Pillow Talk

So last week was a series of blog posts never posted and left half-finished.

I'm way too scatter-brained for my own good!!!

And I blame it on the Preggo-ADD... I can't even pay attention to a book. Like, seriously, I'll be reading a page and then get distracted and close the book and get on the internet and then think, Why in the world am I on the internet?? Let's see... What was I doing... Oh yeah, reading. And then I'll go back to reading for three seconds and then get up and remember I need to pick something off the floor... And then I just wander in circles for hours, never getting anything actually accomplished.

It's a terrible way to live.

But today, I am DETERMINED to have focus.

Especially since I'm basically paying for it.

Not basically... I'm Literally paying for it.

My summer time nanny starts today!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

And I call her a nanny because I want to sound fancy, but really she is a high school girl just putting in a couple hours during the week so I can have some focus.

I NEED focus.

Have I said that already???

I need it so desperately I'm actually willing to pay a babysitter. I mean that is SERIOUSLY saying something.

If you only knew how cheap I really was, you would be blown away.

And not just cheap.

But how utterly poor we used to be.... That in itself says a lot!

I mean, I am Queen of the $5 A Meal-Weekly Meal Plans. Yep, $5 for dinner for a family of five. Pretty cheap. I reuse ziplocs. You can wash those babies right out with soap and water and everything. And if you want them to dry you can just stick them to your wall while they're a little wet and it works like a charm. (That's an old Missionary Trick.) I have never bought new towels. Not ever.

We got some for our wedding and the kids have been given some as babies over the years or as gifts and so I have never bought towels or wash towels or dish towels or anything!!

And we NEED new towels. And new washclothes... But I just can't bring myself to buy them.

I've only been married seven years. What's the rush??? :)



I bought something last week that I splurged on and now I can't get over it!!! The price tag is literally haunting me in my sleep!!!!!!

Ok. So I am in desperate need of a Pregnancy Wedge. This is one of those things that I feel like we can afford now. Although, it feels like a MAJOR luxury item and I've been able to get through three other pregnancies without one, but I definitely need it this time around.

My back is KILLING me. Not that it hasn't before, but also, I am finding I need all my other pillows to help me get into varying other positions. Comfort is like my white unicorn at this point in my term. I can't find it. It's a myth I am not sure I believe in anymore. I'm either having disgusting hot flashes and sweating my face off OR I am miserable in bed dreaming about this wedge.

Which I can't find.

In fact, today, I have to run over to the school and pay my last months tuition which I have completely forgotten about. Oops. And the grocery store because we are out of milk and that is just awful. For people who don't drink very much milk, running out of it is sure a pain in the eyeball. AND. We need fruit.

Anyway. I'm also making a special trip to Target for two things. A Fan. Like an industrial strength size one I can carry from room to room with me. And. A Nursing Wedge.

Zach told me on Friday I look like I have a GIANT EGG inside of me.

And I forgot for a second why I love him.... :)

Just kidding.

Where was I?? I told you... focus....

Oh. So, I want this wedge and Lindsay told me about the nursing one at Target. So last Friday, I took the kiddos with me to Target where we had a bunch of random stuff to get and some returns to make and then we looked for this Wedge.

They didn't have one.

I almost cried.

But, it was in a smaller Target... Not a Super Target, so I am just hoping, beyond hoping that if I try a different one I will find it.

But at the time, I thought, I'll just buy another pillow. that will work. I was planning on spending $20 for this nursing wedge, so maybe I can even buy Zach a pillow since he is always complaining about the ones we have.

Ok, see, our pillow situation is like this. I brought ALL of them into the marriage. He maybe, maybe.... brought one pillow into our lives and I think one of the kids is using his old one. But I am a bit obsessed with pillows. And I always have been. We have eight on our bed right now and those came from me. From when I was single.

And the best part is, is that they are all old-fashioned feather pillows!!!! I am in love with them.

My mom made some of them. Some of them have gone literally ALL over the world with me (Because I travel with my own of course.) and some of them I've had since childhood and were literally like passed down in the family from like my grandparents.

And they are perfect.

They are the cold kind of pillows. The ones that are ALWAYS cold. And they look super fluffy but when we snuggle into them they deflate and mold to your body perfectly. Which is why you need so many...

Anyway, Zach can't stand them! Well, what we've worked out has been fine for him. Because he went through them and found the least-like-feather-pillows he could...

So anyway, I had never bought a new pillow before. Honestly, in my naive-sheltered life of growing up, I honestly believed, truly ,truly this is not an exaggeration, I honestly believed that everyone's mom made their own pillows. I didn't even know you could buy pillows in a store until after I was married.

True Story.

Of course, I had never really thought long and hard about it before... But. Anyway.

So, I meandered with the kidlets over to the pillow section and we browsed. That particular day Target was clearancing out a bunch of their pillows and I was super excited for that!!! Mostly because I hate paying full price for ANYTHING, but also because I wasn't sure to begin with how much a pillow would cost, but since my mom could make them, they better be cheap.



Ok, so I found my pillow clearanced for something like $4 and I was definitely feeling pretty good about that. Except it's one of those super fluffy ones that no way no how can you actually sleep on and feel comfortable. It doesn't deflate, it's not a feather pillow and it's already warm. Before you even lay your head on it, it's already warm.

But I thought I could sleep on it at the very least.

And when pregnancy is over it can be transformed into the guest pillow.

Ha! :)

But while we were there I got to thinking about Zach. And how much I love him... blah blah blah... and how he would appreciate another pillow too. In fact, if I came home with one for just myself, he was bound to get jealous and send me back to Target for one anyway! :)

So I knew I couldn't buy him one like mine. I mean, for the above mentioned reasons. SO I kept browsing and we walked to the other end of the aisle where the fancy pillows are kept.

And by that of course I mean the feather, cold pillows. And they were glorious!!!! All of them feather. Moldable. Cold. It was fantastic.

They even had Clearance Stickers on them.

I knew they would be more than $4 but... Not much more right????


The pillow that I found for Zach was $25!!!!!!!! For a pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is just robbery folks.

So, I did the most logical thing, threw it rather roughly back onto the pile and stormed away.

But then I got to thinking about it as an investment for better sleep and I'm not really going to have to buy a whole lot of these... plus Zach would REALLY appreciate it. And so forth and so on.

So I went back and I put it in the cart to just you know, walk around with it for a little bit... just to see how I felt about it when we got closer to the check out.

Does anybody else do that???

I do it all the time.

Cashiers probably hate me and all my, "Um, I decided I didn't want these" hand-offs.

Surprisingly though, by the time I got to the check-out I had actually convinced myself the pillow was worth it!!!!

So, we did some other shopping and came home and I set my new pillow up and then Zach's and then I paced the room for like 20 minutes regretting my decision and then eventually Zach came home and I immediately made him take a shower and then forced him to try the pillow from every single angle just to make sure that he liked it otherwise I was for SURE taking it back.

But no, he loved it and was super excited about it.

Well, until I told him the price and then he went, "YOU PAID HOW MUCH FOR A PILLOW????"

And I was like, "I KNOW!!!!!!!!! So if you even think you don't like it or there is something better out there you tell me right this very second."

He calmed down and went through the same arguments I did but in the end decided he wanted to keep it.

So, there it sits on our bed to this day.

The problem is. I am having a seriously hard time getting over this price tag!! I'm not even kidding. When I make the bed, I subconsciously make it the center piece of the bed every day.

And. On Saturday night, Zach had his brother and his brother's best friend over to play this new computer game they are all into. Yep, they still think they're fifteen. They drink Mountain Dew and stay up until 3AM just playing this game together....

It's... I don't even known what it is...

But the point is, I went to bed hours earlier and took full advantage of the empty bed, burrowing into all the pillows and setting up my "nest" as Zach calls it.

Oh by the way, the $4 pillow I bought is WAY too fluffy to be a wedge so it's turned into a back-problem solver and goes between my knees....

Anyway, so I pulled one of Zach's pillows over to use it as a make-shift wedge, but then I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking about the $25 price tag and how it's too expensive to be used as a wedge!!! It should only be used for the head. And a clean head at that.

So I swapped pillows.

But then the last couple mornings, after Zach has gotten out of bed and I stretch out to both sides, I keep waking up thinking about that darn pillow and how I better treat it right since it was so darn expensive.

What is wrong with me?????

It's just a pillow.

For goodness sakes.

In the very beginning of all this, I actually thought I might go back and buy myself one.

Now I see that would be impossible. I would never be able to get any sleep and all I would ever dream about would be price tags!!

I'm just going to ask my mom if she can make me another one.... I seem to adjust better that way!!


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  1. Oh my gosh, just read this whole thing, so funny.

    I'm big on the buyers' remorse thing, but you do have to forgive yourself on this one thing. I mean people don't buy pillows too often, so you might as well have a good one.

    Also, I hate to tell you buy cashiers do hate you for giving them all of the stuff you don't want to buy (former cashier here) but I do the same thing. Put stuff in the cart, walk around with it, add it up, put it back, pick it up...and so on.