden...I think the movie could do much better than that. Just my opinion.

  8. This series is absolutely amazing...but I disagree with Selena Gomez you can do better casting for the movie she just doesn't fit the part.