News and Notes

Ok, I wasn't going to blog today because I'm in SERIOUS writer-mode.

I've entered the cave of solitude, where every spare moment is spent writing, I ignore the news, pop-culture and sometimes my family.

If only I had this much motivation from the start... But that's a different story.

Let's get started.

Announcement #1: I dyed my hair purple. Yep. Purple, and blonde and I think there's some red-ish-ness in there too. And I LOVE it!!! Even though I'm seriously reconsidering my decision to dye my hair purple now since I haven't registered my children for school next year yet.... But. I'll just walk into the office, in all my nose-ring and purple-haired-glory and flash them with my most charming smile. Most people find it hard to resist.


Announcement #2: I have had it up to my eyeballs with Smashwords. If you are a Nook/Sony/Kobo/Apple user I apologize for whatever is happening over there!!! I had issues getting Endless Magic uploaded to Smashwords as we all know(Smashwords being the distributor for the other sites). They kept telling me I had tabs in my document. I kept telling them I didn't (verbally of course. Something akin to shouting at the computer screen.) so, I would erase the non-existent tabs, upload the document, wait a couple weeks to hear back, get denied and the whole process would start over again. FINALLY over the weekend, or the end of last week I can't really remember.... I was accepted into their Premium Distribution Catalog!!!!!!! Which should mean that now all you have to do is wait until Endless Magic pops up on whatever site you purchase e-books from. Except in order to complete the process I need to assign Endless with an ISBN #. This is something all books have, I just pay a small fee for it and voila, I'm all Premium Catalog with Worldwide Distribution Capabilities. EXCEPT. That NOW I can't get the whole ISBN process to complete.... I go through the entire step-by-step process, pay the fee, press submit and I'm sent to a nearly blank web page that exclaims ERROR WHILE PROCESSING REQUEST. I've since done this at least a 100x's and when it finally works, I feel like my total bill is going to come out to like $1,000, in which case I will then protest. But I'm at my wits end with it. Like, you have no idea. I know that it's frustrating for you.... But at this point, I cannot even tell you the gnashing of teeth happening on my side of the computer screen.... So, hopefully, whatever the problem is will get cleared up soon. Even though, I suspect little Internet Gremlins, hiding inside my machine, sabotaging me at every turn. But that's just my humble opinion....

Next time, I don't think I will use Smashwords, except that some sites don't distribute to every country and I don't want there to be a chance of a reader left out.... So we will see what I decide. Until then, I might just have a nervous breakdown.

Or maybe I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong on my end.... That could work too. But this was my full-disclosure honest story of what's going on with Endless and Why in the heck it's not available for Nook yet!!

Announcement #3: I am SOOOOO excited to do this Q&A!!!! You guys have rocked it with questions!!!! There are quite a few that I have been dying to share too that just didn't fit into the plot line naturally, so I'm pretty excited about it!!!!! And I am going to try to answer every single question. Unless of course, you are literally in the middle of reading the books and you sent me a question about what is going to happen later on in the book. I won't answer that question. It would ruin the entire experience for you. You are just going to have to read it yourself.

Announcement #4: If you are a new reader, or simply a concerned reader and are wondering about the editing of my books and especially the first book. You would be correct in that I did not have an editor for Reckless Magic, and at the time that I published, it wasn't this huge deal. Indie Authors didn't necessarily hire editors, we were just poor-wannabe-writers that were curious to see if other people would love our stories as much as we did. Since then, the Indie World has exploded into a full-blown market with success story after success story and brilliant books that enhance the fiction world. Now, everybody has editors. Even us poor Indie writers. In an effort to stay with the times I have hired an editor, we are going back through the ENTIRE Star-Crossed Series with a fine-toothed comb and fixing all those mistakes that drive you crazy and I don't even notice. Why don't I notice them??? Well... if you think Eden is oblivious, you should so meet me. Oblivious doesn't even begin to describe!!! :) Anyway!! As soon as she is finished going through them for the fourth time (Or is it the fifth, Jenn???) I will update the books online, of which you will be able to update your own copy. At this time I will also offer paperback versions of all the books!!!!!!!!!!! And I am so excited about it I can hardly stand it!!! Even if the only people that buy them are my mom and husband. The point is, I can start giving them to people as like birthday gifts and making parties SUPER awkward.

"Oh, you gave me a copy of your.... book," says the unsuspecting gift-recipient.
"Isn't it great? I even signed it for you and everything!!" I reply with barely contained euphoria.

Oh, I can't wait!!! haha!!

Anyway, the point is, the editing problems ARE getting fixed and soon the books will be ready!!!

Super soon.

Like, super super soon!!!

Announcement #5: Ok, I don't know if I misspoke, or what exactly happened. But.... I am NOT rewriting the entire series in Kiran's POV.... The thought has actually crossed my mind, but after thinking about it for a while, a long while, I just don't think it's a good idea. I would not be pushed as a writer and the story wouldn't benefit. First Person POV can be limiting, but I think that is part of the story. If I revealed every single moment, then it would take away from the story in the end. I will definitely continue to do scenes from Kiran's POV and always offer those just up on my blog, and eventually when I get a website(which means when I finally make all the million decisions that go along with one... so in 20 years or so....) I will have a section dedicated to all the boys points of view.

But that being said....

Oh wait. Let's have another piece of bad news first, so that when I announce the good news, it sounds more like Great News!!! :)

Announcement #6: Starbright will NOT be out in May. There is just absolutely no way I will finish it by my original deadline AND have it back in time from my editor. There's no way. The story is just developing slower than I'm used to. I, personally, blame my half-cocked-pregnancy-brain for that one.... But I also want to take this roadblock and turn it into just some positive time to maybe go at the book a little slower and make sure it's really what I want it to be and all that it can be.

That in itself has been hard just because my spring has been insanely busy and I have three little ones at home that like having their mommy involved in their lives.

However, summer starts for us in literally TWO weeks... I can hardly believe it!!!! (That means I am going to have another baby in like three and a half months... WHAT??????) Anyway, summer starts and then I have TONS of help with the kids and days ahead of me just to write.

Or nap, since I'll be in my third trimester.

But mostly write.

So, I am shooting for a late June release date with Starbright. I'm hoping this is a more realistic deadline and that I can produce the quality of story I know Starbright should be.

Announcement #7: This is probably the biggest announcement so watch out people!!!! But, in an effort to make up for the delayed release date, to answer some demands from fans, and to make some room in my cluttered brain..... I have decided to write a Novella from Kiran's point of view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So many of you are curious about how Avalon and Kiran became friends, and have sent so many emails and messages about it that I have decided to write the story. It's already in my head, it's been there for a long time and now it seems to want to jump out and land on some paper.

It doesn't have a title yet.

Well, besides Royal Bromance which is the adorable little nickname I gave it in my head... But lets get real, that might be the most ridiculous title name ever!!!!

Lol. I think I'm funny anyway....

I will announce a real title when I have it, but you can look for this one at the Beginning of June!!

So in conclusion, No book in May, but TWO books in June!! (Or a book and a half, depending on your feelings for Novellas.) That's exciting right????

Right! :)

I think that's all the announcements I have for today.... I hope the rest of your day is as well-informed if not less-confusing than this blog!!!!!


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  1. Awesome, Awesome and more Awesome! I'm half-way through book 3 and I love your writing style. I agree with you that re-writing an entire book from Kiran's POV would be overkill, but I love the snippets!

  2. Greatest news of my day!

    IS it June yet? Just Kidding!

    Bestest luck to you in your many writing days ahead of you!

  3. BAHAHAHA! I LOVE Royal Bromance, and I totally vote for that title ;( Thanks for keeping us updated! I am SO SO curious to find out what your next story is about! Thanks!

  4. i love all of this and i am soooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. My hair is purple with a red section underneath.... And I have my eyebrow pierced! And I have two kids.... Yay! Lol

  6. I just wanted to say that my coworker and I are hooked on the series. I finished them in 4 days. We are begging for one more book! even another little epilogue, of Kiran and Eden's wedding night, and of how their bond grows even stronger because of it! we love your books and talk about them all day at work and keep up the good work :)

  7. Yay!!! I can't wait to read your new series and the novella. :)

    I Love the Star-Crossed Series. Your writing is awesome with or without the Typos... we're not perfect and I dont expect you to be with your writing.

  8. I just finished the third book, and to my dismay, realized it wasn't available for Nook yet. I started the series on Monday and it's become the center of my life :-) Every chore is done faster so I can reward myself with reading. My kids will be happy once I've finished the series, as I've vowed to loan my Nook to my mom, in hopes of finding some focus on day to day things.
    What am I supposed to do until the Nook version is available?! I'm gonna go crazy!!!

  9. Loved the series! Actually had a hissy fit when I couldn't download "Endless" to my Nook, but eventually calmed down and downloaded Kindle for my PC. Then spent the next six hours in front of my computer to my entire familys dismay. Look forward to seeing this series "blow up" once it has reached paperprint as I pride myself on realizing the next big trend before it happens, and have already gloated to my twelve year old daughter. Does anyone else smell a movie? Rachel you an inspiration to us all! I wish you many successes!